Neville Brand

Neville Brand

Highest Rated: 100% Riot in Cell Block 11 (1954)

Lowest Rated: 33% Eaten Alive (1977)

Birthday: Aug 13, 1920

Birthplace: Griswold, Iowa, USA

The oldest child of an itinerant bridge builder, actor Neville Brand intended to make the military his career, and indeed spent ten years in uniform. During World War II, he became America's fourth most decorated soldier when he wiped out a German 50-caliber machine gun nest. He also decided that he'd seek out another line of work as soon as his hitch was up. Paying for acting classes with his GI Bill, he started his career off-Broadway. In 1949, he made his film debut in D.O.A., playing a psychotic hoodlum who delights in punching poisoned hero Edmond O'Brien in the stomach. Brand spent most of the early '50s at 20th Century Fox, a studio that surprisingly downplayed the actor's war record by shuttling him from one unstressed supporting role to another (though he's the principal villain in 1950's Where the Sidewalk Ends, he receives no screen credit). He fared far better on television, where he won the Sylvania Award for his portrayal of Huey Long in a 1958 telestaging of All the King's Men. Even better received was his portrayal of Al Capone on the TV series The Untouchables, a characterization he repeated in the 1961 theatrical feature The George Raft Story. In 1966, Brand briefly shed his bad-guy image to play the broadly hilarious role of bumbling Texas Ranger Reese Bennett on the TV Western series Laredo. His off-camera reputation for pugnacity and elbow-bending was tempered by his unswerving loyalty to his friends and his insatiable desire to better himself intellectually (his private library was one of the largest in Hollywood, boasting some 5000 titles). Fighting a losing battle against emphysema during his last years, Neville Brand died at the age of 70.


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No Score Yet All The King's Men Actor 2015
No Score Yet Evils of the Night Kurt 2003
No Score Yet Without Warning (It Came Without Warning) (Alien Encounters) Actor 1980
77% The Ninth Configuration (Twinkle, Twinkle, Killer Kane) Groper 1980
No Score Yet The Alien's Return Walt 1980
No Score Yet The Seekers Capt. Isaac Drew 1979
No Score Yet Angels Brigade Actor 1979
No Score Yet Hi-Riders Red 1978
No Score Yet Psychic Killer Actor 1978
No Score Yet The Mouse and His Child Iggy 1977
33% Eaten Alive Judd 1977
No Score Yet Fire! Larry 1977
No Score Yet The Quest (The Longest Drive) Actor 1976
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No Score Yet Scalawag Brimstone/Mudhook 1973
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No Score Yet Hitched Actor 1971
55% Tora! Tora! Tora! Lt. Kaminsky 1970
No Score Yet Lock, Stock and Barrel Sgt. Markey 1970
No Score Yet Backtrack Reese Bennett 1969
No Score Yet The Desperados Marshal Kilpatrick 1969
94% That Darn Cat! Dan 1965
No Score Yet Hero's Island Kingstree 1962
91% Birdman of Alcatraz Bull Ransom 1962
No Score Yet Untouchables - Scarface Mob Actor 1962
No Score Yet The George Raft Story Al Capone 1961
No Score Yet The Last Sunset Frank Hobbs 1961
No Score Yet The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Pap 1960
No Score Yet Five Gates to Hell Chen Pamok 1959
No Score Yet Cry Terror! Steve 1958
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83% The Tin Star Bart Bogardus 1957
55% Love Me Tender Mike Gavin 1956
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100% Man From the Alamo Dawes 1953
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83% Kansas City Confidential (The Secret Four) Kane 1952
No Score Yet Red Mountain Dixon 1951
No Score Yet Only the Valiant Sgt. Ben Murdock 1951
80% The Mob Gunner 1951
No Score Yet Flame of Araby Kral 1951
No Score Yet Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye Carleton 1950
88% D.O.A. Chester 1950
88% Halls of Montezuma Sgt. Zelenko 1950
100% Where the Sidewalk Ends Steve 1950
No Score Yet Port of New York Stasser's Henchman 1949


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