Collin Chou

Collin Chou

Highest Rated: 73% Jet Li's Fearless (Huo Yuan Jia) (Legend of a Fighter) (2006)

Lowest Rated: 33% DOA: Dead or Alive (2007)

Birthday: Aug 11, 1967

Birthplace: Taiwan

Collin Chou was born in Taiwan. He has eight brothers and four sisters. He begantraining in Martial Arts when he was four years old. By the age of twelve, he beganhis film career as a stunt man. After six years of being a stunt man, he finallylanded his first leading role. Then he left acting for two years, he went and servedin the Taiwan Army. After he left the Army, he moved to Hong Kong to continue hisacting career. Chou, who performs a majority of his own stunts, exploded into the action scene andappeared in more than thirty featured films, by action directors such as Sammo Hung,Tony Ching, Corey Yuen, Tsui Hark, and Yuen Wo Ping. Chou was also a former memberof Sammo Hung's Stuntman Team. Some of Chou's action work include the garage fightfrom "License to Steal" and his two fights with Jet Li in "Bodyguard from Beijing"and "My Father is a Hero". "The Matrix" was a first American film that Chou played a part in. He then was putin the sequal to "The Matrix", "The Matrix Reloaded" where he played Seraph, theguardian of the Oracle. Collin Chou is also fluent in English, Cantonese, and Mandarin.

Highest Rated Movies



50% Special ID Cheung Mo-hung 2014
No Score Yet Bu er shen tan (Badges of Fury) Actor 2013
No Score Yet The Four Tieshou 2012
No Score Yet Kung Fu Wing Chun (Gong Fu Yong Chun) Actor 2010
No Score Yet City Under Siege (Chun sing gai bei) Zhang Dachu 2010
64% The Forbidden Kingdom Jade Warlord $40.1M 2008
40% Flash Point Tony 2007
33% DOA: Dead or Alive Hayate $0.3M 2007
73% Jet Li's Fearless (Huo Yuan Jia) (Legend of a Fighter) Yuanjia's Father $24.6M 2006
No Score Yet American Fusion Tony 2005
35% The Matrix Revolutions Seraph $139.1M 2003
73% The Matrix Reloaded Seraph $281.6M 2003
No Score Yet No Problem 2 (Mou man tai 2 ) Actor 2002
No Score Yet Chuen chik daai diy (The Group) Actor 1998
No Score Yet 97 Aces Go Places Actor 1997
No Score Yet Dr. Wai In The Scriptures With No Words Actor 1996
No Score Yet Dr. Wai in 'The Scripture with No Words' (Adventure King)(Mo him wong) The Movie Star/Hung Sing 1996
No Score Yet War of the Underworld (Xong xing zi: Zhi jiang hu da feng bao) Scum 1996
No Score Yet Dao (The Blade) Actor 1995
54% Gei ba ba de xin (My Father is a Hero) (Jet Li's The Enforcer) Thug (as Sing Ngai) 1995
No Score Yet Red Wolf Actor 1995
No Score Yet Jiu pin zhi ma guan bai mian bao qing tian (Hail the Judge) Actor 1994
No Score Yet Return to a Better Tomorrow Holland Boy 1994
No Score Yet Lord of the Wu Tang (Kung Fu Master) (Yi tian tu long ji: Zhi mo jiao jiao zhu) (The Evil Cult) Actor 1993
No Score Yet Into the Fire Actor 1989


Agent Smith says: Well, well, it's been a long time. I remember chasing you is like chasing a ghost.

Seraph says: I have beaten you before.

The Merovingian says: Yes, true, but as you can see, things are a little different now.