Marjorie Reynolds

Marjorie Reynolds

Highest Rated: 100% Holiday Inn (1942)

Lowest Rated: 87% Ministry of Fear (1944)

Birthday: Aug 12, 1917

Birthplace: Buhl, Idaho, USA

Born Marjorie Goodspeed. She began performing as a small child, and had brief appearances in several silent films. As an adolescent she reappeared in Hollywood in the early '30s as a dancer-actress billed Marjorie Moore. In the late '30s and early '40s she changed her name and her hair color, starring in several major productions; her opportunities arose via her husband, Goldwyn production assistant Jack Reynolds, to whom she was married from 1936-53. By the late '40s she was back in minor action films, but then achieved new popularity as the costar of the TV sitcom The Life of Riley (1953-58). She was married to film editor Jon M. Haffen, who acted in the '40s under the name John Whitney.

Highest Rated Movies



No Score Yet Customs Agent Actor 2011
No Score Yet Treasures of Black Cinema Actor 2005
No Score Yet His Kind of Woman Helen Cardigan 1951
No Score Yet Home Town Story Janice Hunt 1951
No Score Yet That Midnight Kiss Mary 1949
No Score Yet Monsieur Beaucaire Princess Maria of Spain 1946
No Score Yet The Time of Their Lives (The Ghost Steps Out) Melody Allen 1946
87% Ministry of Fear Carla Hilfe 1944
No Score Yet Up In Mabel's Room Geraldine Ainsworth 1944
No Score Yet Star Spangled Rhythm Specialty 1942
100% Holiday Inn Linda 1942
No Score Yet Dude Cowboy Barbara 1941
No Score Yet Robin Hood of the Pecos Jeanie Grayson 1941
No Score Yet Secret Evidence Linda 1941
No Score Yet Doomed to Die Roberta 'Bobbie' Logan 1940
No Score Yet Chasing Trouble Susie 1940
No Score Yet The Fatal Hour Roberta 'Bobbie' Logan 1940
No Score Yet Midnight Limited Joan Marshall 1940
No Score Yet Up in the Air Anne Mason 1940
No Score Yet Danger Flight Betty Lou 1939
No Score Yet Sky Patrol Betty Lou 1939
No Score Yet Mr. Wong in Chinatown Bobby Logan 1939
No Score Yet Streets of New York Anne 1939
No Score Yet Mystery Plane Betty Lou 1939
No Score Yet Stunt Pilot Betty Lou 1939
No Score Yet Delinquent Parents Edythe 1938
No Score Yet Rebellious Daughters Claire Elliott 1938
No Score Yet Frontier Town Norma Willis 1938
No Score Yet Western Trails Alice Gordon 1938
No Score Yet Six-Shootin' Sheriff Molly 1938
No Score Yet Tex Rides with the Boy Scouts Norma 1937
No Score Yet College Holiday Dancer 1936


No Score Yet Leave It to Beaver
Mrs. Gregory Mrs. Murdock 1963


Ted Hanover says: I like it here... with you and Linda. [to Hardy]

Jim Hardy says: answers: And we love having you. When are you leaving?

Francois says: How can I stop him sir when I don't know which way is Connecticut!

Jim Hardy says: A drink? Boy you were fractured!

Mamie says: [about winning Linda back] You could melt her heart right down to butter, if you'd only turn on the heat!

Linda Mason says: You sound sweet, but you don't make sense.