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2.5/4 75% Happy Feet (2006) The perfect film for audiences who found fault with March of the Penguins because it was too emotionally taxing and you couldn't dance to it.‐ TV Guide
Read More | Posted Sep 10, 2008
2/4 19% The Ex (2007) Bringing together a cast of experienced comic actors and a string of funny gags does not necessarily a good movie make.‐ TV Guide
Read More | Posted May 11, 2007
2/4 48% Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters (2007) Only die-hard addicts of the Cartoon Network series will want to sit through the entire film for its amusing moments.‐ TV Guide
Read More | Posted Apr 13, 2007
2/4 67% Meet the Robinsons (2007) Leave your sense of logic at the door or you'll be driven to distraction by annoying 'How come...' questions.‐ TV Guide
Read More | Posted Mar 30, 2007
1.5/4 34% TMNT (2007) The film suffers from serious animation overkill: too much high-octane action, too many combatants, not enough of the hand-to-hand combat that made the Turtles unique in the first place.‐ TV Guide
Read More | Posted Mar 23, 2007
2/4 8% Gray Matters (2007) Sue Kramer is clearly out to shake up the boring old boy-meets-girl formula, but her movie is so filled with preposterous coincidence and ridiculous clunky plot machinations that it's impossible to ignore them and focus on the equally contrived story.‐ TV Guide
Read More | Posted Feb 23, 2007
3/4 85% Bridge to Terabithia (2007) [Actors] Robb and Hutcherson are the keys to the film's success: She has a refreshingly offbeat charm, and he smoothly handles emotional material that would be too daunting to many more experienced actors.‐ TV Guide
Read More | Posted Feb 16, 2007
1.5/4 4% Because I Said So (2007) What was Diane Keaton thinking when she signed on to play a shrill, off-putting mother whose unbelievable, over-the-top antics are utterly annoying to watch? Even the title is annoying.‐ TV Guide
Read More | Posted Feb 2, 2007
2.5/4 22% Catch and Release (2007) Given the film's complicated and ambitious opening, it's that more disappointing when it settles into the rut of 'happily ever after' cliches.‐ TV Guide
Read More | Posted Jan 26, 2007
2/4 23% Arthur and the Invisibles (Arthur and the Minimoys) (2007) Succumbing to the in-joke trend popular in children's films, Luc Besson's visually attractive movie spoils its own fantasy spell with anachronistic references and a quickly resolved story line.‐ TV Guide
Read More | Posted Jan 12, 2007
1.5/4 5% Yu-Gi-Oh!: The Movie (2004) While this probably constitutes a good tutorial in the trading-card game's lingo and lore, it's tremendously boring to watch an animated series in which most of the fighting doesn't even involve combat, just characters looking at cards.‐ TV Guide
Read More | Posted Jan 8, 2007
3.5/4 89% Dixie Chicks - Shut Up and Sing (2006) Academy Award-winning documentarian Barbara Kopple does an excellent job capturing the Chicks' thoughts, and uses judicious clips from political speeches to put Maines' off-the-cuff comment into context.‐ TV Guide
Read More | Posted Oct 27, 2006
2.5/4 54% Flicka (2006) Director Mayer knows how to tug at the heartstrings, and his admirably restrained cast keeps the family drama from becoming too sugary.‐ TV Guide
Read More | Posted Oct 20, 2006
4/5 48% Open Season (2006) Though silly and predictable, this animated comedy has stunning visuals, a catchy soundtrack and charming characters that are family-friendly crowd-pleasers.‐ TV Guide
Read More | Posted Sep 29, 2006
3/4 93% Lassie (2006) The 1943 Lassie Come Home, starring then-child actors Roddy McDowall and Elizabeth Taylor as Joe and Cilla, is widely considered the gold standard to which all dog movies should aspire, but Sturridge's remake is a fine film in its own right.‐ TV Guide
