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A dark cloud of death descends upon a small town when a swarm of genetically modified wasps take to the sky in this sci-fi shocker featuring A Nightmare on Elm Street star Robert Englund. Devin Hall (Sebastien Roberts) has seen his fair share of hostile insects. An exterminator who specializes in ridding the world of household pests, Devin gets the fright of his life when he witnesses a homeless man attacked by a swarm of particularly aggressive wasps. Convinced that something sinister is afoot, the rattled exterminator enlists the aid of new Deputy Sheriff Jane Kozik (Sarah Allen) and associate professor of entomology Katherine Randall (Jayne Heitmeyer) in stopping the swarm before it gets stronger. Later, when Jane's curious daughter Kelsey strikes up a conversation with eccentric wasp keeper Eli (Englund), an already troubling situation becomes absolutely terrifying. It seems that the mutant wasps are turning their victims into drones. Is there any hope of stopping this government-created weapon before everyone in Black Stone becomes human incubators for the next wave, or has the initial swarm already grown too powerful to defeat by conventional means?
Horror , Television
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RHI Entertainment

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Robert Englund
as Eli Giles
Sebastien Roberts
as Devin Hall
Sarah Allen
as Jane Kozik
Jayne Heitmeyer
as Katherine Randell
Sheena Larkin
as Miss Rowe
Michel Perron
as Mayor Blatz
Robert Higden
as The Priest
Mike Paterson
as The Ice Cream Man
Rebecca Windheim
as Kelsey Kozik
Gordon Masten
as Dr. Fogg
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It takes a bit for the story to get moving, and some parts are pretty silly, but it manages to be somewhat interesting despite its loose concepts. Englund is a nice touch, even if it is not his best role. The ending is a bit slow, and rather unsatisfying, and certain parts were fairly dull. It's not entirely bad, though it is on the forgettable side.

Wes Shad
Wes Shad

Good plot, horrible film.

