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January 8, 2019
The Aviator does make for a rather fascinating and compelling stand-alone story about an industrious, fastidious, obsessive man...
December 28, 2010
Good but not great, and not for younger kids.
February 3, 2010
This handsome movie is an oddly well-behaved one to come from the preternaturally energetic Scorsese.
November 1, 2007
This almost-great epic has one foot in legend: it's a vision of an American titan that could have sprung from the insides of Hughes's own obsessive, perfectionist head.
June 24, 2006
Despite a pacy, technically brilliant but otherwise slightly ordinary first half-hour or so, Scorsese's Howard Hughes movie is his best since The Age of Innocence.
January 17, 2006
Scorsese gives us a lot more than the Charles Foster Kane of the clouds. He keeps focus on Hughes, the dreamer, who continually reached out, grabbed the future and pulled it toward him.
September 26, 2005
It's a measure of The Aviator's complexity and ambiguity that it can be read equally as a celebration of rugged, capitalist individualism and as a leftist critique of cutthroat free-market competition.
June 25, 2005
Beneath the glossy surface there's a niggling lack of depth, but otherwise this is a grand, impressive Tinseltown drama.
May 20, 2005
Its primary appeal is its speed: It rushes along, from scandal to air crash to movie romance to Senate hearing, each anecdote well realized but never tarried over.
April 21, 2005
This undoubtedly is the movie Scorsese set out to make, and he made it exceedingly well. Still, we can fault him for choosing to celebrate its subject instead of examining him.
March 7, 2005
DiCaprio remains a lightweight presence, a cherubic man-child who one could sooner imagine fiddling with an Airfix set and glue than spearheading the adventure of modern aviation.
February 17, 2005
You can almost feel Scorsese exorcising the specter of Gangs of New York in the first act.
January 15, 2005
It's bravura, classic Hollywood filmmaking, and you like to think that Hughes himself would have viewed it, if not appreciatively, then at least with a sense of kinship.
December 27, 2004
By and large I think this movie's chief function is to give Scorsese an opportunity to indulge in the pleasures of big-time filmmaking and to treat the audience to a heady dose of glamour.
December 24, 2004
We may enjoy watching the spectacles, but we don't much care for, or even have a feeling for, the guy in the cockpit.
December 24, 2004
While we leave the film without much more of an understanding of Hughes' legendary obsessions than we did upon entering, we nonetheless leave with a sense of having been glamorously, thoroughly entertained -- which, these days, is a rare pleasure.
December 24, 2004
It's history and biography and, as Scorsese, Logan and Orson Welles before them affirm, a distinctly American story.
December 24, 2004
For all the madness and tragedy in The Aviator, this is very much a movie that believes in crazy dreams, in reaching and recklessness and accomplishment.
December 24, 2004
A fast-moving, entertaining movie that boasts a fine performance by DiCaprio, who captures Hughes' brio, as well as the sadness that accompanied the gradual onset of insanity that turned Hughes into a legendary recluse.
December 24, 2004
Hughes is the conduit for a titan of moviemaking to meditate gloriously on the power of film and flight to transform a nation, a culture, a world.
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