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While less offensive and more charming than recent gross-humored comedies, The Animal is still rather mediocre.



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Former Saturday Night Live cast member Rob Schneider stars in this comedy as Marvin Mage, a wimpy nebbish whose lifelong dreams of becoming a police officer are thwarted by his diminutive stature. But when Marvin is critically injured in an auto wreck, deranged scientist Dr. Wilder (Michael Caton) uses various animal body parts to save his life, leaving the patient with the stamina and physical skills of the organ donors. Marvin quickly gains fame as a supercop, but he's also left with all of the embarrassing animal instincts and urges that accompany his new powers -- a serious threat to his blooming romance with new girlfriend Rianna (Colleen Haskell). The Animal co-stars John C. McGinley, Edward Asner, Norm Macdonald, and Cloris Leachman. ~ Karl Williams, Rovi

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Rob Schneider
as Marvin Mange
Edward Asner
as Chief Wilson
Michael Caton
as Dr. Wilder
Guy Torry
as Miles
Bob Rubin
as Bob Harris
Pilar Schneider
as Mrs. De La Rosa
Raymond Ma
as Mr. Tam
Michael Papajohn
as Patrolman Brady
Ron Rogge
as Patrolman Jaworski
Norm Macdonald
as Mob Member
Holly Maples
as Elkerton Police Officer
Henriette Mantel
as Elkerton Police Officer
Jeremy Kramer
as Elkerton Police Officer
Robb Skyler
as Elkerton Police Officer
Nicko Mariolis
as Elkerton Police Officer
Philip Daniel Bolden
as Evidence Room Kid
Decker Daily
as Evidence Room Kid
Timmy Deters
as Evidence Room Kid
Hannah K. Flood
as Evidence Room Kid
Megan Taylor Harvey
as Evidence Room Kid
Mitch Holleman
as Evidence Room Kid
Mollie Rae Patton
as Evidence Room Kid
Charlie Stewart
as Evidence Room Kid
Elizabeth Branson
as Heavy Set Cadet
Sandy Gimpel
as Obstacle Course Lady
Paul Short
as Burning Man
Arthur Bernard
as Elderly Jogger
Tim Herzog
as Badger Milk Host
Steven Kravitz
as Airport Businessman
Shane Holden
as Airline Steward
Tom McNulty
as Airline Steward
James Bates Jr.
as Airport Police
Jack Rubens
as Old Man Holden
Susan Corwin
as TV Anchorwoman
Tom Keische
as Bar Patron
Karlee Holden
as Waitress
Clare Calvo
as Hula Dancer
Michelle Celestino
as Hula Dancer
Luigi Amodeo
as Italian Waiter
Wes Takahashi
as Reporter
Fred Stoler
as Reporter
Jake Iannarino
as Free Press Reporter
John Kirk
as Waiter at Party
Brett Smrz
as Mayor's Son
Noel Gugliemi
as Gang Leader
Brianna Brown
as Mob Member
Ombretta Colli
as Mob Member
John Farley
as Mob Member
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Audience Reviews for The Animal

  • Jul 12, 2012
    Occasionally funny, made no sense what-so-ever. The only thing worth watching was the acting of Schneider.
    Sylvester K Super Reviewer
  • Nov 29, 2011
    The Animal is yet another pointless Rob Schneider comedy that has maybe three actually funny scenes in the entire film. Unfortunately for Schneider, he's a terrible comedian. This film is awful and it's beyond me why this crap got made in the first place. I though that this film was awful, and is one of those comedies that really doesn't stand the test of time. This is the type of comedy film that has poorly constructed jokes and that it really doesn't do anything memorable. The film is just an excuse for Rob Schneider to have a "career" in films. This is so poorly constructed, poorly plotted, yet the idea was pretty interesting. If the script would have been reworked and the jokes better though out, and with a different lead, this might have been a good film. But this film ends up being a big waste of time, and get tiresome after a while. The film rides on one joke practically for the entire length of the film, and it just doesn't cut it. I think that this film should never have been made, and looking back ten years since this crap was made, there have been far better comedies than this. The Animal is one of those comedies that are meant for people who don't want intellectuality to their comedy, it's a mindless one joke film that is so bad, and it can easily be regarded as one of the worst comedies ever made. Even the first two Pauly Shore outings (Encino Man, and Son in Law) brought more laughter than this, and that says something about this train wreck of a film.
    Alex r Super Reviewer
  • Sep 13, 2011
    I laughed a lot, and that's the best I can say about this. It's sporadically entertaining, but still lacks what most Happy Madison films do; a decent script.
    Matt G Super Reviewer
  • Jun 11, 2011
    This movie is about a guy who gets his organs replaced with animal organs, and thus begins to act like an animal. Is that comedy or just stupidity? Well Rob Schnieder is in it. I think Adam Sandler was involved in the production. I guess that answers my own question.
    Dillon L Super Reviewer

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