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July 4, 2016
May 9, 2016
Pagi - pagi sudah disambut laptop yang error dan tahi cicak di depan pintu kamar.... what a life... -_-

Untungnya ada film ini, lumayan menghibur dan bikin nostalgia sama salah satu game fighting favorit saya (walaupun jarang main karena arcade yang punya cuma sedikit dan gak punya konsol :v). Jiwa GiTar - ku kembali bergelora saat menontonnya, wkwkwkkkw
April 1, 2016
If you know me, you know that Street Fighter II is my favorite video game of all time. This is not a good movie by any means, but it's still fun and hilarious to watch. This is a strange specie of a movie. It has so many bad points, and yet, almost every one of them have something fun going. The plot is extremely standard and nothing like the original video game, the acting is generally subpar, the fight scenes are badly handled, and it often looks like a made-for-TV production. Even with all of those problems, the movie is somewhat salvaged by Raul Julia's delightful performance as M. Bison, and the camp factor and sense of humor which comes off as hilarious, both intentionally and unintentionally. It's not the best representation of Street Fighter (that honor goes to the movie/webseries Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist), nor is it the worst (that dishonor especially goes to Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li). And believe me, you can do a whole lot worse than this.
½ March 27, 2016
One of the best examples of a terrible adaptation.

The comedy works, yes. Most of the jokes on the film work ("Change the channel", most of Bison's quotes, Guile's pronunciation), but this is supposed to be an action movie, not a parody or a comedy.

The fight scenes are sluggish and slow, only two of them are memorable (Bison vs Guile, Ryu and Ken against Sagat and Vega) because they aren't ass sluggish.

The soundtrack is forgettable, you won't remember any tune.

But, it can entertain due how unintentionally hilarious is, plus Raul Julia as Bison was incredibly good.
½ January 13, 2016
High expectations, highly let down
January 4, 2016
I really don't have a strong passionate opinion about this movie one way or the other. Like it's obviously not a movie that I enjoyed but there are much worse ways to spend 2 hours of your life. One weird thing about this movie is for an adaption of a fighting game there is very little fist fighting in it. It feels like the director wanted to make a G.I Joe movie or something. Like I said, very middle of the road flick.
November 29, 2015
This movie is great to laugh at. Too bad this was Raul Julia's last movie, he deserved much better.
September 19, 2015
Very cheesy but a guilty pleasure, probably the only time we see Jean Claude Van Damme in a blockbuster type film.
I'm not that much of a fan of video games so I don't know how good it is as as adaptation (I heard it's nothing like this) but for a film, it's just a silly and entertaining action film, which was like a lot of films were like at the time it was made like Mortal Kombat and Demolition Man.
Plus, Raul Julia's last film and he makes a fun villain.
August 31, 2015
Street fighter is senseless and lacking substance for a movie in general, but in some eyes, the campy tone/one liners and a bombastic final performance by Raul Julia should bring some entertainment
½ August 28, 2015
Poor Raul Julia. This was so unfortunate for him.
August 18, 2015
If you played the some of the first street fighter games then you'll like it. Don't bother rating it otherwise you morons!
August 15, 2015
Soooooooo bad. I'm not really sure I could recommend this as a "so bad it's good" movie but thanks to @HDTGM I at least watched it.
½ August 11, 2015
Only redeeming quality is the late Raul Julia as M. Bison.
July 24, 2015
Solo verla si creciste jugando SF2 y amabas a JCVD , si no es asi chao pescao y no pensar en verla.
July 22, 2015
Muy mala. Tan tonta que ni siquiera cuando era cabro chico me gustó. El videojuego basado en la película (con gráfica digitalizada a lo Mortal Kombat siendo que el juego es Street fighter) tb es malo.
½ June 6, 2015
Not the best video game film ever but still good fun. Raul Julia makes the film with his over-the-top delivery as M. Bison, while noted Belgian Jean-Claude Van Damme plays Guile, an all-American hero.
It may not be a great film, but it's still fun. I enjoyed it at least.
½ May 8, 2015
I like fan service as much as the next guy, but next time, have an actual storyline and characters to go along with it. Still, it was pretty enjoyable in how lame it is. Actually, this movie would've been great if it wasn't for Van Damme.
April 22, 2015
let's not be too hard here. sure there are so deviations from the source material, and the acting is terrible and the script sucks. But they establish all that in the first ten minutes so you know what you're in for. it reaches the so bad its good quota so fast i just sit back and enjoy the ride. some pretty absurd things are gonna occur but you knew that so why complain? laugh at anything and everything it's fun it's a good movie to talk about with peers afterwards. i was 15 when this came out and count it among my happy childhood memories
½ April 21, 2015
Don't watch this waste instead play the great video game the movies based on.
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