Kamal  'The Diva' Larsuel

Kamal 'The Diva' Larsuel

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3BlackChicks Enterprises, and our banner page, "3 Black Chicks...Review Flicks" (www.3blackchicks.com) started with a simple question: "Why are there 'no' nationally-known Black reviewers?" That "simple" question evolved--and still continues to evolve--into the form of the "3 Black Chicks Review..." project. First and foremost, it must be said: We Are Not A Monolith. Not the general We, and certainly not the three primary women who work on this project. We are as diverse as any three Black women on this planet could be, and yet, we each heard the question--"why?"--heard an answer--"why not us?"--and set about actualizing it. 3BlackChicks Enterprises consists of: Kamal "The Diva" Larsuel, a self-avowed "movie nut"; she provided the answer to the original question, and got the ball rolling on the project by putting the framework of the website together, with her amazing collection of historical boxoffice data and her seemingly-endless contacts list. Along with writing her reviews and "Diva's Daily Dish" for the site, Kamal acts as the publicity liason for 3BC Rose "Bams" Cooper, who describes herself as a curmudgeonly sort who has rarely met a movie she ever liked. Funny that she was the one who posed the question in the first place, eh? She has no tolerance for bad movies--no matter who's in 'em--and she has no problem saying so. Or walking out on one. Writing her movie reviews is only one part of her "job" with 3BC; she divides the rest of her time as the 3BC "WebChick", as well as composing articles for the "Beyond The Screen: Essays and Editorials on The Movie Experience" area of the site. Our third member is our "silent" partner, "LaLa"; concentrating on keeping the business end running smoothly, she hasn't had a chance to write reviews yet, though she plans on making periodic guest appearances. 3BlackChicks Enterprises prides itself on being "plain folks" with regard to our reviews, striving to keep in touch with the general movie-viewing audience--a factor which many professionally-paid reviewers, seem to forget. To that end, we have developed our "Viewer Voices" webboard (a web-based bulletin board system), and the "Guest Starring" feedback form, which allows our readers to submit their commentary on the movies they've seen; future plans include a chat room, for events-based, real-time communications with our readers. Through these and the other areas of our website, we hope to provide the webgoing reader with our unique spin, our "flava", if you will, on the movie business and beyond.Diversity being key, while we do focus on "Black" movies, we do not limit ourselves to them, as a glance at our ever-growing reviews archives, will show. Or, as we say in the vernacular, "Don't let the smooth taste fool ya: this ain't 'just' A Black Thing; neither is it 'just' A Chick Thing. Remember that Monolith dealie? It still holds true, so put your pre-conceived notions away, and check out our swerve. Dig?"

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