Leo Gordon

Leo Gordon

Highest Rated: 100% My Name Is Nobody (Il mio nome è Nessuno) (1973)

Lowest Rated: 0% The Garbage Pail Kids Movie (1987)

Birthday: Dec 2, 1922

Birthplace: Not Available

Leo Gordon cut one of the toughest, meanest, and most memorable figures on the screen of any character actor of his generation -- and he came by some of that tough-guy image naturally, having done time in prison for armed robbery. At 6 feet 2 inches tall, and with muscles to match, Gordon was an implicitly imposing screen presence, and most often played villains, although when he did play someone on the side of the angels he was equally memorable. Early in his adult life, Gordon did, indeed, serve a term at San Quentin for armed robbery; but after his release he studied at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, and was a working actor by the early 1950's. His first credited screen appearance (as Leo V. Gordon) was on television, in the Hallmark Hall of Fame production of "The Blue And White Lamp", with Frank Albertson and Earl Rowe, in 1952. His early feature film appearances included roles in China Venture (1953) and Gun Fury (1953), the latter marking the start of his long association with westerns, which was solidified with his villainous portrayal in the John Wayne vehicle Hondo (1953). It was in Don Siegel's Riot in Cell Block 11 (1954), which was shot at San Quentin, that a lot of mainstream filmgoers discovered precisely how fearsome Gordon could be, in the role of "Crazy Mike Carnie." One of the most intimidating members of a cast that was overflowing with tough guys (and which used real cons as extras), Gordon's career was made after that. Movie work just exploded for the actor, and he was in dozens of pictures a year over the next few years, as well as working in a lot of better television shows, and he also earned a regular spot in the series Circus Boy, as Hank Miller. More typical, however, was his work in the second episode of the western series Bonanza, "Death on Sun Mountain", in which he played a murderous profiteer in Virginia City's boomtown days. Once in a while, directors triped to tap other sides of his screen persona, as in the western Black Patch (1957). And at the start of the next decade, Gordon got one of his rare (and best) non-villain parts in a movie when Roger Corman cast him in The Intruder (1962), in the role of Sam Griffin, an onlooker who takes it upon himself to break up a race riot in a small southern town torn by court-ordered school integration. But a year later, he was back in his usual villain mold -- and as good as ever at it -- in McLintock!; in one of the most famous scenes of his career, he played the angry homesteader whose attempt to lynch a Native American leads to a head-to-head battle with John Wayne, bringing about an extended fight featuring the whole cast in a huge mud-pit. Gordon was still very busy as an actor and sometime writer well into the 1980's and early 1990's. He played General Omar Bradley in the mini-series War And Remembrance, and made his final screen appearance as Wyatt Earp in the made-for-television vehicle The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones: Hollywood Follies. He passed away in 2000 of natural causes.