Read More | Posted Sep 1, 2006
3/4 59% How to Eat Fried Worms (2006) This cute lesson in standing up to bullies, based on the award-winning Thomas Rockwell book of the same name, is still tailor-made for its target demographic.‐ TV Guide
Read More | Posted Aug 25, 2006
2/4 15% Surviving Eden (2004) Only Lynch's over-the-top network executive stands out in this otherwise bland film that tries for satire but neglects to be funny.‐ TV Guide
Read More | Posted Aug 25, 2006
1.5/4 20% Step Up (2006) This teen drama may be filled with some great-looking dancing, but its hackneyed, predictable script is a giant step in the wrong direction.‐ TV Guide
Read More | Posted Aug 12, 2006
3/4 71% Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby (2006) Gentlemen and ladies, start your engines -- really. Will Ferrell's NASCAR comedy is worth getting revved up over, though non-Ferrell fans will be unimpressed no matter how many times he strips to his skivvies.‐ TV Guide
Read More | Posted Aug 4, 2006
1.5/4 22% Barnyard (2006) Moooove along, there's nothing to see here! With its blatant disregard for the laws of nature, gravity and good humor, this animated adventure is little more than a series of gags... loosely strung to the plot of The Lion King.‐ TV Guide
Read More | Posted Aug 3, 2006
3/4 27% John Tucker Must Die (2006) Teen comedies are notoriously predictable, and screenwriter Jeff Lowell isn't out to rock the genre boat, but his smartly written dialogue and the infectious charm of the cast, particularly Snow and Metcalfe, add up to a winning combination.‐ TV Guide
Read More | Posted Jul 28, 2006
2/4 14% Just My Luck (2006) Director Donald Petrie's niche seems to be lighthearted, instantly forgettable romantic fantasies like Miss Congeniality and How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days, and this sweet-natured bit of fluff fits right in.‐ TV Guide
Read More | Posted May 12, 2006
2/4 36% Scary Movie 4 (2006) For those jonesing for a loosely connected string of comedy sketches, heavy on the scatological humor, this is the fix.‐ TV Guide
Read More | Posted Apr 14, 2006
1.5/4 6% Cheaper by the Dozen 2 (2005) Unfortunately in this instance, more doesn't make merry, only mayhem.‐ TV Guide
Posted Dec 21, 2005
2.5/4 46% Rent (2005) Ultimately, the emphasis on flash disengages viewers from the story's emotional core, which is the exact opposite of what Larson intended.‐ TV Guide
Posted Nov 23, 2005
3/4 37% Chicken Little (2005) This wild and unexpected ride should delight younger children with its bright colors and constant chaos, while adults are likely to be charmed by the witty banter, subtle one-liners and a sweet father-son relationship.‐ TV Guide
Posted Nov 4, 2005
1.5/4 17% Kids in America (2005) A muddled mess whose message gets lost in the confusion.‐ TV Guide
Posted Oct 21, 2005
3/4 64% Dreamer: Inspired by a True Story (2005) Charming all-ages entertainment.‐ TV Guide
Posted Oct 21, 2005
3/4 58% The Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio (2005) Evelyn's optimism in the face of ongoing adversity never feels schmaltzy or tacky.‐ TV Guide
Posted Sep 30, 2005
3/4 55% Just Like Heaven (2005) Though completely implausible, this spirited romantic comedy works because of the utterly charming leads and a strong supporting cast.‐ TV Guide
Posted Sep 16, 2005
2/5 17% Now & Forever (2001) This poorly executed film is riddled with every cliché in the book and then some.‐ TV Guide
Posted Aug 19, 2005
3.5/5 32% Valiant (2005) This cleverly told animated World War II adventure aims high and scores a pretty lofty goal.‐ TV Guide
Posted Aug 19, 2005
2/4 5% Supercross (2005) Director Steve Boyum's loud, down-and-dirty ride through the world of Supercross motorcycle racing comes to a screeching halt for its many pit stops for Hollywood clichés.‐ TV Guide
