William Goldman

William Goldman

Highest Rated: 100% Harper (1966)

Lowest Rated: Not Available

Birthday: Aug 12, 1931

Birthplace: Highland Park, Illinois, USA

One of the most celebrated writers to make a name for himself in both literature and film, William Goldman was born in Highland Park, Illinois in 1931. He would enroll at Oberlin College, where a creative writing class awakened his desire to become an author, and soon began submitting short stories for publication. Shortly after obtaining an MFA from Columbia University in 1956, Goldman published his first novel, the coming of age tale The Golden Temple. Soon he was off and running, publishing books like Soldier in the Rain and Boys and Girls Together. In 1965, Goldman was tapped to rewrite the script for the film "Masquerade" (1965), and soon, screenwriting became an integral component of his career. After his screenplay for "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid" (1969) became a huge success, Goldman published the highly unusual and highly praised fantasy novel The Princess Bride in 1973. He would go on to publish the thriller Marathon Man, adapting it into a hit film in 1976 before penning another lauded script, adapting Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein's All the President's Men into a landmark feature film. Goldman's 1983 memoir Adventures in the Screen Trade would become a de facto guidebook for young writers in the industry, and his reputation only became stronger when he adapted The Princess Bride into a blockbuster hit in 1987. Goldman would concentrate on screenwriting for the following decades, notably adapting a number of Stephen King novels for the screen including Misery and Dreamcatcher. William Goldman died in November 2018. He was 87 years old.




31% 29% Wild Card Screenwriter - 2015
28% 35% Dreamcatcher Screenwriter $33.7M 2003
49% 64% Hearts in Atlantis Screenwriter $24.2M 2001
21% 46% The General's Daughter Writer $102.7M 1999
12% 39% The Chamber Screenwriter $14.4M 1996
50% 75% The Ghost and the Darkness Writer $38.6M 1996
66% 71% Maverick Screenwriter $101.5M 1994
0% 48% Year of the Comet Screenwriter $2.2M 1992
90% 89% Misery Screenwriter $54.7M 1990
98% 94% The Princess Bride Writer $26.9M 1987
85% 64% Magic Screenwriter - 1978
62% 86% A Bridge Too Far Screenwriter - 1977
81% 81% Marathon Man Writer - 1976
94% 92% All the President's Men Writer - 1976
68% 65% The Stepford Wives Screenwriter - 1975
78% 69% The Hot Rock Writer - 1972
89% 92% Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid Writer - 1969
100% 74% Harper Writer - 1966


91% 76% Transparent Jim Cashman (Guest Star) 2015