Kathleen Freeman

Kathleen Freeman

Highest Rated: 100% The Ladies' Man (1961)

Lowest Rated: 0% Heartbeeps (1981)

Birthday: Feb 17, 1919

Birthplace: Not Available

The inimitable American actress Kathleen Freeman has been convulsing film audiences with portrayals of dowdy, sharp-tongued matrons since she was in her 20s. After stage work, Freeman began taking bit roles in major-studio features in 1948, seldom getting screen credit but always making a positive impression. The best of her earliest roles was in Singin' in the Rain (1952); Freeman played long-suffering vocal coach Phoebe Dinsmore, whose Herculean efforts to get dumb movie star Jean Hagen to grasp the proper enunciation of the phrase "I can't staaaand him" proved uproariously futile. Often cast as domestics, Freeman had a year's run in 1953 as the "spooked" maid on the ghostly TV sitcom Topper. Freeman was a particular favorite of comedian Jerry Lewis, who cast the actress in showy (and billed!) roles in such farces as The Errand Boy (1961), The Nutty Professor (1963) and Who's Got the Action?. As Nurse Higgins in Lewis' Disorderly Orderly (1964), Freeman weeps quietly as Jerry meekly scrapes oatmeal off her face and babbles "Oh, Nurse Higgins...you're all full of...stuff." Lewis so trusted Freeman's acting instincts that he sent her to the set of director William Wyler's The Collector (1965) in order to help build up the confidence of Wyler's nervous young leading lady Samantha Eggar. Throughout the '70s and '80s, Freeman took occasional "sabbaticals" from her movie and TV assignments to do stage work, enjoying a lengthy run in a Chicago production of Ira Levin's Deathtrap. Like many character actors of the '50s, Kathleen Freeman is frequently called upon to buoy the projects of baby-boomer directors: she was recently seen as an hysterical Julia Child clone in Joe Dante's Gremlins 2: The New Batch (1990).

Highest Rated Movies



88% Shrek Old Woman $267M 2001
23% Ready to Rumble Jane King 2000
23% I'll Be Home for Christmas Tom Tom Girl Gloria 1998
No Score Yet Richie Rich's Christmas Wish Mrs. Peabody 1998
46% Blues Brothers 2000 Mother Mary Stigmata 1997
No Score Yet Two Guys Talkin' About Girls (At First Sight) Grandma 1995
54% The Naked Gun 33 1/3: The Final Insult Muriel 1994
34% Hocus Pocus Miss Olin 1993
No Score Yet Reckless Kelly Mrs. Delance 1993
63% FernGully - The Last Rainforest Edler 1992
No Score Yet Little Nemo: Adventures in Slumberland Dance Teacher 1992
No Score Yet Nickel & Dime Judge Lechter 1992
14% Dutch Gritzi 1991
69% Gremlins 2: The New Batch Microwave Marge 1990
No Score Yet The Willies Miss Titmarch 1990
67% Chances Are Mrs. Handy 1989
No Score Yet Hollywood Chaos Actor 1989
No Score Yet Glitz Mrs. Magyk 1988
No Score Yet The Wrong Guys Grunskis' Mom 1988
7% Teen Wolf Too Admissions Lady 1987
64% In the Mood (The Woo Woo Kid) Mrs. Marver 1987
82% Innerspace Dream Lady 1987
51% Dragnet Enid Borden 1987
No Score Yet The Malibu Bikini Shop Loraine Bender 1986
31% The Best of Times Rosie 1986
0% Heartbeeps Helicopter Pilot 1981
84% The Blues Brothers Sister Mary Stigmata 1980
No Score Yet The Last Ride of the Dalton Gang Actor 1979
No Score Yet The Norseman Indian Woman 1978
No Score Yet The Strongest Man in the World Policewoman 1975
No Score Yet Your Three Minutes Are Up Mrs. Wilk 1973
No Score Yet Unholy Rollers Karen's Mother 1972
No Score Yet Where Does It Hurt? Mrs. Mazzini 1972
No Score Yet Psycho Sisters Actor 1972
No Score Yet Stand up and Be Counted Sarah 1972
62% Support Your Local Gunfighter Mrs. Perkins 1971
No Score Yet Which Way to the Front? Bland's mother 1970
29% Myra Breckinridge Bobby Dean Loner 1970
93% The Ballad of Cable Hogue Mrs. Jensen 1970
20% Good Guys and the Bad Guys Mrs. Stone 1969
No Score Yet Death of a Gunfighter Mary Elizabeth 1969
71% Support Your Local Sheriff! Mrs. Danvers 1969
No Score Yet Hook, Line and Sinker Baby Sitter 1969
94% Point Blank 1st Citizen 1967
No Score Yet Three on a Couch Murphy 1966
No Score Yet Marriage on the Rocks Miss Blight 1965
No Score Yet That Funny Feeling Woman at Phone Booth 1965
No Score Yet The Rounders Agatha Moore 1965
60% The Disorderly Orderly Maggie Higgins 1964
82% The Patsy Katie 1964
No Score Yet Mail Order Bride Sister Sue 1964
40% Who's Minding the Store? Mrs. Glucksman 1963
85% The Nutty Professor Millie Lemmon 1963
50% The Errand Boy Mrs. TP 1961
100% The Ladies' Man Katie 1961
50% North to Alaska Lena Nordquist 1960
No Score Yet The Buccaneer Tina 1958
64% Houseboat Woman in Laundromat 1958
95% The Fly Emma 1958
No Score Yet The Missouri Traveler Serena Poole 1958
No Score Yet Too Much, Too Soon Miss Magruder 1958
No Score Yet Kiss Them for Me Nurse Wilinski 1957
No Score Yet Pawnee (Pale Arrow) Mrs. Carter 1957
No Score Yet Appointment with a Shadow Rosa Cuneo 1957
78% Artists and Models Mrs. Muldoon 1955
100% The Far Country Grits 1955
No Score Yet 3 Ring Circus (Jerrico, the Wonder Clown) Custard-Pie Gag Victim 1954
No Score Yet Athena Miss Seely 1954
No Score Yet The Affairs of Dobie Gillis Happy Stella 1953
No Score Yet The Glass Wall Fat woman 1953
No Score Yet The Magnetic Monster Nelly 1953
96% The Bad and the Beautiful Miss March 1953
No Score Yet The Glass Web Mrs. O'Halloran 1953
No Score Yet Dream Wife Chambermaid 1953
No Score Yet She's Back on Broadway Annie 1953
No Score Yet The Prisoner of Zenda Gertrude 1952
No Score Yet O. Henry's Full House J.B.'s Mother 1952
88% Monkey Business Nurse 1952
No Score Yet Kid Monk Baroni Maria Baroni 1952
No Score Yet Talk About a Stranger Rose 1952
43% The Greatest Show on Earth Woman 1952
100% Singin' in the Rain Phoebe Dinsmore 1952
No Score Yet Love Is Better Than Ever Mrs. Kahrney 1952
No Score Yet Let's Make It Legal Reporter 1951
77% A Place in the Sun Martha 1951
No Score Yet Cause for Alarm Woman 1951
No Score Yet Appointment With Danger Nun 1951
No Score Yet No Man of Her Own Clara Larrimore 1950
No Score Yet The Reformer and the Redhead Lily Rayton Parker 1950
No Score Yet A Life of Her Own Peg 1950
62% House By the River Effie Ferguson 1950
No Score Yet Casbah American woman 1948
86% The Naked City Stout Girl 1948
No Score Yet Wild Harvest Actor 1947


