Qi Shu

Qi Shu

  • Highest Rated: 100% The Island (2018)
  • Lowest Rated: 14% The Adventurers (2017)
  • Birthday: Apr 16, 1976
  • Birthplace: Taipei, Taiwan
  • Was born in Taiwan and is of Taiwanese nationality. Has a "manic" acting style, which (unfortunately) has won her detractors. However, she has proved her acting credibility by winning the prestigious Golden Horse Awards in Taiwan (regarded as the "Asian Oscars") for Best Supporting Actress. She has also received a nomination for Best Actress from the Golden Horse Awards. Is currently going out with American born Taiwan pop singer/songwriter/composer/actor 'Lee-hom Wang'. Appeared with Jackie Chan in the wonderful romantic-comedy _Bor lei jun (1999)_ ('Gorgeous'). Her name is spelled in a variety of ways, including: Hsu Qi, Hsu Chi, Qi Shu, Shu Kei and there are quite a few other variations on her name on foreign VCDs, DVDs and Internet sites.


Highest Rated Movies








No Score Yet Shanghai Fortress Actor 2019
100% The Island Actor 2018
14% The Adventurers Red $0.3M 2017
No Score Yet My Best Friend's Wedding Gu,Jia 2016
56% Mojin: The Lost Legend Shirley Yang $1.3M 2015
No Score Yet The Last Women Standing (Sheng zhe wei wang) Sheng Ruxi $0.2M 2015
80% The Assassin Nie Yinniang $95.4K 2015
No Score Yet All You Need Is Love (Luo pao ba ai qing) Actor 2015
94% Journey To The West Miss Duan 2014
No Score Yet The Second Woman (Qing mi) Actor 2012
40% Love Zoe Fang $0.4M 2012
No Score Yet A Beautiful Life (Bu Zai Rang Ni Gu Dan) Li Peiru $66.6K 2011
46% Legend of the Fist: The Return of Chen Zhen Kiki $48.9K 2011
No Score Yet City Under Siege (Chun sing gai bei) Angel 2010
37% New York, I Love You Chinese Herbalist (Fatih Akin segment) $1.7M 2009
No Score Yet Yau lung hei fung (Look for a Star) Milan 2009
No Score Yet If You Are the One (Fei Cheng Wu Rao) Xiaoxiao 2008
No Score Yet Tian tang kou (Blood Brothers) Actor 2007
No Score Yet Jopog manura 3 (My Wife Is a Gangster 3) Actor 2006
No Score Yet Seung sing (Confession of Pain) Fung 2006
75% Just One Look Actor 2005
No Score Yet The Monster (Gwai muk) Actor 2005
86% Three Times (Zui hao de shi guang) May/Ah Mei/Jing 2005
No Score Yet Monster Actor 2005
No Score Yet Seoul Raiders JJ 2005
No Score Yet Foliage Actor 2004
No Score Yet The Eye 2 (Gin gwai 2) Joey Cheung 2004
82% So Close Lynn 2003
No Score Yet Visible Secret June 2003
54% The Transporter Lai Kwai $25.3M 2002
No Score Yet Beijing Rocks (Bak Ging lok yue liu) Actor 2002
No Score Yet Kei fung dik sau (Qi feng di shou) (Looking For Mr. Perfect) (Finding Mr. Perfect) Actor 2002
No Score Yet Wai shut lee ji laam huet yan (The Wesley's Mysterious File) Sue 2002
No Score Yet Office yauh gwai (Haunted Office) Shan 2002
81% Millennium Mambo (Qianxi Manbo) Vicky 2001
No Score Yet Martial Angels Cat 2001
No Score Yet Love Me, Love My Money (Yau ching yam shui baau) Actor 2001
No Score Yet For Bad Boys Only Shadow/Kwan Tsin/Eleven 2000
No Score Yet The Storm Riders (Fung wan: Hung ba tin ha) Muse 2000
No Score Yet Sheng zhe wei wang (Young and Dangerous Part 6) (Born to Be King) Mei Ling 2000
No Score Yet San tau chi saidoi (Skyline Cruisers) Actor 2000
No Score Yet Unexpected Challenges (Ling yu yun) Actor 2000
No Score Yet Unexpected Challenges Actor 2000
No Score Yet Gorgeous (Boh lee chun) Bu 1999
No Score Yet A Man Called Hero (Zhong hua ying xiong) Takagi 1999
No Score Yet Ban zhi yan (Metade Fumaca) Actor 1999
No Score Yet You shi tiaowu (The Island Tales) Mei Ling 1999
No Score Yet Another Meltdown Chen Pan 1998
No Score Yet Boli zhi cheng (City of Glass) Actor 1998
No Score Yet Mei shao nian zhi lian (Beauty) (Bishonen) Kana 1998
No Score Yet San goo waak chai ji siu nin gik dau pin (Young & Dangerous: The Prequel) Fei 1998
No Score Yet Portland Street Blues Actor 1998
No Score Yet 98 goo waak chai ji lung chang foo dau (Young and Dangerous V) Actor 1998
No Score Yet Hung wan yat tew loong (The Lucky Guy) Actor 1998
No Score Yet Se qing nan nu (Viva Erotica) Mango 1997
No Score Yet Sexy and Dangerous (Gu huo nu zhi jue zhan jiang hu) Actor 1996
No Score Yet Street Angels Actor 1996
No Score Yet Yu pu tuan II: Yu nu xin jing (Sex and Zen II) Actor 1996


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