Marie Dressler

Marie Dressler

Highest Rated: 100% That's Entertainment! III (1994)

Lowest Rated: 40% The Hollywood Revue of 1929 (1929)

Birthday: Invalid date

Birthplace: Cobourg, Ontario, Canada

Actress Marie Dressler (born Leila Marie Koerber) was a leading American comedienne during the silent era. At age 14 she joined a stock company, going on to become a seasoned veteran in light opera and on the legitimate stage. In 1892 she debuted on Broadway; by the turn of the century she was a vaudeville headliner. Dressler debuted onscreen opposite Charlie Chaplin in the silent feature Tillie's Punctured Romance (1914), based on one of her stage vehicles; she appeared in two more "Tillie" films plus a couple of other comedies, then after 1918 went almost a decade without appearing onscreen; she remained mainly a vaudeville and musical comedy star. She re-entered films in 1927 with the help of MGM screenwriter Frances Marion; her stage career had undergone a severe set-back in the mid-'20s, largely due to her involvement in a labor dispute. Soon Dressler was a popular star, her appeal increased by comedies in which she co-starred with Polly Moran. She became even more popular in the sound era; her range of roles increased after her unexpected casting in a serious character part, as the waterfront hag/barfly Marthy in Anna Christie (1930). For her tragicomic performance opposite Wallace Beery in Min and Bill (1930) she won the "Best Actress" Oscar, then was nominated again for the same award for her work in Emma (1932). For four years in the early '30s Dressler was the nation's top box office attraction. She authored an autobiography, The Life Story of an Ugly Duckling.

Highest Rated Movies



100% That's Entertainment! III Actor 1994
No Score Yet Wisecracks Actor 1993
95% Dinner at Eight Carlotta Vance 1933
No Score Yet Tugboat Annie Annie Brennan 1933
No Score Yet Christopher Bean Abby 1933
No Score Yet Emma Emma 1932
No Score Yet Prosperity Maggie Warren 1932
No Score Yet Politics Hattie Burns 1931
No Score Yet Reducing Marie Truffle 1931
No Score Yet Min and Bill Min 1930
No Score Yet Let Us Be Gay Mrs. 'Bouccy' Bouccicault 1930
No Score Yet The Girl Said No Hettie Brown 1930
No Score Yet Chasing Rainbows Bonnie 1930
No Score Yet Anna Christie Marthy Owen 1930
No Score Yet Call of the Flesh Actor 1930
No Score Yet Vagabond Lover Mrs. Ethel Bertha Whitehall 1929
40% The Hollywood Revue of 1929 Herself 1929
No Score Yet The Divine Lady Mrs. Hart 1929
No Score Yet The Patsy (The Politic Flapper) Ma Harrington 1928
No Score Yet Breakfast At Sunrise Actor 1927
No Score Yet Tillie Wakes Up Tillie Tinklepaw 1917
83% Tillie's Punctured Romance Tillie Banks 1914
No Score Yet Chaplin at Keystone Studios Actor 1914


Min Divot says: Of course I trust you. You're too dumb to be anything but honest.

Carlotta Vance says: "That's the unfortunate thing about death. It's so terribly final. Even the young can't do anything about it."

Carlotta Vance says: That's the unfortunate thing about death. It's so terribly final. Even the young can't do anything about it.

Emma Thatcher says: Stop calling me beautiful!

Emma Thatcher says: I have a voice that only a deaf mother could love.

Kitty Packard says: I was reading a book the other day.

Carlotta Vance says: Reading a book?

Kitty Packard says: Yes. It's all about civilization or something, a nutty kind of a book. Do you know that the guy said that machinery is going to take the place of every profession?

Carlotta Vance says: Oh, my dear, that's something you need never worry about.