Victor McLaglen

Victor McLaglen

Highest Rated: 100% Fort Apache (1948)

Lowest Rated: 12% The Informers (2009)

Birthday: Dec 10, 1886

Birthplace: Not Available

A boy soldier during the Boer War, British actor Victor McLaglen later worked as a prizefighter (once losing to Jack Johnson in six rounds) and a vaudeville and circus performer. He served in World War I as a captain with the Irish Fusiliers and as provost marshal of Baghdad. In the early '20s he broke into British films. He soon moved to Hollywood, where he got lead and supporting roles; his basic screen persona was that of a large, brutish, but soft-hearted man of action. He appeared in many John Ford films, often as a military man. McLaglen made the transition to sound successfully, and for his work in Ford's The Informer (1935), he won the Best Actor Oscar. He remained a busy screen actor until the late '50s. Five of his brothers were also film actors: Arthur, Clifford, Cyril, Kenneth, and Leopold. He was the father of director Andrew V. McLaglen.

Highest Rated Movies



12% The Informers Gypo Nolan 2009
No Score Yet Sea Fury Capt. Bellew 1958
70% Around the World in 80 Days Helmsman 1956
No Score Yet Lady Godiva Grimald 1955
No Score Yet Many Rivers to Cross Cadmus Cherne 1955
No Score Yet Bengazi Robert Emmett Donovan 1955
No Score Yet Prince Valiant Boltar 1954
No Score Yet Trouble in the Glen Parlan 1954
No Score Yet Fair Wind to Java O'Brien 1953
90% The Quiet Man Will Danaher 1952
77% Rio Grande Sgt. Maj. Timothy Quincannon 1950
95% She Wore a Yellow Ribbon Sgt. Quincannon 1949
No Score Yet The Loves of Carmen Actor 1948
100% Fort Apache Sgt. Festus Mulcahy 1948
No Score Yet Calendar Girl Matthew O'Neil 1947
No Score Yet The Foxes of Harrow Captain Mike Farrell 1947
No Score Yet Undercurrent Uncle Ben 1946
No Score Yet Whistle Stop Gillo 1946
No Score Yet The Princess and the Pirate The Hook 1944
No Score Yet Tampico Fred Adamson 1944
No Score Yet Forever and a Day Spavin 1943
No Score Yet Broadway Limited (The Baby Vanishes ) Mike 1941
No Score Yet South of Pago Pago Bucko Larson 1940
No Score Yet Full Confession McGinnis 1939
92% Gunga Din Sgt. MacChesney 1939
No Score Yet Let Freedom Ring Chris Mulligan 1939
No Score Yet The Devil's Party Marty Malone 1938
No Score Yet We're Going to Be Rich Dobbie 1938
No Score Yet Saratoga Butler 1937
No Score Yet This Is My Affair Jock Ramsay 1937
No Score Yet Wee Willie Winkie Sergeant MacDuff 1937
No Score Yet Klondike Annie Bull Brackett 1936
No Score Yet Under Two Flags Actor 1936
94% The Informer Gypo Nolan 1935
No Score Yet Under Pressure Jumbo Smith 1935
No Score Yet The Captain Hates the Sea Junius P. Schulte 1934
75% Murder at the Vanities Police Lt. Bill Murdock 1934
100% The Lost Patrol The Sergeant 1934
No Score Yet Laughing at Life Burke 1933
No Score Yet Hot Pepper Jim Flagg 1933
No Score Yet The Stolen Jools Actor 1931
100% Dishonored Colonel Kranau 1931
No Score Yet Wicked Actor 1931
No Score Yet The Black Watch Capt. Donald Gordon King 1929
No Score Yet Mother Machree O'Dowd 1928
No Score Yet The River Pirate Sailor Frinz 1928
No Score Yet Hangman's House Hogan 1928
No Score Yet A Girl in Every Port Spike Madden 1928
No Score Yet Loves of Carmen Escamillo 1927
No Score Yet Beau Geste Hank 1926
No Score Yet What Price Glory Capt. Flagg 1926
83% The Unholy Three Hercules 1925


No Score Yet Rawhide
Whittman 1959


Sgt. Hochbauer says: [enters the bar with a crew to arrest Quincannon] You're under arrest, Quincannon.

Sgt. Quincannon says: By whose orders?

Sgt. Hochbauer says: By order of Capt. Brittles. Are you coming peaceably?

Sgt. Quincannon says: Laddie, I've never gone any place peaceably in me life. [puts down his drink and slugs Sgt. Hochbauer]

Sgt. Beaufort says: [the four soldiers who've come to escort Lt. O'Rourke to the fort have been invited to have a drink by Col. Thursday] Four bottles of cool beer, Ma.

Sgt. Festus Mulcahy says: And I'll have the same... with a whiskey chaser.

Sgt. Festus Mulcahy says: [after Co. Thursday has told the soldiers to destroy the contraband "whiskey"] "Destroy it," he says. Well, boys, we've a man's work ahead of us this day.

Sgt. Festus Mulcahy says: [after Co. Thursday has told the soldiers to destroy the contraband 'whiskey'] 'Destroy it,' he says. Well, boys, we've a man's work ahead of us this day.

Red Will Danaher says: Father? Little Flynn?

Fr. Peter Lonergan says: Well, I can't say it's true, and I won't say it's not, but there's been talk.