W.C. Fields

W.C. Fields

Highest Rated: 100% Never Give a Sucker an Even Break (1941)

Lowest Rated: 67% Alice in Wonderland (1933)

Birthday: Jan 29, 1880

Birthplace: Darby, Pennsylvania, USA

A renowned gambler and card-shark, a gin drinker, and hater of children, iconic actor- comedian W.C. Fields was known as all these things and more - a pool hustler, a juggler and an ordinary man struggling against life. Some widely held beliefs were true; some were part of the act, but above all the cantankerous man with a bulbous nose and a drawling voice was one of the funniest, richest and most influential comics of the twentieth century. While Charlie Chaplin drew our sympathy, Buster Keaton earned our astonishment and the Marx Brothers made us blush, Fields spoke directly to what made us human - our dark desires, the unspoken urge for meanness, the depravity which we all held quiet, all the while making us laugh when he got away with it. Fields was the man whom audiences hated to admit reminded them of themselves.

Highest rated movies

Never Give a Sucker an Even Break
The Bank Dick
David Copperfield
The Dentist
It's a Gift
My Little Chickadee
That Royle Girl
Sally of the Sawdust




No Score Yet No Score Yet MGM's Big Parade of Comedy Unknown (Character) - 1964
No Score Yet No Score Yet The Best of W.C. Fields Unknown (Character) - 1960
No Score Yet No Score Yet Sensations of 1945 W.C. Fields (Character) - 1944
No Score Yet No Score Yet Song of the Open Road W, C, Fields (Character) - 1944
100% 81% Never Give a Sucker an Even Break The Great Man/W.C. Fields/Uncle Bill (Character),
- 1941
100% 75% The Bank Dick Egbert Sousé (Character),
- 1940
93% 63% My Little Chickadee Cuthbert J. Twillie (Character),
- 1940
No Score Yet 77% You Can't Cheat an Honest Man Larson E. Whipsnade (Character) - 1939
No Score Yet No Score Yet The Big Broadcast of 1938 T. Frothingill Bellows / S.B. Bellows (Character) - 1938
No Score Yet 53% Poppy Prof. Eustace McGargle (Character) - 1936
No Score Yet 100% Mississippi Commodore Jackson (Character) - 1935
100% 75% David Copperfield Micawber (Character) - 1935
No Score Yet 79% The Man on the Flying Trapeze Ambrose Wolfinger (Character) - 1935
No Score Yet 83% The Old-Fashioned Way The Great McGonigle/Squire Cribbs in `'The Drunkard'` (Character) - 1934
No Score Yet 79% You're Telling Me Sam Bisbee (Character) - 1934
94% 76% It's a Gift Harold Bissonette (Character) - 1934
No Score Yet 38% Six of a Kind Sheriff John Hoxley (Character) - 1934
No Score Yet No Score Yet Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch Mr. Stubbins (Character) - 1934
67% 60% Alice in Wonderland Humpty-Dumpty (Character) - 1933
No Score Yet 68% International House Prof. Henry R. Quail (Character) - 1933
No Score Yet 62% The Fatal Glass of Beer Mr. Snavely (Character) - 1933
No Score Yet 80% Tillie and Gus Augustus Winterbottom (Character) - 1933
No Score Yet 65% The Barber Shop Cornelius O'Hare (Character),
- 1933
No Score Yet 78% Million Dollar Legs The President (Character) - 1932
No Score Yet 79% If I Had a Million Rollo La Rue (Character) - 1932
100% 68% The Dentist Dentist (Character) - 1932
No Score Yet 0% Her Majesty, Love Lia's Father (Character) - 1931
No Score Yet 67% The Golf Specialist J. Effingham Bellweather (Character) - 1930
No Score Yet No Score Yet Fools for Luck Unknown (Character) - 1928
No Score Yet 100% It's the Old Army Game Elmer Prettywillie (Character),
- 1926
No Score Yet No Score Yet So's Your Old Man Samuel Bisbee (Character) - 1926
75% 56% Sally of the Sawdust Professor Eustance McGargle (Character) - 1925
89% No Score Yet That Royle Girl Unknown (Character) - 1925
No Score Yet No Score Yet Janice Meredith A British Sergeant (Character) - 1924