Roland Young

Birthday: Nov 11, 1887
Birthplace: Not Available
He trained for the stage at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art; in 1908 he made his London debut, and four years later debuted in New York. Remaining in the U.S., he served with the American Army in World War One. He appeared in two silent films in the '20s, but remained primarily a stage actor. With the advent of the sound era, however, he began his screen career in earnest in 1929. He played character comedy parts in many films over the next two decades, usually cast as whimsical, bemused types. He is perhaps best remembered for playing the title role in Topper (1937) and its sequels.

Highest Rated Movies



No Score Yet St. Benny the Dip Matthew 1951
No Score Yet Let's Dance Edmund Pohlwhistle 1950
No Score Yet The Great Lover C.J. Dabney 1949
No Score Yet You Gotta Stay Happy Ralph Tutwiler 1948
100% And Then There Were None Detective William Henry Blore 1945
No Score Yet Forever and a Day Mr. Barringer 1943
No Score Yet Tales of Manhattan Edgar the Butler 1942
No Score Yet They All Kissed the Bride Marsh 1942
No Score Yet The Flame of New Orleans Charles Giraud 1941
100% Topper Returns Cosmo Topper 1941
25% The Two-Faced Woman Oscar 'O. O.' Miller 1941
No Score Yet No, No, Nanette Mr. Smith 1940
100% The Philadelphia Story Uncle Willie 1940
No Score Yet Irene Mr. Smith 1940
No Score Yet Star Dust Thomas Brooke 1940
No Score Yet He Married His Wife Bill 1940
No Score Yet Topper Takes a Trip Cosmo Topper 1938
No Score Yet The Young in Heart Col. Anthony "Sahib" Carleton 1938
No Score Yet Sailing Along Anthony Gulliver 1938
No Score Yet Ali Baba Goes to Town Sultan 1937
100% King Solomon's Mines Cmdr. John Good 1937
94% Topper Cosmo Topper 1937
40% The Man Who Could Work Miracles George McWhirter Fotheringay 1937
No Score Yet The Unguarded Hour Actor 1936
No Score Yet One Rainy Afternoon Maillot 1936
100% Ruggles of Red Gap George Van Bassingwell 1935
No Score Yet David Copperfield (The Personal History, Adventures, Experience, & Observation of David Copperfield the Younger) Uriah Heep 1935
No Score Yet Blind Adventure Holmes the Burglar 1933
No Score Yet His Double Life Priam Farrel 1933
No Score Yet They Just Had to Get Married Hillary Hume 1932
No Score Yet Wedding Rehearsal Reggie Buckley Candysshe 1932
No Score Yet Street of Women Link Gibson 1932
100% One Hour With You Professor Olivier 1932
No Score Yet The Guardsman Bernhardt the Critic 1931
No Score Yet The Squaw Man (The White Man) Sir John Applegate 1931
No Score Yet Madam Satan Jimmy Wade 1930
No Score Yet New Moon Count Strogoff 1930
No Score Yet The Bishop Murder Case Sigurd 'Erik' Arnesson 1930
No Score Yet Wise Girls Duke Merrill 1929
No Score Yet Sherlock Holmes Dr. Watson 1922


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