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Chris Farley stars as an unusual ninja fighter in this over-the-top comedy. An elite society of Japanese warriors have prophesied that one day a blonde-haired, fair-skinned child will come to their village and lead them as a fighter of remarkable skill and bravery. So when an American child who fell overboard on an ocean liner washes up on their shores, they adopt him as one of their own and patiently instruct him in the ways of a ninja. Trouble is, the child, whom they name Haru (Chris Farley), grows up to be fat, clumsy, not especially bright, and startlingly inept as a warrior. Undaunted, Haru struggles on with his ninja training, and when Alison (Nicolette Sheridan), a beautiful woman from America, requests a ninja fighter to return with her to the States and protect her from her criminal-minded boyfriend and his Yakuza associates, Haru eagerly accepts the assignment. Haru's minders see trouble brewing, so they secretly send along a fellow ninja, Gobei (Robin Shou), to watch his back, although this hardly prevents Haru from posing a deadly menace to inanimate objects everywhere. Jackie Chan was at one time announced to co-star in this film, which would prove to be the last Chris Farley vehicle released before his death in late 1997, though two other films he completed before his passing were released in 1998. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi

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Nathaniel Parker
as Martin Tanley
Will Sasso
as (uncredited)
Dale Ishimoto
as Old Japanese Man
Daming Chen
as Head Kobudosai
Burt Bulos
as Mr. Ozaru
Tom Bailey
as Billy's Dad
Da Ming Chan
as Head Kobudosai
Anna Mathias
as Female Traveler
Nathan Jung
as Fisherman
John Farley
as Policeman
Kevin P. Farley
as Policeman
Hideo Kimura
as Security Person
as Woman
Robbie Thibaut Jr.
as Grandson at Hotel
Michael Cardenas
as Patron at Hop Louie's
Brett Golov
as Club Patron
Joe Decker
as Club Patron
Charles Dugan
as Man with Shoes
Jason Davis
as Young Haru
Alexandra Stabler
as Girl on Rodeo Drive
Nicolas Stabler
as Boy on Rodeo Drive
Conrad Goode
as Bouncer
Caesar Luisi
as Bouncer
Rick Miller
as Motorcycle Rider
Eric C. Charmelo
as Guy at Plant
Sarah Pierce
as Poodle Lady
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  • Jul 13, 2017
    Chris Farley never hit the mainstream and it was an utter shame. The films he starred in were not always a great showcase for him and Beverly Hill Ninja fits very much in the middle. Some of the laughs are only due to the comedic range of Farley, I always look at the Kevin James movies and know these were destined to be Farley roles. The plot is a little too safe to go anywhere different and it plays all the cliche beats right to the forgettable finale. Chris Rock showcases talent that would later shine brighter but like everyone around Farley, they suffer from the key central performance. I could fault a lot of Dugans boring direction but Farley gives everything, you could be forgiven for giving this film better teviews based on what he delivers. I liked the concept but it was too family oriented and easy to watch, Tommy Boy was nearly unpredictable until the usual happy ending finale. Not without flaws but younger audiences will love Farley in action. 14-07-2017.
    Brendan N Super Reviewer
  • Feb 08, 2013
    I suppose it was too much to ask to make it through the whole of this film without hearing the songs "Kung Fu Fighting" and "Turning Japanese". Translation, this is probably and predictably the most cliched film you will most likely see...but Farley is the star so we can forgive a bit. This was the last film that was released whilst Farley was still alive I think, and despite the fact its completely a one joke/gag film its still thoroughly enjoyable. Farley is a ninja, a big fat ninja, a big fat ninja believed to be the prophesied 'great white ninja' and has been raised from birth by a ninja clan in Japan. The whole obvious gag being of course that he's not the prophesied great ninja (or is he?), nor is he really very good at being a ninja at all. The whole film is pretty close to the classic 'Pink Panther' as Farley goes on a mission to help the stereotypical sexy blonde lady whilst being shadowed by his ninja 'brother' played by D-list actor/martial artist Robin Shou. In other words a bit like 'Inspector Jacques Clouseau' and 'Kato'...well I think so. As I'm sure many of you can guess this leads to huge amounts of childish visual gags and childish prat falls of epic Farley proportions. Yes we've seen it all before by now with Farley, his quirky rubber faced antics, his slapstick, his surprising agility and his over the top loud outbursts...but dagnabbit it still makes me smile. Farley may not be to everyone's taste with his extremely simple dumb routine but I for one love it. This setting and concept does add a nice hint of originality to Farley's portfolio even though the whole idea of a spoof martial arts film isn't. All the slapstick does get a tiny bit tiresome towards the end as the same visual jokes are regurgitated but overall its still a nice laugh out loud serving of chop socky action. As usual with Farley...brain is not required.
    Phil H Super Reviewer
  • May 14, 2012
    Beverly Hills Ninja is a film I would never have seen if I wasn't a Chris Farley addict. Is it funny, yes. I guess. It's not as good as it could be, and the comedy is lightly sprinkled on a ridiculous story. Chris Farley is fun to watch, and Chris Rock is a delight. But overall, it's a meh, film. And, in all honesty, If this wasn't a Chris Farley movie, it would have gotten a much lower rating.
    Bryan D Super Reviewer
  • Mar 23, 2012
    Chris Farley more one time make other silly comedy, but Beverly Hills Ninja doesn't have one single not funny scene and entertaining, something rare in an American comedy movie from 90's. Beverly Hills is not the best movie by Farley, that was a unique and terrific comedian, but definitely isn't the worst and promise all the time great laughs. Fresh.
    Lucas M Super Reviewer

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