John Hannah

John Hannah

Highest Rated: 96% Four Weddings and a Funeral (1994)

Lowest Rated: 9% Circus (2000)

Birthday: Apr 23, 1962

Birthplace: East Kilbride, Scotland, UK

With his gaunt handsomeness and infectious Scottish burr, John Hannah made a memorable impression on audiences on both sides of the Atlantic in his role as Simon Callow's lover in Four Weddings and a Funeral. The popularity of his portrayal was a significant feat for the actor, who, prior to the picture, had only appeared in one small film and numerous television shows in the United Kingdom.Born in 1962 in East Kilbride, a small town near Glasgow, Hannah worked as an electrician for four years before getting into acting. After training at a Glasgow drama school, the actor headed to London to find work. After his 1990 debut in a generally unheard of film called Harbour Beat, Hannah found work on television. After his breakthrough role in 1994's Four Weddings, he was able to do more film work, appearing the following year in three films, Madagascar Skin, The Final Cut, and The Innocent Sleep. After work in a few forgettable pictures and the title role on the British TV series McCallum, Hannah got his next significant role in Peter Howitt's 1998 romantic comedy Sliding Doors. The film was a relative success and Hannah netted praise for his work as Gwyneth Paltrow's love interest. The film paved the way for him to appear in his first Hollywood blockbuster, The Mummy (1999), in which he was cast against type as a ne'er do well English fop. Despite rotten reviews, the film scored massively at the box office, helping to ensure further work for the talented, versatile actor. Over the next several years, Hannah would remain active as an actor, appearing on shows like MDs, New Street Law, Spartacus, Vengeance, Spartacus: Gods of the Arena, and Damages.


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9% Circus Leo 2000
83% The Hurricane Terry Swinton 1999
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63% Sliding Doors James 1998
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96% Four Weddings and a Funeral Matthew 1994
No Score Yet Harbour Beat Neal McBride 1990


91% The Victim
94% Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
Holden Radcliffe 2016
86% The Widower
DS Charlie Henry 2015
62% Atlantis
96% Elementary
Rhys 2013
67% Spartacus
Appearing Batiatus 2013
91% Damages
Rutger Simon 2012
57% Spartacus: Gods of the Arena
Batiatus 2011
No Score Yet Masterpiece
Dr. Gerard 2010
No Score Yet Mystery!
Inspector Tom Campbell 2005
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Narrator 2005
94% Frasier
Avery 2003
27% MDs
Dalgety Dr. Robert Dalgety 2002
88% Alias
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James says: Everybody's born knowing all the Beatles lyrics instinctively. They're passed along to the fetus subconsciously along with all the amniotic stuff. In fact, they should be called Fetals.

James says: Come on! If you don't drink your fatty drinks you'll never achieve quality cellulite.

Jonathan Carnahan says: I hate mummies! They never play fair!

Alex says: [While Jonathan is fighting Meela] Efday shokran... efday shokran... Uncle Jon! I don't know what this last symbol is!

Jonathan says: What does it look like?

Alex says: It's a bird - a stork!

Jonathan says: [ecstatic] I know that one! I know that one!

Alex says: Then what is it?!

Jonathan says: [struggling with Meela] Ah... Ah...! [throws her off] Amenophus!

Rick O'Connell says: Okay, Alex I've got a big job for you. I want you to stay here and protect the car.

Jonathan says: I can do that!

Alex says: Protect the car? Come on, dad. Just because I'm a kid doesn't mean I'm stupid.

Rick O'Connell says: I know

Rick O'Connell says: I know.

Alex says: Dad!

Jonathan says: If you see anyone come running out screaming, it's just me.

Rick O'Connell says: Maybe you should stay here and watch him.

Jonathan says: Yes, now you're talking!

Evelyn says: (Referring to Imhotep's bodyguards) Do something Johnathan!

Evelyn says: [referring to Imhotep's bodyguards] Do something Johnathan!

Jonathan says: Me?!

Jonathan says: Me?

Evelyn says: You can control them!

Jonathan says: Oh you've got to be joking!

Evelyn says: Finish the inscription on the cover idiot then you can command them!

Jonathan says: Come on Evey faster!

Evelyn says: Patience is a virtue!

Rick O'Connell says: Not right now it isn't!

Winston says: So what has your little problem got to do with His Majesty's Royal Air Corps?

Rick O'Connell says: Not a damn thing.

Winston says: Is it dangerous?

Rick O'Connell says: Well, you probably won't live through it.

Winston says: [excitedly] By jove! Do you really think so?

Jonathan says: Well, everybody else we've bumped into has died. Why not you?

Winston says: What's the challenge, then?

Rick O'Connell says: Rescue the damsel in distress; kill the bad guy; save the world.

Rick O'Connell says: [looking at Imhotep's corpse] Is he supposed to look like that?

Evelyn says: No I've never seen a mummy look like this before,...he's still.....still

Evelyn says: No I've never seen a mummy look like this before...he's still...still

Rick O'Connell says: Juicy.............[synchronized]

Rick O'Connell says: Juicy. [synchronized]

Jonathan says: Juicy.............[synchronized]

Jonathan says: Juicy. [synchronized]

Jonathan says: A broken bottle. Glenlivet. Twelve years old! Well, he may have been a stinky fellow, but he had good taste.