Justin Guarini

Justin Guarini

Highest Rated: 10% From Justin to Kelly (2003)

Lowest Rated: 10% From Justin to Kelly (2003)

Birthday: Oct 28, 1978

Birthplace: Columbus, Georgia, USA

Justin Guarini's smooth and soulful vocal styling gave him the edge to make it all the way to the finals during the first season of "American Idol" (Fox, 2002-16) and helped him carve out a successful career on Broadway. He was born Justin Eldrin Bell on Oct. 28, 1978 in Columbus, GA to Kathy Guarini, a former CNN anchor, and Eldrin Bell, a former Atlanta police chief. The future "Idol" star began singing at a young age; at four, he became a member of the Atlanta Boys Choir, which normally did not accept children under six. Growing up, he often performed for his large, blended family, which included 19 brothers and sisters. As a senior in high school, Guarini formed an a cappella group before graduation called The Midnight Voices to impress girls, but the group ended up recording an album and placing second at a regional music competition. Determined to elevate his talent, Guarini attended the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, PA and the School for Film & Television in New York City. After his theater training, he received an offer to join the renowned master class program in the award-winning Broadway musical "The Lion King" (1997); however, he declined the role when he earned a spot as a finalist on the first season of "American Idol" in 2002.


Highest Rated Movies



No Score Yet 35% Fast Girl Unknown (Character) - 2008
10% 39% From Justin to Kelly Justin (Character) $4.9M 2003


No Score Yet 50% The Kelly Clarkson Show Guest 2019
68% No Score Yet American Idols Music Performer 2016
No Score Yet No Score Yet Oprah: Where Are They Now? Guest 2013
No Score Yet 97% Wizards of Waverly Place Keith Keith (Guest Star) 2011
No Score Yet No Score Yet Gone Country Contestant 2009
13% No Score Yet Run of the House Unknown (Guest Star) 2003


Justin says: To break us up, Kelly! Listen, if anybody's gonna be mad around here, it should be me. You've been hot and cold. First, you're blowing me off, and then you're leaving me some messages.

Kelly says: What messages?

Justin says: That's exactly what I'm talking about. And you accuse me of being a player. Well, you're the one playing games, Kelly. You know that? Game over.

Justin says: We need to talk.

Kelly says: I have nothing to say to you.

Justin says: Why are you being like this?

Kelly says: What am I supposed to be like after what you've done.

Justin says: What I did?

Kelly says: You came on to her! Or should I reenact it for you? It's probably the same little show you put out for me, expect without a boat. I should've believed what everybody said about you in the first place.

Justin says: I mean everything I said. And I didn't come on to her. She came on to me.

Kelly says: Really? Why would she do that?

Justin says: Hey, you're the girl from the beach.

Kelly says: My friends call me Kelly for short.

Eddie says: Trust me, getting rejected by text is a lot less humiliating.

Brandon says: Right.

Justin says: Right.

Alexa says: You're interest in Kelly?

Justin says: Yeah.

Alexa says: You're the mayor of Spring Break, and she's one-bonnet-shy-Amish!