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January 3, 2018
It is perhaps one of my top 3 documentary I have ever seen. Emotional rollercoaster of a flick. Big time reality check.
December 24, 2017
This is one of the most powerful documentaries/ movies I'v ever seen so far, that moved every part of my being and heart forever. Most watched.
August 18, 2017
There will be a lot of criticism of this movie being about its lead more than the children. I find that to be a pretty shallow assessment.
July 22, 2016
A rare film, unpretentious, honest, and edifying.
June 14, 2016
A resilient story of friendship and service.
½ November 10, 2015
I thought this movie was well done, very real, and thought provoking. If this doesn't make you want to travel to India and help try to make the world a better place for children I don't know what will.
December 21, 2014
I was deeply moved by the acts performed by Rocky Bratt, the staff at the orphanage and the children who inhabit it while watching this movie. From what I could see many acts of generosity, selflessness and love contributed positively to the lives of the families within the orphanage.

However, there were numerous instances during the viewing of this film when I was struck with unease regarding the portrayal of Bratt as selfless saviour as well as the portrayal of the community where he worked. I also found some of Bratt's behavior to be professionally questionable. Below are some instances in the film that contributed to my unease.

With regard to professional responsibility, I found the instances when Bratt and Hoover sought comfort from the children in the orphanage during their times of grief troubling. For example, when the young girl dies half way through the film, I found it inappropriate for Bratt to relay the details of her death and seek emotional support from a child living in the orphanage.

Also, related to the girl's death mentioned above, both Hoover and Bratt express frustration that she was not taken to the hospital before becoming mortally ill. No discussion regarding the subjects of poverty, access to services, poor education or skepticism of institutions were suggested as possible barriers to her family seeking medical care. What was portrayed was that the community's faith and social practices alone prevented a visit to the hospital. Considering that Bratt had decided to marry into the community portrayed in this film, I would have thought some research into the daily circumstances of the inhabitants warranted.

Finally, at no point are people from the community interviewed about their lives, beliefs and practices. Bratt mentioned that the community was outraged to find out that the orphanage cared for children and families living with HIV. I also got the impression that Bratt disapproved of the community's response. As a health care worker I am well aware of the stigma, fear and misconceptions often linked to HIV and AIDS in almost all cultural settings. I would have thought someone working within the HIV community would have been aware of these social barriers and would have done some legwork within the community regarding.

In conclusion, Blood Brothers is an evocative portrait of one man's struggle to find his place in the world. Unfortunately, it's portrayal of the the international medical relief work performed by this man is lacking in depth and analysis. As such, I did respond emotionally to the powerful acts of kindness perpetrated by the protagonist and others in the film. However, my need for transparency in documentary film making culminating in a thorough analysis of as many points of view of the topic portrayed was thwarted. I do believe this discrepancy may be a result of the predominantly faith based perspective of the filmmakers.
November 19, 2014
Touching story of a young man who finds his purpose in India serving children and families who have HIV. It's not neat and tidy and wrapped up with a bow, but that's how most of life is.
June 21, 2014
man this movie is so sad
½ March 24, 2014
Documentary concerning HIV-infected Indian children dropped off at a orphanage by their families and the disenchanted American who meets them, then devotes his life to working with them.
March 9, 2014
For anyone calling Braat narcissistic or self-absorbed: I dare you to tend to the wounds of a child dying from HIV/AIDS - on camera or off. I dare you to show the love portrayed in this film in as vulnerable and humble a manner.

"Love is not self-seeking, it is not proud, it does not boast." It's clear to me Braat was recorded by his friends, friends who happened to be very talented filmmakers and wanted to tell Braat's story. Braat is clearly reluctant to share so much to the rest of the world, and he only does so because he trusts his friends.

If Braat had been the one making and directing this, and if he had gone to India specifically for the purpose of making this film, then I would agree with all the dissenters and this film would be garbage.

However, as it is clear he went there to serve and meet the needs of others, even before the film was made or any thought was given to the film, and he is clearly willing to risk his life for these children in the best display of sacrificial love I've ever seen, this is the best film I have ever seen.

It's a story of love and the power of discovering one's purpose. If you haven't seen it yet, go watch it now. You will be the better for it.
March 2, 2014
I've seen this movie three times, enjoy it every time. One of those times was at Sundance '13 in an audience giving a standing ovation. Editing, Directing and Storytelling is gritty, real and disturbingly true! One of the best documentaries you could spend time watching. 5 Stars for this film!
March 1, 2014
This is an amazing love cannot help but to feel changed and challenged by the amount of love shown and how much we take life for granted. Rocky is a great example of how we should be willing to sacrifice to take care of others who are in need. We need more people like this in the world. I have seen it three times and will see it many more times.
February 13, 2014
Shots of dying children do not - unfortunately - a compelling film make. This doc has some beautifully shot moments, but, I was ultimately left unmoved. There was no coherent narrative. Was the film about the filmmaker or the subject? Why is Rocky even there? What is his background? How can he afford it? What charity does he work with.
I was left with as many questions as answers. And Rocky seems a little bit odd.

Misses the mark.
February 7, 2014
What a great movie, heartfelt and inspirational. Must see
February 5, 2014
Very moving documentary...the scenes with the kid in the hospital almost dying of AIDS were so powerfull so glad he survived.
February 1, 2014
Absolutely beautiful true story. You will need your tissues.
January 22, 2014
I am not surprised by the critics of this film. Individualistic cultures, like ours, cannot separate the drive to find authenticity from being self absorbed. We see success as having a "good" job, making a large paycheck, and having a bunch of junk. We "medicate our suffering" in order not to deal with it. In turn, we create bigger monsters that take bigger weapons to "cure." Rocky's desperate journey to prove to himself that the life most American's live is not all there is to living brought him full circle to what really matters (because it was what was missing) - love. He gave of himself, to those in desperate need, what he felt was never given to him. He rejected chasing after empty happiness and leaped for what he knew in his heart to be authentic joy. I wish I could do the same.
January 21, 2014
#3 on POV best for 2013 and trailer looks good
December 27, 2013
Will transform your life. The message is loud and clear...everyone needs love.
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