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      The Mechanic Reviews

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      Apr 26, 2023

      This movie starts off way to slow with too many drawn out scenes, but when the two leads start spending time together this movie becomes an absolute blast.

      Nov 1, 2022

      Way better than the crappy remake.

      Aug 27, 2022

      While nowhere as good or fun as Death Wish 1 & 3, this early collaboration between director Michael Winner and the badass Charles Bronson is a well made, gritty explosion of the New Hollywood era that was booming in the 1970s.

      Jun 1, 2022

      Arthur Bishop (Charles Bronson) is an artist. He listens to classical music, he loves the finest in artwork and knows the best wines. Yet he can't trust anyone. He can't have any emotions. Because his art is murder and that puts him under so much stress that he passes out at times. The only love in his life is paid for, as a call girl (Jill Ireland) writes letters and meets him for a girlfriend experience that ultimately is meaningless. For the first sixteen minutes of The Mechanic, he moves in absolute quiet to make his kill. After completing the job of killing a high ranking official in his own group, "Big Harry" McKenna (Keenan Wynn), he meets the man's son Steve (Jan-Michael Vincent). He has the same aptitude for murder, so Bishop begins training him against the wishes of his superiors, which makes them doubt the older killer. And when Bishop finds notes on himself in Steve's papers, has he let the wrong person into his life? The second movie that Bronson would make with Michael Winner, but it was originally intended to be Monte Hellman (Two-Lane Blacktop) making the movie. The script was also altered, as it was about the sexual relationship between the two men and there's no way that Bronson was going to make that film.

      Nov 9, 2021

      The Only Good Movie that Charles Bronson (Battle of the Bulge, Jubal) and Michael Winner (I'll Never Forget What's'isname, Lawman) collaboration after Death Wish it's a slow Paced but effective Thriller

      Nov 6, 2021

      Boring from beginning to end unless you like lots of gratuitous explosions. Good Bronson films include Death Hunt and Act of Vengeance.

      Nov 10, 2020

      This movie starts off promising an interesting series of assassinations made to look like accidents, but ends up just being another run-of-the-mill 70's action movie. It lags almost immediately and by the time it finally gets back around to the action it's too little too late. It's decent enough action, but the plot detours are so bizarre and unrelated to anything else that when it finally gets around so its sort-of-twist the momentum is lacking. Closest comparison: It's like James Bond with the soul of Once Upon a Time in the West. Setting: Adventure Plot: Action Tone: Espionage

      Oct 21, 2020

      This was fun. Definitely 70s action. Loved the ending.

      Oct 18, 2020

      Magnificent movie from begining to end. And what a marvellous end scene. Bravo Director Michael Winner. Bronson is supern Like always.

      Sep 17, 2020

      I have always found that the best Bronson movies are the ones in which he speaks the least. Unfortunately, he speaks too much in this movie. The movie just drags along, with nothing going on for long periods of time, and for no purpose other than using up film. The ending is cheesy, unimaginative and feels like someone made up on the last day of shooting.

      Mar 14, 2020

      This movie gave birth to a genre that endures today , not just in movies , but tv to video game. It clunkish but has all the elements that have been developed over the years

      kevin w Super Reviewer
      Dec 2, 2019

      Michael Winner, the director, with not much of a story to go with here (it's a very short story in truth) understandably tries to pad it out with the minutiae of a professional assassin plotting out a job, which really adds nada to the proceedings, and so it's slow going. Which makes this a film mostly for Charles Bronson or Jan-Michael Vincent fans. Jill Ireland, though pretty, is wasted. And Keenan Wynn, a supporting player, is left with the poor job of trying to carry the project.

      Sep 15, 2018

      An ok classical, action, & suspense film about a hit-man eventually teaching his speciality to his new accomplice.

      Aug 19, 2018

      Much better than its remake.

      Aug 25, 2017

      Watch this for the bulldozer/car off the side of the cliff. Watch this for the extremely pleasing contrast between Jan Michael Vincent and Charles Bronson. Watch this to see Charles Bronson walk, he's better than Barishnikov, I'm telling you, when he enters and walks through that mansion on Catalina. Watch it for the antique scuba gear, and OH EYE CANDY, you thought they were handsome already? Wait til they get wet in Italy. The plot is more than decent. The only acting worth mentioning is Jill Ireland's. The best part now, in 2017 is the sets. Yes, those kitschy/goth lanterns really were that popular. Lots of old classic cars, and when they crashed a car, a car really got crashed, I hope you know. This is when, I believe, hot pants first hit the streets, so watch for that as well. Also, a great soundtrack, if you're into motorcycles, street noises, and bang bangs. Other than Breakout, and the classics, Great Escape, Dirty Dozen, etc. this is my favorite Charles Bronson picture. At least this week.

      May 6, 2017

      Every now and then I want to be taken away by an action film that defies everyday life. A Charles Bronson film from the seventies certainly ticks that box. Pure escapist action film that although aged in many places has that 95 minute run time that keeps you entertained (especially when there is no football!). Bronson plays a lone 'mechanic' called Arthur Bishop. Mechanic being an underworld slang for a hitman. Bishop is meticulous in his 'job' and has performed successfully for many years. However now in his advancing middle age perhaps he could pass on his 'skills' to a younger accomplice? The son of one of his recent victims perhaps? Jan- Michael Vincent as Steve McKenna. That is what the main act of the film concerns. The developing tutoring of the younger character by Bronson's Bishop assassin. What follows over 95 minutes are action set pieces in Los Angeles and Naples, Italy that wouldn't have looked out of place in a James Bond film of the period but look very tame by modern standards. The ending of the film is the highlight. A real twist. Late director Michael Winner may have had his critics but he could certainly deliver entertaining action films in the 70s with Brosnan. By no means a classic but deserving of a watch if possible.

      Mar 18, 2017

      A 70's Bronson classic! The remake was great and stands alone. Startham plays a quiet, in better shape killer, but Bronson is different. Bronson's Arthur Bishop character is different because Bishop suffers from an anxiety disorder, probably from the evil lifestyle, and Bishop's disorder creates a need for an apprentice. Bronson's character is much colder. The plot line of 72 an 11 is similar with Bishop training an apprentice. Both have incredible action scenes! However, there is a slightly different but memorable endings. 4 stars. The Mechanic ages well.

      Aug 27, 2016

      A great movie that is a must-see for all fans of action and Bronson. Much better than what reviews say! 8.75/10 or 4.5 stars (VERY GOOD)

      Aug 10, 2016

      A bounty hunter takes an apprentice under his wings in this Charles Bronson actioneer.

      Jun 20, 2016

      Saw the original great movie I want to get it on blue ray.

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