Martin Balsam

Martin Balsam

Highest Rated: 100% The Taking of Pelham One Two Three (1974)

Lowest Rated: 0% The Silence of the Hams (1994)

Birthday: Nov 4, 1919

Birthplace: Not Available

Bronx-raised actor Martin Balsam was the oldest of three children of a ladies' sportswear salesman. "Actors are bums" was dad's reaction when Balsam announced his intention of going into show business; still, young Martin took full advantage of lunch breaks from his "real" jobs to rehearse for amateur theatricals. After World War II, Balsam joined New York's Actors Studio, supporting himself by waiting on tables and ushering at Radio City Music Hall. During his formative years he was briefly married to actress Joyce Van Patten; their daughter Talia Balsam would later become a successful film and TV performer. Working steadily if not profitably in nightclubs and TV, Balsam made his first film, the Actors Studio-dominated On the Waterfront, in 1954. Averaging a movie and/or a play a year starting in 1957 (among his best-known film roles were Juror #1 in Twelve Angry Men [1957] and the unfortunate detective Arbogast in Psycho [1960]), Balsam went on to win a Tony for the Broadway play I Know You Can't Hear Me When the Water's Running, an Obie for the off-Broadway production Cold Storage, and an Academy Award for his performance as Jason Robards' older brother in the 1965 film version of A Thousand Clowns. Unfortunately for Balsam, the Oscar was as much a curse as a blessing on his career, and soon he was playing little more than variations on his Thousand Clowns role. In 1979, he was engaged by Norman Lear to play "lovable bigot" Archie Bunker's acerbic Jewish business partner Murray Klein on the CBS sitcom Archie Bunker's Place; he remained with the series until 1981. In 1991, Balsam appeared in Martin Scorsese's Cape Fear, the remake of a film in which Balsam had co-starred (in an entirely different role) in 1962.