Read More | Posted Aug 17, 2005
2.5/5 36% Must Love Dogs (2005) The film makes no real impression; it's amiable, occasionally funny and indistinguishable from dozens of other romantic comedies just like it.‐ TV Guide
Posted Jul 29, 2005
2.5/5 76% Wedding Crashers (2005) Vaughn is at his best, McAdams is perfectly adorable, relative newcomer Fisher steals scenes from her cast mates with wicked ease; and Walken is, well, Walken.‐ TV Guide
Posted Jul 15, 2005
2/5 27% Fantastic Four (2005) Superheroes' origin stories are inherently background-heavy, but director Tim Story and screenwriters Simon Kinberg, Michael France and Mark Frost spend too much time on setup.‐ TV Guide
Posted Jul 8, 2005
2/5 41% Herbie: Fully Loaded (2005) The silly story, however, will do nothing for viewers who like even a touch of substance or plausibility with their summer entertainment.‐ TV Guide
Posted Jun 22, 2005
2.5/4 6% The Perfect Man (2005) This cream puff of a romantic comedy is sweet enough, but lack of substance makes it deeply unsatisfying.‐ TV Guide
Read More | Posted Jun 17, 2005
1.5/5 19% The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl in 3-D (2005) The concept is cute and the movie starts out well, but it devolves into a muddled, overstuffed mess that wears out its welcome around the time the novelty of 3-D effects wears off.‐ TV Guide
Posted Jun 10, 2005
2.5/5 77% The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants (2005) Fortunately for this sentimental coming-of-age story based on the young-adult novel by Ann Brashares and directed by Ken Kwapis, its target audience is youthful enough that the cliches may still retain a hint of freshness.‐ TV Guide
Posted Jun 1, 2005
3/5 55% Madagascar (2005) This endearing character piece offers animal high jinks for youngsters, plus pop culture humor and lushly composed animation for adults.‐ TV Guide
Posted May 27, 2005
2.5/5 92% Up for Grabs (2005) While the material is interesting, it's not substantial enough to sustain a feature-length treatment.‐ TV Guide
Read More | Posted May 6, 2005
2.5/5 41% A Lot Like Love (2005) While Kutcher is charming, endearing and, to all appearances, perfect boyfriend material - especially when he's signing with his hearing-impaired brother - Peet is merely passable...‐ TV Guide
Read More | Posted Apr 22, 2005
2/4 41% A Lot Like Love (2005) Oddly interesting, but not enough to pull the film through the last half hour as it looses steam and energy as it dwindles to its inevitable conclusion.‐ Premiere Magazine
Posted Apr 22, 2005
2/4 15% Miss Congeniality 2 - Armed and Fabulous (2005) Shatner's forced presence, meanwhile, should have been lost in space.‐ Premiere Magazine
Posted Mar 29, 2005
2/5 42% Guess Who (2005) The absence of chemistry between both couples is enough to make you seriously consider leaving before dessert.‐ TV Guide
Read More | Posted Mar 25, 2005
1.5/4 52% Ice Princess (2005) Aside from the extraordinary implausible nature of the plot, and the infinite string of cliches, Trachtenberg is surprisingly adorable, even though she has absolutely no chemistry with relative newcomer Blumas.‐ Premiere Magazine
Posted Mar 22, 2005
2/5 52% Ice Princess (2005) The film's utterly predictable dialogue and plot developments will leave most viewers cold. Ice-struck preteens are, of course, the exceptions.‐ TV Guide
Read More | Posted Mar 18, 2005
3/5 64% Robots (2005) A well-calibrated piece of entertainment.‐ TV Guide
Posted Mar 11, 2005
2/5 20% The Pacifier (2005) The easily entertained may be mollified by this unimaginative variation on Kindergarten Cop, but anyone expecting more than formulaic pabulum will feel a temper tantrum coming on long before the film makes its way to the predictably happy ending.‐ TV Guide
Read More | Posted Mar 4, 2005