American Sniper Reviews

August 5, 2019
The script and direction are unabashedly skewed towards feeding a lowest-common-denominator notion of war heroes and takes a righteous stand in favour of war, rather than exploring or portraying an authentic picture of the psychological impact...
July 5, 2019
It is fitting, then, that such a quintessentially American director, who through his film personas has become something of a symbol of American masculinity, should be the one to so thoroughly deconstruct it on screen.
May 17, 2019
A dreary, teary-eyed salute to the American flag.
April 30, 2019
It's brutal but I'm glad I saw it.
April 17, 2019
Cooper nails the Texas drawl and makes a compelling patriot, elevating the film beyond ordinary.
March 20, 2019
Eastwood and Cooper's depiction of post-traumatic stress disorder is superb.
March 7, 2019
For many, I suspect, American Sniper may be weirdly liberating-gratifying a perhaps hitherto unsuspected desire to see their pessimism, hopeless and unchanging, projected on the screen.
February 26, 2019
Cooper embodies the battle-weary soldier well enough - the actor has buffed himself up considerably and he definitely has charisma to spare and he carries the film with ease.
January 25, 2019
American Sniper honors the memory of Chris Kyle, an exemplary life of service and sacrifice.
January 24, 2019
When "American Sniper" is on the battlefield, it is at its best. Eastwood has a keen sense of pacing for those moments, bringing an intensity that is as great as any film in the genre.
December 29, 2018
American Sniper es un estremecedor retrato sobre la responsabilidad y el patriotismo de un hombre con su país impulsado por la fantástica personificación de Bradley Cooper
December 20, 2018
American Sniper holds up as a movie that has something to say about the military experience, and says it effectively.
November 2, 2018
It's not often that a movie can spur a reaction from both the heart and the mind, and this film does just that.
October 31, 2018
Even when we remove discussion of the real Chris Kyle...we still have to contend with American Sniper's problematic approach to and depiction of recent real life events.
October 24, 2018
American Sniper has succeeded at what it set out to do: provoke hysterical reactions from right-wing American viewers and a feeling of crushing indifference from everybody else.
October 24, 2018
American Sniper is a tribute to every man and woman to have served in our United States military. Give them the respect they deserve.
August 3, 2018
Despite the massive set pieces and deafening sound effects that go hand in hand with a war movie, it retains a feel of focused, graceful leanness that is a trademark of Eastwood and undeniably masterful.
May 1, 2018
It is what it is - a film whose very own confusion about its position about war, about its main character, about America, has elicited various reactions.
March 17, 2018
Along with everything else it does, the movie portrays the enemy we are up against in the most unflinching terms, and it allows us to feel gratitude and respect for those who have undertaken the fight.
January 30, 2018
I expected much more from Eastwood, Cooper, and the rest of the cast and crew. [Full review in Spanish]