MacKenzie Crook

MacKenzie Crook

Highest Rated: 79% Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl (2003)

Lowest Rated: 0% The Sex Lives of the Potato Men (2004)

Birthday: Sep 29, 1971

Birthplace: Maidstone, Kent, England, UK

British actor Mackenzie Crook rose to fame at the hands of U.K. comedy giants Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant, when the pair cast him as Gareth Keenan, the snide, obnoxious, and mirthless servant of office manager David Brent (Gervais) on the immensely popular BBC sitcom The Office (2001-2004). Crook then moved into films, where his unusual manner and appearance -- gaunt and wide-eyed, with stark features and a thick Cockney accent -- were put to excellent use in a variety of roles, often farcically. Among other accomplishments, Crook played Ragetti, a washed-up, bug-eyed member of a zany two-person pirate team (used for comic relief and as a deus ex machina) in Jerry Bruckheimer's Pirates of the Caribbean franchise; evoked a bit of Shakespearean drollery as Launcelot Gobbo in the Michael Radford-directed Merchant of Venice (2004); and landed a small supporting role in the British sex farce I Want Candy (2007). Crook also signed for a supporting role in Michael J. Bassett's period adventure Solomon Kane.


Highest Rated Movies



59% Tales from the Lodge Actor 2019
73% Christopher Robin Newspaper Seller 2018
23% Eat Locals Larousse 2016
63% One Chance Braddon $1.4M 2014
41% In Secret Grivet $0.4M 2014
No Score Yet Orbit Ever After Father 2013
37% Cheerful Weather For The Wedding David Dakin $2.4K 2012
67% Solomon Kane Michael 2012
74% The Adventures of Tintin Tom/Pirate Flunky #2 $75.4M 2011
42% Ironclad Marks 2011
73% Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll Russell 2010
53% City of Ember Looper $7.9M 2008
17% Three and Out Paul Callow 2008
No Score Yet Tattoos: A Scarred History Actor 2008
No Score Yet Abraham's Point Actor 2008
44% Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End Ragetti $309.5M 2007
56% I Want Candy Dulberg 2007
53% Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest Ragetti $423.1M 2006
17% Land of the Blind Editor 2006
20% The Gathering The Gathering 2006
38% The Brothers Grimm Actor 2005
No Score Yet Spider-Plant Man Actor 2005
71% William Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice Launcelot Gobbo $3.4M 2004
40% Churchill: The Hollywood Years Actor 2004
69% The Life and Death of Peter Sellers Car salesman 2004
0% The Sex Lives of the Potato Men Actor 2004
79% Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl Ragetti $305.4M 2003
73% Still Crazy Dutch Kid 1998


No Score Yet Worzel Gummidge
Worzel Gummidge Screenwriter Director 2019
87% Britannia
Veran 2019
77% Watership Down
Voice 2018
100% Detectorists
Andy Screenwriter Director 2018
69% Almost Human
Rudy Lom 2014
89% Game of Thrones
Orell 2013
85% Merlin
Cedric 2010
No Score Yet Masterpiece
Harris 2009
96% The Office (UK)
Gareth Keenan 2002
No Score Yet Accused


Maurice says: Paul, it is your destiny to eat me. You could start with my ear.

Paul says: I don't want to eat you. Not your ear, or your penis or any other part of you.

Paul says: Isn't it a sin to commit suicide if you're a Catholic?

Tommy says: Isn't it a sin to run someone down with your train if you're a human being?

Elizabeth Swann says: From the sweat of a man's brows, and the strength of his back and the courage of our hearts...Gentlemen, hoist the colors.

Will Turner says: Hoist the colors.

Ragetti says: Hoist the colors.

Pintel says: Hoist the colors!

Gibbs says: Aye, the winds are on our side boys, that's all we need!

Tom says: He got me!

Pintel says: You know you can't read.

Ragetti says: It's the Bible. You get credit for trying.

Pintel says: Pretending to read the Bible's a lie.

Jack Sparrow says: Palaly, palalalaloolay, parsley, parsnip, par, par...

Pintel says: Parley?

Jack Sparrow says: That's the one! Parley!

Ragetti says: Damn to the depths whatever mud filth thought of Parley!

Jack Sparrow says: That would be the French.

Captain Barbossa says: Who are you?

Jack Sparrow says: He's nobody! A distant relation of my aunt's second cousin's nephew twice removed. [pointing back at Will] Eunuch.

Will Turner says: I am William Turner! The son of William Turner! His blood runs in my veins!

Ragetti says: He's the spitting image of old Bootstrap!

Captain Barbossa says: Name your terms Mr. Turner.

Will Turner says: Elizabeth goes free!

Captain Barbossa says: Yes, we know that one. Anything else?

Jack Sparrow says:

Pintel says: Parlay?

Jack Sparrow says: That's the one!

Ragetti says: Oh! Who the blazes thought up "Parlay"?

Ragetti says: Oh! Who the blazes thought up 'Parlay'?

Jack Sparrow says: (matter of factly) The French.

Jack Sparrow says: [matter of factly] The French.