Katie Stuart

Katie Stuart

Highest Rated: 94% The Edge of Seventeen (2016)

Lowest Rated: 19% Masterminds (1997)

Birthday: Aug 22, 1984

Birthplace: 1984-08-22

Making the fateful decision to dedicate her life to acting at the tender age of eight, young Katie Stuart began the long climb from her earliest performances with the Vancouver Youth Theater to appearing in such big-budget Hollywood fare as X2. Born in Vancouver, British Columbia on March 22, 1985, it was in the third grade that Stuart became involved with the Vancouver Youth Theater. Subsequently receiving early coaching at Vancouver's Tarlington Training center, Stuart soon had an agent and began to gain experience in addition to her training. Early roles in such television series' as Poltergeist: The Legacy were soon to follow, and with her role in 1997's Masterminds, Stuart kicked off a career in features. Though Stuart would gain positive notice for her role in the 1996 miniseries Intensity, it was the following year that found the burgeoning actress experiencing breakout success in the wake of Canadian television's Summer of the Monkeys. Following up with appearances in the series The Crow: Stairway to Heaven and Stargate SG-1, Stuart next appeared in the BBC's The Magician's House (1999) and its sequel before taking on a challenging role as a pregnant teen in the made-for-television feature Too Young to Be a Dad. Her role as Shadowcat in X2 hinting at positive things to come, Stuart could next be found preparing for her role in the television adaptation of A Wrinkle in Time in 2003. Following A Wrinkle in Time, Stuart would to put her acting career on hold in favor of graduating from high school and continuing her education. Stuart enjoys partaking in athletics such as ice hockey and basketball in her spare time, and her hobbies include mountain biking and rock climbing.

Highest Rated Movies



94% The Edge of Seventeen Jeannie $14.3M 2016
No Score Yet Blackout Francesca 2008
43% She's the Man Maria $33.7M 2006
No Score Yet Augusta, Gone Bridget 2006
32% Tamara Chloe 2006
No Score Yet 14 Hours Ronnie 2005
No Score Yet Spirit Bear: The Simon Jackson Story Actor 2005
No Score Yet A Wrinkle in Time Meg 2004
56% The Girl Next Door Jennie $14.6M 2004
No Score Yet Wild Things 2 Shannon 2004
85% X2: X-Men United Kitty Pryde $214.9M 2003
No Score Yet Too Young to Be a Dad Francesca Howell 2002
No Score Yet Fangs Genny Winslow 2001
No Score Yet Trapped Tiffany Sloan 2001
No Score Yet Epicenter Robyn 2000
No Score Yet Brotherhood of Murder Zillah 1999
No Score Yet Summer of the Monkeys Daisy Lee 1998
No Score Yet Frog and Wombat Allison `Frog' Parker 1998
No Score Yet Atomic Dog Heather Yates 1998
No Score Yet Dean Koontz's Intensity Young Chyna 1997
No Score Yet Les Survivants Molly 1997
19% Masterminds Melissa Randall 1997


82% Zoo
Danica 2017
54% The L Word
Marie 2009
No Score Yet Xena: Warrior Princess
Genia 2001
No Score Yet 7th Heaven
Lulu 2000
30% Titans
Faith 2000
No Score Yet Stargate SG-1
Young Girl Cassandra 1998
No Score Yet The Sentinel
Gwen Angeloni 1998
No Score Yet General Hospital
Sage Alcazar


Meg Murry says: "charles wallace is not the only one new"

Meg Murry says: Charles Wallace is not the only one new.

Mrs. Whatsit says: In all the one of who you are now. In the glory of everything you are becoming. In all that you feel, you have something the darkness does not have. Can never have, my darling.

Meg Murry says: What? What is it?

Mrs. Whatsit says: It is only yours if you find it for yourself.