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½ April 11, 2018
bad acting, silly movie
½ March 30, 2018
In a future in which humans have abandoned Earth for a new world known as Nova Prime, the highest ranking officer Cypher Raige (Will Smith) and his son Kitai (Jaden Smith) end up being the only survivors when thier ship crashes on their old planet. With his legs broken, Cypher sends his son on a mission across the hostile wastelands to try to get help...

Although M. Night Shyamalan isn't entirely to blame for his last example of his declining filmography throughout the 2000's and early 2010's, as Will Smith was heavily involved in the writing and filming process, a lot of his unpopular tropes such as emotionless acting, overreliance on exposition and uninteresting ideas about science-fiction is what ultimately kills this attempt at telling a story about father-son bonding.

As mentioned before, M's poor directing ability manages to suck all the life out of one of the most goofy, flamboyant actors in the business and it's a shame that Jaden Smith, who has done great work with the 2010 remake of The Karate Kid had his career destroyed by this film.

Overall, After Earth is just boring, pretenious trite that thankfully ended up being the last film of Shyamalan's dark age, before picking himself up again with Split and The Visit.
March 24, 2018
I just watched this movie and LOVED IT!!! Honestly, I don?t understand the low ratings. This movie has action, heart and a great message. I thoroughly enjoyed watching it.
½ March 21, 2018
M. Night Shyamalan try's to soar with his sci-if horror but he falls.... hard. From cringeworthy acting by Jaden Smith, to plot holes and boring sequences. After Earth marks a blemish not only for Shyamalan but for Will Smith as well.
½ March 18, 2018
Great film. Despite all the bad reviews. I really enjoyed it. I thought young Jaden Smith played his part exceptionally well. I wish I had seen it in the Cinema.
½ March 8, 2018
The Philosophy of Epictetus: The Sci-Fi Action Movie. Nothing new or special really as sci-fi goes, but enjoyable enough for what it is if you like the genre well enough, and nowhere near the trainwreck the reviews would have you believe (seriously, why all the rabid hate for Shyamalan? Doubt I'll ever understand it).
March 6, 2018
I really, really liked this movie! the two actors have such great chemistry, and do such an amazing job. I loved it! do not underestimate this movie's quality; it has some definite surprises. :) will be watching again and again.
January 23, 2018
One of the worse movies i can remember and definitely the worst sci-fi movie i saw. Well there is always Battlefield Earth to save the day....
½ January 14, 2018
This is pretty boring with bad writing
½ January 12, 2018
Ever watch something that makes you want to pluck out your eyes? That is the feeling I got while watching this movie. Terrible story. Worst hour and a half of my life that I've ever spent.
½ January 2, 2018
Bad casting, poor plotting, and unimpressive all-around sci-fi elements ultimately cannot save Will Smith's decent performance or Shyamalan's potential.
December 31, 2017
This movie was universally hated by nearly everyone. I can certainly understand that. There are a lot of reasons why this movie didn't work for a lot of people. Having said that, I do think that the film had a worthwhile moment or two, but it just wasn't as good as I was hoping for. I didn't hate it, but I also did not love it.
½ December 20, 2017
Jaden Smith.... enough said.
December 18, 2017
Puntaje Original: 2.5

Estúpida y predecible.
December 5, 2017
Boring, bad acting, and a crap story. At least it's better than Fant4stic. 1/10
Super Reviewer
½ November 29, 2017
When hi-powered talent arrives one is given to expect major fireworks and so it's a bit of a letdown when only a sparkler goes off. Although well intentioned this space opera only lacks a convincing lead and a story. The seed is there but is plucked perhaps too soon. Try, try again. Still, not as terrible as some have described it, and is not inedible.
½ October 18, 2017
The film that everyone says is terrible isn't even close to being as bad as they say. Though doesn't bring anything new to the table in terms of originality the film itself is still worth watching, and it does manage to hold the viewer's interest throughout which is all one could ask for so it isn't a total loss.
½ October 17, 2017
Worst movie I've seen in a long time
October 14, 2017
One of the 10 best scifi movies I've ever seen.
October 4, 2017
I loved this movie - the story, the cinematography, the characters, the directing. Acting was very convincing in most scenes. Re-watched the closing scenes many times over! Well done and thanks - screw the critics.
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