After Innocence Reviews

March 24, 2006
After Innocence is a crusading documentary driven by DNA testing that's brought freedom for men who served years in prison for crimes they didn't commit.
March 16, 2006
March 3, 2006
After Innocence is, without making it overly obvious, anti-death penalty on the grounds that a just society cannot afford to make any mistakes that we cannot attempt to rectify.
February 10, 2006
Informative (we learn, for example, that exonerees are generally given no follow-up assistance upon release, as parolees are) and deeply moving.
February 3, 2006
Each lost face in the documentary is a burning reminder of the human toll when our justice system succumbs to its imperfections.
February 3, 2006
Sanders is more interested in specific human struggles than in larger political points, but she knows these men form a mosaic with a message that's unmistakable.
January 20, 2006
Deeply touching and overwhelmingly sad.
January 12, 2006
Even-handed but quietly devastating.
January 12, 2006
[A] rousing, quietly outraged documentary.
January 11, 2006
Sanders' report from a new frontier in American jurisprudence is filled with the hopeful, haunted look of men who won't easily be forgotten.