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This is the sequel to Clint Eastwood's action comedy Every Which Way But Loose, and again features the antics of professional pugilist Philo Beddoe and his simian pal Clyde the orangutan. This time, Philo thinks about heading back to the ring so he can win a big prize.

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Clint Eastwood
as Philo Beddoe
Sondra Locke
as Lynn Halsey-Taylor
William Smith
as Jack Wilson
Harry Guardino
as James Beekman
Michael Cavanaugh
as Patrick Scarfe
Barry Corbin
as Fat Zack
John Quade
as Cholla
Al Ruscio
as Tony Rapoli Sr.
Dan Vadis
as Frank
Dan Barrows
as Baggage Man
Michael Brockman
as Moustache Officer
Dick Christie
as Jackson Officer
Reid Cruickshanks
as Bald Headed Trucker
Rebecca Clemons
as Buxon Bess
Michael Currie
as Wyoming Officer
Anne Ramsey
as Loretta Quince
Gary Lee Davis
as Husky Officer
Logan Ramsey
as Luther Quince
Jim Stafford
as Long John
Dick Durock
as Joe Casey
Lynn Hallowell
as Honey Bun
Michael Fairman
as CHP Captain
James Gammon
as Bartender
Ann Nelson
as Harriet
Weston Gavin
as Beekman's Butler
Peter Hobbs
as Motel Clerk
Art LaFleur
as Baggage Man #2
Ken Lerner
as Tony Paoli, Jr.
Robin Menken
as Tall Woman
George Murdock
as Sgt. Cooley
Jack Murdock
as Little Melvin
Sunshine Parker
as Old Codger
Kent Perkins
as Trucker
Tessa Richarde
as Sweet Sue
Bill Sorrells
as Bakersfield Officer
Michael Talbott
as Officer Morgan
Mark L. Taylor
as Desk Clerk
Jack Thibeau
as Head Muscle
Jerry Brutsche
as Black Widow
Larry Holt
as Black Widow
Fats Domino
as Himself
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Critic Reviews for Any Which Way You Can

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Audience Reviews for Any Which Way You Can

  • Dec 06, 2012
    A laugh-out-loud great time. An endlessly hilarious and action-packed movie that's more fun than the original film. Clint and Clyde are back and delivering the laughs and heart that you love. Their isn't no other way but the fun way with this movie. It gets better every time i watch it. A wacky, wild and dazzlingly funny movie.
    Al S Super Reviewer
  • Nov 13, 2011
    Clint Eastwood still acts wonderfully and the film has slightly better pacing than its predecessor but ultimately the jokes are tired and resultingly the film is any which way but good.
    Directors C Super Reviewer
  • Feb 15, 2011
    Interesting how a film can average 3 stars on Flixster, but 4.5 on Netflix. I agree more with the latter. I have no shame telling anyone that Clint's my favorite actor of all time, and this is yet another one that rocks (all of them do to me, though, whether he acts, directs, or both). I found "Any Which Way You Can" to have a good bit of humor, nice fighting scenes, good music that fits the western theme, and the ape doesn't bother me at all. I found the ape to add more to this film than it did in the original ("Right turn, Clyde" *punch!*). Oh yeah, brownie points for much of it being shot in Jackson, Wyoming, which I visited in '09 (I remember that elk horn arch!). And it was made right after I was born - that's also an extra cool factor. I loved it.
    Jason O Super Reviewer
  • Sep 09, 2009
    Hard as it may be to believe, this sequel and its predecessor, Every_Which_Way_But_Loose (1978), were major hits of the "good ol' boy" school of filmmaking dominated by stars Clint_Eastwood and Burt_Reynolds in the late '70s. Featuring car chases, rotund idiot cops or bikers in pursuit, some sort of goofy animal frolic, country tunes, and tee shirt-clad he-men good with their fists and CB radios but emotionally challenged by women, the type came and went (thankfully) in a flash, but wracked up some serious box-office coin. Gleefully embracing the conventions of its bizarre genre, this flimsy excuse for drunken brawling, pratfalls, and lowbrow monkey humor actually works almost as well as the film that preceded it. Director Buddy_Van_Horn and Eastwood don't pretend to make more of it than it is, and keep the pace taut, the jokes flying -- so that you don't notice the clunkers as much -- and wisely get scene stealer Ruth_Gordon to re-up as the protagonist's salty mater. If it all seems a retread of the first flick, well, it is, but it's still funny to see an orangutan give a gang leader the finger and fun to shake your head in disbelief at the door-slamming sound effects every time Clint connects a punch to his opponent's jaw. The first film's weaknesses are all here again as well, notably Sondra_Locke in an utterly pointless role as a stone-faced country singer delivering a less persuasive performance than the aforementioned primate. Strictly for fans of a strange, best-forgotten era of artistic drought in the cinema, Any Which Way You Can can nevertheless be enjoyed for its effectively stupid yuks and its status as a relic of its absurd times.
    Martin D Super Reviewer

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