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A plucky pilot searching for a missing relative gets bugged by a island controlled by giant spiders in this horror opus. Mercer (Alex Reid) is a pretty but all-business female pilot whose brother is a novice flyer. When a small plane he's flying crashes on a small island in the South Pacific, Mercer immediately assembles a crew and sets out on a rescue mission to find her brother. Joining Mercer in the search for her brother are Valentine (Chris Potter), a mercenary handy with a gun; Dr. Leon (Pepe Sancho), a tough-talking physician; Capri (Ravil Isyanov), a scientist investigating a strange disease that's been traced back to the island; and Susana (Neus Asensi), a good friend who is bright and resourceful. When Mercer and her associates arrive on the island, they believe they're ready for anything, but they're not prepared for what they find -- a breed of huge and deadly spiders, who are ready and willing to defend their territory and begin picking off Mercer's crew one by one. While shot in Mexico by a Spanish production company, Arachnid was co-produced by American producer Brian Yunza (through his multi-national Fantastic Factory production house), and helmed by American director Jack Shoulder. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi


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  • Jul 24, 2008
    <b>Arachnid</b> is a pretty good movie. <i>Alex Reid</i> was really the only good point as far as acting goes. The spider and centipedes looked pretty decent. The storyline is all off course a bit predictable. The special effect was bad. But, overall, this is an enjoyable movie.
    Steven V Super Reviewer
  • Apr 29, 2008
    <i>"Ahhhh!"</i> (This is said many times when someone is eatem. This is one of the limited quotes I can remember. Proves how lazy the screenwriter was) I am completely aware that <i>Arachnid</i> was only made to be a fluffy entertainment piece showcasing a giant spider eating people. Despite this, I found the movie to be the furthest thing from a decent slice of entertainment. Instead I was fed this stupid, cheesy, barely memorable poppycock that could be beaten by a student film! I can't honestly believe that this film was marketed as being an addition to the horror genre because I didn't find anything remotely scary about this horrible mess other than the terrifying thought that people actually gave money to filmmakers to get this thing made. The story of the film is basically about a group of people who are terrorised by some giant mutated spider. impressive is that? This is a plot that has been reused for a countless number of monster movies, most of which score as much better quality than this rubbish. One of principal things that stuck out for me here was the terrible screenplay and the bad actors involved. It's truly painful how conventional and by-the-book all the characters are. There must be a book for screenwriters to turn to for ideas on what characters to include. Spider expert who is an easy target? Check. Big-breasted girl for show? Check. Dumb characters to get knocked off first? Check. Smart character that swoops in and saves the day? Check. A few tough-looking soldiers to die in triumphant, heroic ways? Check. From the first few scenes we can comfortably predict which characters are going to die, and in which order. The script is filled with cheesy, dull dialogue. And none of the actors appear to make an effort. The special effects were cheesy and laughable. The animation honestly looks like a group of students made a dodgy clay model. They aren't even slightly impressive. If you want the special effects to look just marginally striking then you'll need to get drunk - fast! All this film has to show for is a bit of gore and a spider killing people in predictable ways. What I also picked up is that when the spider is shot the bullets comfortably fly off the thing's body with no effect at all. For the final showdown the hero picks up a gun and suddenly the thing is vulnerable! In the style of <i>Anaconda</i> the film is nothing more than a trip into clichéd territory. I found the film so clichéd it was almost to the point of offence. It will lower your IQ because of how incredibly appalling the film is! <i>Arachnid</i> is a foolish, juvenile, laughable B-Grade horror movie. Despite some action, the film is also incredibly boring. I was watching it with some friends who had fallen asleep half-way through the movie. I wish I could have done the same thing. The film is not at all scary, thrilling or even entertaining. I've seen better quality movies produced on a budget of $5.
    Cal ( Super Reviewer

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