Highest Rated Movies



No Score Yet Warning Actor 2013
No Score Yet There Goes the Bride Actor 2004
0% The Silence of the Hams Balsam 1994
No Score Yet Legend of the Spirit Dog Actor 1994
No Score Yet The Sands of Time Actor 1992
73% Cape Fear Judge 1991
56% Two Evil Eyes Mr. Bee 1990
No Score Yet P.I. Private Investigations Cliff Dowling 1987
No Score Yet Queenie Marty 1987
No Score Yet Savage Attack Actor 1987
18% The Delta Force Ben Kaplan 1986
No Score Yet Second Serve Dr. Beck 1986
6% Death Wish 3 Bennett 1985
44% St. Elmo's Fire Beamish 1985
No Score Yet Murder in Space Alexander Rostov 1985
No Score Yet Little Gloria...Happy at Last Actor 1984
No Score Yet Innocent Prey Sheriff Virgil Baker 1984
No Score Yet The Salamander Actor 1983
No Score Yet I Want to Live! Jack Brady 1983
No Score Yet The Goodbye People Max Silverman 1983
No Score Yet Little Gloria: Happy at Last Actor 1982
No Score Yet The Salamander Navy Capt. Steffanelli 1981
No Score Yet The People vs. Jean Harris Actor 1981
No Score Yet There Goes the Bride Elmer Babcock 1980
45% Cuba General Bello 1979
No Score Yet The House on Garibaldi Street Isser Harel 1979
No Score Yet Silver Bears Joe Fiore 1978
No Score Yet Eyes Behind the Stars Inspector Jim Grant 1978
No Score Yet Death Rage Commissario 1977
No Score Yet Raid on Entebbe Daniel Cooper 1977
45% The Sentinel Professor Ruzinsky 1977
No Score Yet One God Actor 1977
93% All the President's Men Howard Simons 1976
No Score Yet The Lindbergh Kidnapping Case Reilly 1976
25% Two Minute Warning Actor 1976
No Score Yet Mitchell James Arthur Cummins 1975
89% Murder on the Orient Express Bianchi 1974
100% The Taking of Pelham One Two Three Green 1974
No Score Yet Miles to Go Before I Sleep Actor 1974
No Score Yet Summer Wishes, Winter Dreams Harry Walden 1973
No Score Yet The Stone Killer Al Vescari 1973
No Score Yet The Six Million Dollar Man Dr. Rudy Wells 1973
No Score Yet A Brand New Life Jim Douglas 1973
No Score Yet Il Consigliori (Counselor at Crime) (The Counsellor) Antonio Macaluso 1973
No Score Yet The Man Jim Talley 1972
No Score Yet Confessione di un commissario di polizia al procuratore della repubblica (Confessions of a Police Captain) Actor 1971
70% The Anderson Tapes Tommy Haskins 1971
96% Little Big Man Merriweather 1970
55% Tora! Tora! Tora! Adm. Husband E. Kimmel 1970
79% Catch-22 Col. Cathcart 1970
No Score Yet Hunters Are for Killing Actor 1970
20% Good Guys and the Bad Guys Mayor Wilker 1969
No Score Yet Me, Natalie Uncle Harold 1969
No Score Yet Trilogy Actor 1968
93% Hombre Mendez 1967
75% After the Fox (Caccia alla volpe) Harry 1966
No Score Yet Harlow Everett Redman 1965
71% A Thousand Clowns Arnold Burns 1965
86% The Bedford Incident Lieut. Cmdr. Chester Potter, M.D., U.S.N. 1965
33% The Carpetbaggers Bernard B. Norman 1964
91% Seven Days in May Paul Girard 1964
No Score Yet Youngblood Hawke Actor 1964
No Score Yet Who's Been Sleeping in My Bed? Sanford Kaufman 1963
100% Cape Fear Police Chief Mark Dutton 1962
No Score Yet Everybody Go Home! Cpl. Fornaciari 1962
88% Breakfast at Tiffany's Berman 1961
No Score Yet Ada Actor 1961
96% Psycho Arbogast 1960
No Score Yet Middle of the Night Jack 1959
No Score Yet Al Capone Mac Keeley, Reporter 1959
No Score Yet Marjorie Morningstar Dr. David Harris 1958
No Score Yet Time Limit Sgt. Baker 1957
100% 12 Angry Men (Twelve Angry Men) Juror No. 1 1957
No Score Yet Defender Actor 1957
99% On the Waterfront Gillette 1954


82% The Twilight Zone
Danny Weiss Martin Lombard Senescu 2019
No Score Yet The Twilight Zone
Knowles 1987
No Score Yet Murder, She Wrote
Edgar Carmody 1986
No Score Yet The Six Million Dollar Man
No Score Yet Maude
Chester 1976
No Score Yet Kojak
No Score Yet The Fugitive
100% The Man From U.N.C.L.E.
Albert Sullyl 1965
No Score Yet Rawhide
Fabian 1963
No Score Yet Alfred Hitchcock Presents
Leonard Compson Eldon Marsh 1961


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Capt. Yossarian says: I don't wanna.

Gen. Dreedle says: What do you mean you don't want to, why the hell don't you?

Capt. Yossarian says: I don't know, I just don't wanna [laughs].

Gen. Dreedle says: Why isn't he wearing clothes?

Col. Korn says: [to Cathcart] He's talking to you.

Col. Cathcart says: Why isn't he wearing clothes, Major?

Major Major says: Why isn't he wearing clothes, Sergeant?

Col. Korn says: All you have to do is be our pal.

Col. Cathcart says: Say nice things about us.

Col. Korn says: Tell the folks at home what a good job we're doing. Take our offer, Yossarian.

Col. Cathcart says: Either that, or a court-martial for desertion.

Col. Cathcart says: You're a disgrace! I'd like to know how you got to be a Captain anyway.

Capt. Yossarian says: You promoted me.

Col. Cathcart says: That has got nothing to do with it!

Milton Arbogast detective says: We're always quickest to doubt people who have a reputation for being honest.

O.J. Berman says: Hey, Fred-baby!

Paul Varjak says: No, no. It's Paul-baby.