Karel Roden

Lowest Rated: 13% Sword Of Vengeance (2015)
Birthday: May 18, 1962
Birthplace: Ceské Budejovice, Czechoslovakia
It may be difficult to believe that the slightly wiry and gaunt Czech actor Karel Roden is the same presence who made the Earth tremble as barrel-chested Grigori Rasputin in Hellboy (2004) -- consider it a testament not only to the magnificence of Hollywood special effects, but to Roden's raw versatility. Born in Ceské Budejovice, Czechoslovakia, in 1962, Roden studied drama in Prague and evinced a stunning ability to immerse himself into -- and flesh out -- almost any character. This quality soon carried over into his film and television roles. He tackled most of his early parts in his native country, in such little-seen-abroad films as the 1990 Cas Sluhu and the 1999 Praha Ocima. 2002's Blade II, however -- produced by Marvel Comics and Avi Arad -- finally brought Roden the attention of a wide international audience. He followed it up with a number of additional Hollywood pictures done in a similar genre vein -- usually effects-heavy action or fantasy romps. These included not only the aforementioned Hellboy, but Romeo Is Bleeding (1994), The Bourne Supremacy (2004), and Running Scared (2006). In 2007, he appeared in the comedy Mr. Bean's Holiday as a Russian film director named Emil.

Highest Rated Movies



No Score Yet A Prominent Patient (Masaryk) Actor 2016
No Score Yet We Are Never Alone (Nikdy nejsme sami) Actor 2016
13% Sword Of Vengeance Earl Durant 2015
No Score Yet Still Waters Actor 2015
No Score Yet Krásno Actor 2014
54% Frankenstein's Army Viktor Frankenstein 2013
No Score Yet Alois Nebel The Mute 2013
No Score Yet Ctyri slunce (Four Suns) Actor 2012
No Score Yet Signál Actor 2012
No Score Yet Lidice Actor 2012
74% A Lonely Place to Die Darko 2011
50% The Heir Apparent: Largo Winch Mikhail Korsky $32.6K 2011
40% Habermann Karel Brezina 2011
14% Cat Run Carver 2011
No Score Yet Dvojrole (Double Role) Actor 2010
55% Orphan Dr. Varava $41.5M 2009
No Score Yet Tajnosti (Little Girl Blue) Actor 2009
No Score Yet Ferarri Dino Girl Actor 2009
60% RocknRolla Uri $5.7M 2008
No Score Yet Bathory Gyorgy Thurzo 2008
No Score Yet Shut Up and Shoot Me Pavel Zeman 2008
33% Summer Love (Dead Man's Bounty) The Stranger 2007
52% Mr. Bean's Holiday Emil $32.6M 2007
38% The Abandoned Nicolai $1.3M 2007
No Score Yet Shut Up and Shoot! Actor 2006
No Score Yet The Last Drop Sgt Hans Beck 2006
41% Running Scared Anzor `Duke' Yugorsky $6.7M 2006
No Score Yet Dead Fish Dragan 2004
81% The Bourne Supremacy Gretkov $176.1M 2004
81% Hellboy Grigori Rasputin $59.1M 2004
23% Bulletproof Monk Strucker $23.1M 2003
57% Blade II Kounen $82.1M 2002
No Score Yet Late Night Talks With Mother Actor 2001
32% 15 Minutes Emil Slovak $24.2M 2001
No Score Yet Wild Flowers (Kytice) Actor 2000
No Score Yet Hostage Train Actor 1997


95% The Wrong Mans
  • 2013
47% Missing
  • 2012
No Score Yet MI-5
  • 2003