No Score Yet As Told by Ginger
Voice 2002
No Score Yet Becker
Edith/Evelyn 2000
No Score Yet Caroline in the City
Grandma Duffy 1999
33% Grown Ups
Mona 1999
No Score Yet Coach
Magda 1997
No Score Yet ER
Enid Rhonda's Patient 1996
No Score Yet Melrose Place
Madge 1996
76% Roseanne
Seaweed Attendant Edna 1996
No Score Yet Married...With Children
Voice Voice of Mrs. Wanker Voice of Peg's Mom 1995
No Score Yet Doogie Howser, M.D.
Mrs. Mickling 1992
No Score Yet Martin
Saleslady 1992
No Score Yet MacGyver
Rose 1991
No Score Yet The Golden Girls
Guest Mother Superior 1990
No Score Yet Growing Pains
Sophie Marge Estelle 1990
No Score Yet Head of the Class
Nurse 1989
No Score Yet DuckTales
Voice 1989
No Score Yet ALF
Betty Susla 1988
No Score Yet Murphy Brown
Mrs. Caldwell 1988
No Score Yet The Facts of Life
Noreen 1988
No Score Yet Kojak
Ma Wonderly 1977
No Score Yet Hogan's Heroes
Mrs. Linkmeyer Gertrude 1971
No Score Yet Bonanza
Miss Hibbs Ma Brinker 1970
No Score Yet The Beverly Hillbillies
Agnes Flo Flo Shafer Mabel 1970
93% Batman
Rosetta Stone 1968
No Score Yet The High Chaparral
Maude 1968
No Score Yet I Dream of Jeannie
Maw Sally 1968
No Score Yet Ironside
Helga 1967
100% The Man From U.N.C.L.E.
Mrs. Sparks 1967
No Score Yet The Dick Van Dyke Show
Mrs. Campbell Maid 1965


Max says: But everyone here knows that Halloween was invented by the candy companies it's a conspiracy!

Allison says: It just so happens that Halloween is based on the ancient feast called 'All Hallows Eve' It's the one night of they year where the spirits of the dead can return to Earth.

Miss Olin says: Well said Allison!

Miss Olin says: Poor Thackery Binx. Neither his father, his mother, nor anyone else..ever knew what became of him...those 3OO years ago. And so the Sanderson Sisters, were hanged by the Salem town folk. Now, there are those who say that on Halloween night...a black cat still guards the old Sanderson house,warning off any who might make the witches...come back to life!

Miss Olin says: Poor Thackery Binx. Neither his father, his mother, nor anyone else..ever knew what became of him...those 3OO years ago. And so the Sanderson Sisters, were hanged by the Salem town folk. Now, there are those who say that on Halloween night...a black cat still guards the old Sanderson house, warning off any who might make the witches...come back to life!