Jacob Palacio
Jacob Palacio

Super Reviewer

Our eighth Maneater movie is Black Swarm.The monsters in it are a bunch of mutant Wasps.Now the movie essentially goes as a traditional "Monster gets free and runs a muck" kinda movie.Imagine if a bunch of little Frankenstein's got loose,but could fly and sting you.Now while that sounds cool,Black Swarm never takes complete advantage of it's very good premise.I feel as if they don't take advantage of people getting really swarmed by these Wasps and them making hives on buildings and so on.I don't feel the writers wanted to take really entertaining risks that,while they could have been bad,had a better chance of being good than bad or pulled off wrong.But none the less,it's not complicated and pretty easy to follow. The acting is very nice for two reasons.The first is the fact it's pretty funny to watch and laugh at the actors dumb ass reactions.The second is Robert Englund.He does a very nice job when he's on camera and I wish that RHI and Sy-Fy could get him to do another movie.But when he isn't,the acting is just pretty funny to watch.In general the acting isn't that good,but it never loses it's funniness.It really just boils down to hilarious moment upon hilarious moment (if you can handle the negatives that Black Swarm has) by the actors trying hard to seem like this is dramatic.I will,however,say that there are moments where they try to hard and it comes off as more annoying than funny.But at least they act so stupidly when the Wasps attack.I'm not insect expert,but I'm pretty sure trying to wave your arms around wildly doesn't help fend off Wasps.Brainless knuckleheads.None the less,the acting is funny and Robert Englund does a nice job of not sucking.He does have some mildly funny lines though. The movies CGI,while I would let it slide like The Hive,this time,just feels sloppy.I know that,once again,these aren't large monsters,but the Wasps look rushed,sloppy,and at times,just flat out lazy and terrible looking.It doesn't seem very funny either,it just seems to be there and sticks out like a pathetic sore thumb.They also seem a bit glassy.You can even see it in the DVD box art.These Wasps look like you could just catch them in a net,wrap up the entrance so they don't get out and sting you to death,and then just swing it into something hard and they would shatter like glass.That's some pretty bad CGI,even for a Sy-Fy Original.Of course when they do attack someone,it does look pretty funny to see someone freaking out over crap that,maybe it the person was waving there arms around fast enough,could shatter them.But over all,the CGI just sucks big time. The directing is shaky,but I kinda understand this time.The Wasps are flying and you can't just get a bunch of aerial shots to make it so you can see everything.So for the most part,I excuse the shakiness for this one since it's an aerial monster and it wouldn't be the easiest movie to shoot...since this is the Sy-Fy channel,a tri-pod would cost an extra 100 bucks.Joking aside,there isn't a whole lot to comment on for Black Swarm's directing.It's shaky,it feels clunky,but not as clunky as a few of the other movies (They musta gotten around to tightening that loose lug-nut),and it doesn't feel that forced.In other words,it doesn't seem like the movies encouraging the Wasps to mug to the camera (I don't need to see Wasp camera mugging).Over all,even if I didn't let the directing get lee-way,it still isn't as shaky.We need another air-borne Maneater movie.One coming up,but I'm not going to continue fore-shadowing. The movies dialogue is hit and miss with how laughable.More or less,it's hit,but when it isn't,it feels pretty iffy.I can't help but feel a bit bored when it isn't that funny.Which I think RHI and Sy-Fy where trying to make Black Swarm a tad bit edgier,but they managed to make it your average bad melo-drama's biggest problem.When it isn't being captivating (or in Black Swarm's case,unintentionally funny),it's being really boring and mind numbingly dull.Well,for the most part,those moments don't last long,but they aren't few and far between.They feel forced into the movie and seem to suck the funny out for a bit.What's probably ten seconds feels like twenty minutes.The boring dialogue parts to this movie for people who are looking for an unintentional laugh is to a six year old to getting his or her shot.Expect rather than scary,it's tedious.But both seem hard to sit through.Over all,the dialogue is both good and bad,and virtually contributes to both in the movies score.Which I'd assume is a dead lock. The characters are hilariously stupid.Robert Englund's character virtually unleashed these deadly Wasps,the main characters oh so helpful and state the obvious in the funniest way,the dead meat extras seem to think flailing there arms around will intimidate Wasps,which even if they weren't mutated,would just anger them more because it's resistant and implies your trying to fight back,and virtually everyone is dumb founded at the sight of mutated Wasps.Commenting on one thing,I do not understand why these fools don't go to jump into a lake or pond when being attacked.Wasps have fur (very little though,but still) and try to go down into the water.If soaked,and since there small (I apologize in advance if my Math is wrong,never been good at it),they will SINK.Even if they don't,they will drown.No matter how mutated,I'm pretty sure if there not going to survive.None the less,I find it funnier the way it is and the fact the way they do kill them makes more sense then filling there lakes,rivers,and ponds with hairy,disgusting,and ugly ass mutant Wasps.Over all,I like the characters,there so stupid that it's a rip-roaring riot. One thing I will nit pick at a bit is the movies pacing.It feels a bit sluggish and holds the movie back from getting a higher score.It's a bit from the dialogue,and the fact the movie feels a bit padded for relatively unnecessary character development that is not all.Really,it just boils down to the fact the writers must have felt really cautious and didn't want people to bitch about the fact we don't know enough about the characters and feel more remorse when one dies (which I didn't feel much because it's a Sy-Fy movie,I don't think that's something new).On top of that,plot holes that I had no idea where here are filled in.The writers must have really wanted this one to be good,but with this random padding and the result being a slower movie makes the movie a bit more boring,holds the movie back from a possible fresh rating. With pointless padding that results in slower pacing and some boring dialogue as it's only really bad flaws,Black Swarm is none the less a very good movie by Sy-Fy standards.The directing isn't as shaky as the other movies,the acting is hilarious and Robert Englund does a nice job,the characters are very funny to watch while there being incredibly stupid,when the dialogue isn't being bad,it's being pretty decent/good,and the plot itself,while not taking full advantage of it's premise,is simple enough to follow.The movie itself is better in some ways than The Hive and not as good in others.And while I can't guarantee you'd like this movie,I do recommend it.It's funny and pretty fun to watch.I score Black Swarm a 4 out of 10! And while the next movie isn't as good,at least it isn't awful.

Chris Skoufis
Chris Skoufis

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