The Break-Up Reviews

September 12, 2017
was mostly shocked by Vince Vaughan, who showed me for the first time that he wasn't the long-delayed immature frat boy he so often plays, but actually an imperfect hilarious, yet often silly, character who's main flaw is his selfishness.
January 7, 2011
The Break-Up is a funny and light comedy, but it tries to be something a bit more without being something a bit more, hampered by shoddy characterization, ending up a bit empty.
August 30, 2009
The two stars remain painfully wrong for each other
April 29, 2009
Is anxious to be a modern "Annie Hall," but really it is just a tedious, glum, and god awful affair.
April 23, 2009
"The Break-Up" comes with a slap and a kiss that's at once bracing and pleasing.
August 7, 2008
February 28, 2008
A word of caution to anyone heading off to see The Break-Up with the assumption that it is a romantic comedy: this is not a comedy movie with a serious side -- it is a serious movie with a comedic side.
August 11, 2007
Stereotypes across the board, puerile one-upmanship games, and an utter failure to explain why, indeed, these two even were together.
July 14, 2007
July 3, 2007
High-aimed intentions are thrown askew by the reliance on inconsistent laughs seemingly meant to break the otherwise overriding tension.
June 30, 2007
Right up there with the best of the revenge genre, and earns praise from this critic for its sophisticated brand of humor which kept me in stitches from start to finish.
May 7, 2007
March 1, 2007
Not even the tacked-on ending, hinting at some future sparks between Brooke and Gary, can lighten the sturm und drang in this break-up.
December 13, 2006
..."The Break Up" may go down with "Fatal Attraction" as the worst "date" movie of all time.
October 21, 2006
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September 22, 2006
There's nothing broken about The Break-Up, which turns rom-com conventions on their side in free-wheeling fashion, and in doing so colorfully, wittily celebrates what it is about men and women that both attract one another and drives us crazy.
September 8, 2006
A romantic comedy that is neither romantic nor particularly funny.
August 21, 2006
A little broken, but worth the viewing.
July 30, 2006
[I]t combines a naked desire to please the audience with a try-anything approach of the kind that made Wedding Crashers such a desperate stab at entertainment.
July 23, 2006
It's still very much a quick and painless Hollywood production, what slight genius there is in its premise dulled by the sheen of the high production values and its prettier-than-pretty cast.