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½ January 2, 2018
A cute story with great animation that still holds up, a charming cast -
though Meg Ryan is far and away the star - and a timeless soundtrack. The plot itself is a bit meh and the pacing is really quite rushed, but the character development, whilst cliched, makes this one a sweet classic.
½ December 14, 2017
This movie is beloved for its stunning animation and memorable songs, which serve as a distraction from its cliched plot, boring romantic leads, tacked-on villain, and all-around lack of originality.

I don't care that Disney owns it now, it still has all the same problems
October 26, 2017
This is beautifull animated film ever in 1997 for Don Bluth fans out there, I really love this movie so much
October 2, 2017
The sad and tragic inaccuracy of the narration in this movie could be repaid by the great acting, animation and songs could only mean that this movie is an animation gem.
September 17, 2017
Anastasia might have the premise and the voice performances to be a great movie, but it's hampered by obsolete animation, boring music, bad singing, stereotypical villain, and of course the rushed arc of the titular character, all to prove it is a cheap knockoff of the more well-done Disney animations.
½ September 7, 2017
Don Bluth has made some incredible films over the years and Anastasia is no exception. It feels like a Disney film because of memorable songs like "Journey to the Past" and "Once Upon a December". Additionally the animation is hand drawn so well it's blends perfectly with the 3D dimensional backgrounds. Storyline tells a interesting story about past Russian history. One animation film that has that Disney feeling but not made by them. Have to give 20th Century Fox credits for making a really nice film!
½ September 4, 2017
Bluth's last hurrah, designed and shot to emulate a 1950's era aesthetic, with enough goofball grandeur to spare. Historians not welcome.
August 30, 2017
Great cast, great music!
July 26, 2017
My favourite film since I can remember, know all the songs and is one if the only films I could watch a million times in one day and love it all the same x would most define toy recommend xx
July 17, 2017
A great animated film about the last surviving child of the Russian Royal Family who joins two con men to reunite with her grandmother, the Dowager Empress, while Rasputin seeks her death. Loosely based on the real facts about the assassination of the Romanov family and the Russian Revolution, it has good animation for a NON-Disney film back in the 90's. Great songs!
½ July 10, 2017
I like this film. It's beautifully animated and the story is interesting. The songs are pleasing to the ears, especially "Journey to the Past" and "Once Upon A December". Watching this movie was the first time I heard of the Grand Duchess Anastasia. I felt really bad for her and her family. Anastasia herself is a likeable character. Dimitri is also cool. The voice acting is solid with Meg Ryan, John Cusack, Christopher Lloyd and Angela Lansbury doing good jobs. However, the biggest, most distracting problem with this movie is its striking resemblance to films from Walt Disney Animation Studios. I feel that Don Bluth was trying way too hard to emulate the Disney Renaissance films, with the soft, bright animation, the pretty princess, the songs, etc. He wasn't doing his own style, especially since his own style is so unique with films like The Secret of NIMH and The Land Before Time, and I think Rasputin was a pretty weak villain. And yes, it does take a famously dark part of history and lighten it up, and I can see how people would be offended by that. But other than that I think Anastasia is an entertaining film. I don't love it as much as I did as a child and it certainly doesn't live up to the Disney classics of the 90s, but it's a decent picture.
½ June 18, 2017
Manages to be a charming little movie, nothing to write home about but a perfectly acceptable way to while away a rainy Sunday afternoon with the child, or children, in your life.
½ May 4, 2017
An enchanting Don Bluth animated film with beauty and song. It's not difficult to see why people mistake it for Disney. (First viewing - Childhood)
May 3, 2017
Although not a Disney animation film, still it seems like one with good voice actors great animation and lovely songs. Although not for very small children who might be scared by the Rasputin character, it is a delightful film to watch with the grade school crowd.
March 5, 2017
this movie is musically beautiful, and funny to the ears and eyes
March 4, 2017
Good movie, you'll probably hate it if you hate historical inaccurate movies like Pocahontas
March 3, 2017
Although a history lesson it is not, this fictionalized animated musical about Russia's lost princess stands out for defying every standard that the rivaling Disney studio had set in the 1990s.
February 28, 2017
A movie filled with the best music and animation of the 20 th century destined to take us on a 'JOURNEY TO THE PAST'. a movie i can say with atmost confidence that challenge the work of disney.
February 4, 2017
Anastasia (1997) - is what I consider to be Fox's take on the Disney movie formula and for the most part, being successful at it. While the movie isn't as great as the movies that Disney released back in the 90's, it still manages to capture the same spirit and likability that Disney has perfected for years. The movie is directed by Don Bluth and Gary Goldman. You may recognize them as the same people who worked on "Land before time" and "Secret of NIMH". The story is charming uplifting and sometimes funny. I really do like the journey the characters go on and how they each learn something along the way. However, The misunderstanding plot does put a hold on the story. Thankfully it gets back on track but I feel that the characters might have mooped and dooped a little too long. The characters are very good and each have well done personality traits. Anastasia herself is a very good female protagonist. She is mentally strong and willing to go above and beyond to find out who she really is. Demetrie is a sneaky con artist and overtime, begins to have a change of heart after going through the long journey. There's also a cute dog sidekick named Pooka. He's great for lightening the mood in certain scenes. Admittedly he might be overplayed especially when comes to Anastasia being in danger, but he still does maintain his purpose. Then there's Rasputin and his sidekick Bartok. Christopher lloyd really does a great job playing Rasputin and I can tell he's having a lot of fun in the role. Bartok is also funny and kinda cute. He's kinda like a mentor to Rasputin but he never listens. it's kinda funny to me in some weird fashion. I do wish Rasputin could have more time on screen because he's actually very interesting and very threatening but at least they kept the focus on Anastasia and her journey. The animation is very good but there are certain scenes that were unbelievable to look at. The first one is when Anastasia is singing inside the old castle and all the sudden these ghostly like people from the past come down and she dances around them as it was like reliving a memory. The second scene is when Anastasia is sleep walking and thinks she's in a magical wonderland while in reality Rasputin is trying to trick her into death and it's very freaky. The music score is also very good and the songs are either energetic or charmingly soft. The songs aren't too memorable, but the one song that is memorable and catchy is sung by Rasputin and it's called "In the Dark of the Night". This is a great villain song and I was just listening in awe of how amazingly evil this number was. Anastasia might not be Don Bluth's best film but I still think it's very entertaining movie and it deserves more attention then people are giving it credit for. (A-)
Bradley T. Johnson
Super Reviewer
January 21, 2017
I don't know exactly why it has taken me so long to view Anastasia. When I was a kid, these were the types of movies I lived on and Anastasia had I watched younger, would have most likely been one of those few I watched over and over. Now as a twenty-year old I was still enraptured in this film and its epic scope and dazzling music. It follows Disney's formula, while besting them occasionally at it, and tells an important and rather dark story built upon true events that are even darker. Anastasia as a character is a brilliant depiction of a strong, independent woman who is feminine but also fiery and harder-edged than typical princessess' from Disney during this time. The music is what ultimately sells this film. It is a full fledged musical with Broadway style dance numbers and hard hitting ballads. Stephen Flaherty composes some wonderful songs that lift the film when it starts to lag and his work in Broadway musicals such as Ragtime is evident in the films showstopping numbers. Minor flaws include a villain who seems disconnected from the main storyline at times and a slight pacing lag near the end. However, Anastasia is a film that gives Disney a run for its money. Rating: 82
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