Captain Corelli's Mandolin


Captain Corelli's Mandolin

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The cinematography is gorgeous, but the movie plays it fast and loose with history and the novel it was adapted from. Mostly, the movie fails because the romance between the leads strains credulity and the story is largely uninvolving.



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During World War II, an Italian officer, Captain Corelli, is put in command of a garrison that's occupying the Greek island of Cephallonia. After a beautiful local woman's fiance--a fisherman--departs to fight with the Greek army, she falls in love with Corelli who becomes torn between his own love for her and his political allegiances.


Nicolas Cage
as Capt. Antonio Corelli
John Hurt
as Dr. Iannis
Irene Papas
as Drosoula
Aspasia Kralli
as Mrs. Stamatis
Dimitris Kaberidis
as Father Arsenios
Pietro Sarubbi
as Velisarios
Joanna-Daria Adraktas
as Lemoni (younger)
Ira Tavlaridis
as Lemoni (older)
Katerina Didaskalu
as Lemoni's Mother
David Morrissey
as Capt. Weber
Patrick Malahide
as Col. Barge
Antonis Antoniou
as Recruiting Officer
Kostas Philippoglou
as Trembling Man
Vincenzo Ricotta
as Quartermaster
Roberto Citran
as General Gandin
Dina Kafterani
as Mad Person
Vlassis Zotis
as Mad Person
Alexia Bouloukou
as Mad Person
Pavlos Lalis
as Partisan
Federico Fioresi
as Soldier of La Scala
Sandro Fioresi
as Soldier of La Scala
Francesco Guzzo
as Soldier of La Scala
Germano Di Mattia
as Soldier of La Scala
Simone Spinazze
as Soldier of La Scala
Sergio Albelli
as Soldier of La Scala
Davide Quatraro
as Soldier of La Scala
Paco Reconti
as Soldier of La Scala
Nuccio Siano
as Soldier of La Scala
Salvatore Lazzaro
as Soldier of La Scala
Alessandro Repossi
as Soldier of La Scala
Tim Hardy
as Colonel
Francesco Cabras
as Soldier with Cigarette
Nunzio Lombardo
as Soldier at Dance
Sofia Yannioti
as Prostitute
Marina Corelli
as Prostitute
Evi Tzortzi
as Prostitute
Leticia Moustaki
as Prostitute
Angelica Lambri
as Prostitute
Irene Christidi
as Prostitute
Giovanni Parricelli
as Waterfront Band Member
Martin Robertson
as Waterfront Band Member
Ben Gant
as Waterfront Band Member
Paul Spong
as Waterfront Band Member
Eddie Hession
as Waterfront Band Member
Mike Pickering
as Waterfront Band Member
Oren Marshall
as Waterfront Band Member
Peter Stark
as Soldier
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  • Jul 29, 2014
    An Italian officer occupies a Greek home during WWII and falls for the daughter of a local doctor. This film adaptation of a decent novel includes only what is mediocre about the book and leaves out everything that is good. The most glaring issue occurs at the end, which I won't give away, but I will say that the best line of the book "You owe me a life" isn't included. Nicolas Cage's performance is as bad as most of his other performances, but with an inconsistent accent, waffling motivations, and looking just plain stupid when he tries to be goofily charming, this might be Cage's worst. And Christian Bale, whose character is stripped of its most interesting aspects, seems lost, and when the plot makes him vanish, he goes quietly and unmemorably. Overall, while I'm not sure if I can recommend the book, I know that I can't recommend the film.
    Jim H Super Reviewer
  • Oct 27, 2012
    Nicolas Cage ruins yet another movie that might have been good.
    Christian C Super Reviewer
  • Oct 02, 2010
    "Capt. Corelli's Mandolin" is an old fashioned romance set on the Greek island of Cephalonia, where Italian and German occupation has taken over the otherwise peaceful town during World War II. Nic Cage plays an Italian soldier who loves opera and believes in making love, not war. Penelope Cruz plays the Greek girl who is betrothed to a fisherman (Christian Bale) but who falls in love with Cage. John Hurt did a credible job as the local doctor. The main problems with the film are the dubious accents of all the main actors, its sluggish pace and the dialogue is a bit on the sappy side of things. What I did like about the movie was the scenery. The landscapes were absolutely beautiful.
    Deb S Super Reviewer
  • Jul 27, 2010
    (2001 Director: John Madden) The wonderful direction of this incredible novel (by Louis de Bernieres) brought to the screen is one of my new favorite films. Acting and casting were superb. Left me breathless, similarly to "Memoirs of a Geisha." John Hurt's performance as the father of Pelagia, betrothed to Mandras, who eventually leads the rebellion against the invaing forces, simply blew me away....Penelope Cruz au naturel is even more lovely as an innocent farm girl betrothed to Mandras, her long-time childhood friend. Madden and the raw performances of this amazing cast did justice to Berneires' novel of life-altering life experiences. [more review to follow]
    Teresa S Super Reviewer

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