Alive Inside Reviews

August 21, 2014
Music here seems to have a miraculous power to lift up, to awaken, to reinvigorate.
August 14, 2014
Equal parts heart-wrenching and heart-lifting ...
August 7, 2014
I would have preferred a documentary that did more presenting and less pushing. But...the music's vivifying effect on old souls made for some of the most moving scenes I've seen all year.
August 7, 2014
The movie effectively bullies you into feeling good; with its hard sell and superfluous CG imagery, it might as well be a superhero movie.
August 7, 2014
The movie is at its best when documenting the reactions of various patients, which in some cases is nearly miraculous.
August 1, 2014
Alive Inside is a small but vibrant miracle. The documentary finds hope and joy in one of our nation's bleakest settings, nursing homes.
July 31, 2014
In a world drowning in bad news about dementia - an estimated 5 million Americans currently suffer, 10 million serve as their caregivers, with both numbers inevitably going up - "Alive Inside" is positively tonic.
July 31, 2014
The voice-over narration grows increasingly hucksterish and bathetic, dementia sufferers are reduced to generic images in uplifting montages, and the film begins to resemble an ad pitching some dubious charity or a retirement community.
July 25, 2014
Alive Inside packs as potent a simple emotional wallop as anything you'll see - or hear - anywhere this year.
July 24, 2014
The movie, directed by Michael Rossato-Bennett, makes a powerful argument for the program.
July 24, 2014
The movie hovers between diatribe and misplaced diplomacy. At certain times, you want to ask Rossato-Bennett "What's the problem?"
July 18, 2014
Unfortunately, it's ... not a particularly good movie. In fact, at certain points it can be an actively annoying one.
July 17, 2014
A documentary that never leaves any doubt about what comes next, while single-mindedly stumping for a cause presented as unique, is also not terribly interesting as a film.
July 17, 2014
Alive Inside's repetitive nature and lack of depth make it come across more like a fundraising effort than a movie ...
July 16, 2014
Dan Cohen's crusade to bring music into nursing homes could be the leading edge of a monumental change in the way we approach the care and treatment of older people, especially the 5 million or so Americans living with dementia disorders.
July 15, 2014
Compellingly conveys how music - so intimately wedded to our emotions, and experiences - can help the severely ill elderly reconnect with themselves.
January 31, 2014
It's difficult to carefully consider Alive Inside: A Story of Music & Memorywhen it feels like a sappy high school video project.
January 28, 2014
Michael Rossato-Bennett captures some amazingly transformative results in the treatment of dementia through music.