Highest Rated Movies



66% Maverick Actor 1994
No Score Yet Mob Boss Actor 1990
No Score Yet Alienator Col. Coburn 1989
35% Big Top Pee-wee Joe the Blacksmith (as Leo V. Gordon) 1988
29% Saturday the 14th Strikes Back Actor 1988
0% The Garbage Pail Kids Movie Guard 1987
No Score Yet Fire and Ice Jarol 1983
No Score Yet Bog Dr. John Warren 1983
No Score Yet Rage! Actor 1980
90% The Shootist Books' victim in flashback 1976
No Score Yet Nashville Girl Burt 1976
100% My Name Is Nobody (Il mio nome è Nessuno) Red 1973
No Score Yet Bonnie's Kids Charley 1973
No Score Yet The Trackers Actor 1971
No Score Yet Buckskin Travis 1968
88% The St. Valentine's Day Massacre James Morton 1967
No Score Yet Devil's Angels Sheriff Henderson 1967
No Score Yet Tobruk Sgt. Krug 1967
No Score Yet Hostile Guns Pleasant 1967
No Score Yet The Night of the Grizzly Cass Dowdy 1966
No Score Yet The Bounty Killer Screenwriter 1965
No Score Yet L'arme à gauche (The Dictator's Guns) Actor 1965
67% Kitten with a Whip Enders 1964
No Score Yet Kings of the Sun Hunac Ceel 1963
67% McLintock! Jones 1963
71% The Haunted Palace Edgar Weeden 1963
36% The Terror (The Haunting) (The Castle of Terror) Screenwriter Actor 1963
No Score Yet Tower of London Screenwriter 1962
No Score Yet The Intruder Sam Griffin 1962
No Score Yet Tarzan Goes to India Bryce 1962
No Score Yet The Cat Burglar Screenwriter 1961
No Score Yet Noose for a Gunman Link Roy 1960
45% The Wasp Woman Screenwriter 1959
No Score Yet Escort West Vogel Screenwriter 1959
No Score Yet The Jayhawkers Jake 1959
No Score Yet Apache Territory Zimmerman 1958
No Score Yet Cry Baby Killer Actor Screenwriter 1958
No Score Yet Quantrill's Raiders William Clarke Quantrill 1958
No Score Yet Lure of the Swamp Steggins 1958
No Score Yet Sendas Torturosas Sam Mason 1958
No Score Yet The Tall Stranger Stark 1957
No Score Yet Man in the Shadow Chet Huneker 1957
No Score Yet Black Patch Hank Danner Screenwriter 1957
No Score Yet The Restless Breed Cherokee 1957
No Score Yet Baby Face Nelson Dillinger 1957
No Score Yet 7th Cavalry Vogel 1956
91% The Man Who Knew Too Much Chauffeur 1956
No Score Yet Great Day in the Morning Zeff Masterson 1956
No Score Yet The Conqueror Tartar Captain 1956
No Score Yet Man with the Gun Ed Pinchot 1955
No Score Yet Tennessee's Partner The Sheriff 1955
No Score Yet Robbers' Roost Jeff 1955
No Score Yet Soldier of Fortune Big Matt 1955
No Score Yet Santa Fe Passage Tuss McLawery 1955
No Score Yet Ten Wanted Men Frank Scavo 1955
43% Sign of the Pagan Bleda 1954
No Score Yet The Bamboo Prison Pike 1954
100% Riot in Cell Block 11 Crazy Mike Carnie 1954
No Score Yet All the Brothers Were Valiant Peter How 1953
No Score Yet Gun Fury Jess Burgess 1953
86% Hondo Ed Lowe 1953


No Score Yet Magnum, P.I.
Mobster 1987
97% Moonlighting
Warden Cosgrove 1987
No Score Yet Little House on the Prairie
Milo Stavroupolis 1979
No Score Yet Dukes of Hazzard
Morgan Devere 1979
No Score Yet The Rockford Files
Charles Martell Clark Streeter Charlie Martell 1979
No Score Yet Gunsmoke
Job Snelling Hutch Hack Prine Badger 1974
No Score Yet The Streets of San Francisco
Eddie Suslow 1972
No Score Yet The High Chaparral
Driskill 1968
No Score Yet Bonanza
Forsythe Thorne Fargo Taylor Screenwriter 1968
No Score Yet Get Smart
Grillak 1965
No Score Yet The Andy Griffith Show
Luke Comstock 1963
No Score Yet Maverick
Big Mike McComb Screenwriter 1961
No Score Yet Perry Mason
Charles Duncan 1959


Sam Griffin says: [to Adam] Boy, you gonna get grass stains all over those trousers, you don't get up. C'mon. That's better. I figure your work in this town's about over. Ya hurry you can catch the bus to Farragut, they've got trains there. If you're a little light on trav'lin money I'd be proud to - ...you're sure now? Oh, I almost forgot. These belong to you [pours several bullets into Adam's hand]. I wouldn't want to steal from you, Boy.

Sam Griffin says: You know something? We're in the same line, you and me. We're both selling something. Well I've been at it longer - I can see where you're making mistakes. And right now those mistakes are beginning to pile up on you, and in a little while they're gonna smother you.

Adam Cramer says: Get out of here.

Sam Griffin says: I've been studying your pitch - it's not bad you've got technique. But you know what's wrong? You're too clever, Adam. You've got no room in your head for intelligence. Cuz if you were intelligent you'd be able to see that you've started something that you can't control. You think you're the boss now? Wake up, boy, that mob's the boss!

Adam Cramer says: What do you know, ya big boob?

Sam Griffin says: Did you tell them to blow up the church?