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September 3, 2013
Not clever. Not funny. Just Will Farrell, as usual.
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½ February 5, 2012
This Spanish language film, parodying Mexican telenovelas and westerns, is infamous for the simple reason that Will Ferrell plays the lead, having known no to little Spanish before filming. Not only is it a triumph for the simple reason that Ferrell lands every bit of accented dialogue, but it does as advertised, and that is to parody. Even if you are not acquainted with what exactly this film is pointing to for its laughs, the inspiration is adamantly represented in every scene. There are a couple of moments that make you chuckle, maybe a guffaw, but those are not directed at the source material. Most times the laughs come from moments of absurdity, quirkiness, and strangeness. What becomes much more interesting when watching the film is not the humor, but oftentimes the performance from Will Ferrell. Ferrell hasn't been taxed with giving a serious performance since his indie turn in "Everything Must Go" and strangely enough he gives yet another earnest performance here. Sometimes the dialogue gets grounded in the character's slow wit or some dumb one off joke, but clearly he has a passion and energy to the role that is very refreshing. If he is trying to parody a Mexican western, than he has done an outstanding job playing the underestimated cowboy, to a tee. Now, his involvement isn't actually necessary to the film, since his true ethnicity is never mentioned or made fun of. Maybe that's what makes his performance that much more interesting, since it isn't one of callous irresponsibility, showing a doofus in a saddle. There are many instances of strange set pieces, cheap animal effects, and even a apology from the second director in the midst of the film, which is probably the closest thing to an ode to "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" that I've ever seen. Though it wasn't funny in the regular Ferrell fashion there is something absurdly humorous about this, so at least I can defend it against those who don't see why it does elicit a chuckle here and there.
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½ February 13, 2013
Armando Alvarez: My woman, Miss Lopez, must love the land as I do.

"Funniest movie you'll ever read."

Casa de mi Padre is a weird, eccentric, and messy film. I don't know exactly what the goal with this movie was. Was it to make us laugh? Because it doesn't seem like that's the intention. Sure there's some funny scenes, but this isn't what I'd call a laugh riot. Was it to entertain? I can't see too many people, especially the target audience for a Will Farrell movie, calling this movie entertaining. In other words, this movie exists, but for what reason, I have no idea. All in all though, it really wasn't that bad.

Armando Alvarez is a rancher on his fathers ranch. He is also the son who isn't well liked by his father because of a past accident(think Dewey Cox). His father is always calling him stupid and doesn't have much faith in Armando as a man. On the other hand, he loves his second son very much. It just so happens that he is a drug dealer, who has just entered the biggest dealers territory. Now there will have to be some sort of drug war.

As far as the movie is concerned; it's ridiculous. Stuffed animals, crappy 1930's landscape backdrops, and Will Farrell speaking Spanish the whole film. Still the movie has weird sense of likability coming from it. I didn't mind the movie, and I would actually say I even enjoyed it to a degree. Not enough to make me recommend this to anyone, but enough to say the short little hour and twenty minute running time wasn't a complete waste.

I would have to be led to believe that most people wouldn't like this film. I would also be led to believe that a good percentage of people would probably turn the film off before the twenty minute mark. As for me, it wasn't a hard movie to get through. It bores at times, and it meanders at times, but all in all it's hardly the worst thing ever.á
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October 22, 2012
Yet another Will Ferrell flick but this one has been kinda overlooked or missed completely in all honesty. A spoof of the classic tacky soap opera genre in a Mexican western setting, in Spanish with English subs right the way through.

Straight away the thought of subs almost puts you off really, this isn't a foreign epic where you look over that fact. The problem being this is suppose to be a parody of the soap opera genre, albeit Spanish/Latin American, and it really does feel like your watching a shitty soap opera.

So much so that it really is quite dull for most of the time, the subs don't help and the plot is damn thin. Personally I can't stand the whole Mexican/Spanish western concept so I dunno why I watched this really, probably because I didn't realize it was subs all the way through and I thought it would be more funny.

That's the other problem, the film isn't funny a tall. There are very few moments that made me smile, mainly the few bits which are clearly badly filmed with models or sets...filmed like that deliberately of course, spoof remember.

The finale with a reasonable mock shoot up is quite good fun, nothing outstanding, you could easily just watch that and forget the rest. Like many films from the 'SNL' team this idea would work much better as a sketch or simple trailer parody like Tarantino has made popular. As a full length film, even at 1h 20min, its just boring and annoyingly Spanish.
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½ September 3, 2012
When an actor takes risks, it can be very rewarding or cringe worthy. Here, Will Ferrell has taken a big risk by playing a Mexican rancher in an all Spanish movie,and yes he speaks Spanish the entire movie. Watching this on DVD and there isn't a dubbed version, so you have to read subtitles, which don't bother me, but is off putting for some. This is vintage Ferrell, just in Spanish. Over the top, crazy humor, that is just as funny as some of his other American movies. I'm not saying this is "Anchorman" funny, but I'd put it over "Blades of Glory" or "Semi-Pro". He plays a rancher who falls in love with his brothers Fiancee, and tries to save his family home from drug dealers. The dialogue is just ok, but the funniest thing about the movie is how purposely cheap they make it look. The backgrounds are hilarious, as are things like a snow leopard that is clearly a stuffed doll. Or how he is having sex and the woman becomes a mannequin. It's not everyday you see American's translating their brand of entertainment to a foreign language movie, so it's refreshing, and definitely different. Give it a shot, it may surprise you.
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½ March 9, 2012
During my experience of this, so-called "film," I was wondering where some of the comedy went and why more effort wasn't put into the story. As a man tries to find out the truth about his brothers fianc├ (C), he falls in love with her and realizes she is even better than his brother. This lame excuse for a story is topped with lame dialogue and lame humour and I really did not care about anything during this movie. Will Ferrel is pretty funny in the leading role and some of the visuals are hilarious, because the budget is noticeably small. I think my favourite parts of the film is when characters laugh for no reason and it never seems to end. "Casa De Mi Padre" might be a fun time with a bunch of friends.
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½ August 1, 2012
"Funniest movie you'll ever read."

Scheming on a way to save their father's ranch, the Alvarez brothers find themselves in a war with Mexico's most feared drug lord.

Frequently amusing valentine to grindhouse Mexican B-pictures and telenovelas from gringo Will Ferrell (in heavy bronzer and espouting espanol like a pro) cast as the black sheep of the family whose loving brother (Diego Luna in touch with his Johnny Depp a la "Blow") returns with his betrothed (the comely Genesis Rodriguez, a game sport amongst the imbecility) while embroiled in a drug war with the local kingpin, Onza (Gael Garcia Bernal in touch with his inner Al Pacino a la "Scarface") out to destroy la familia. At times, it looks a bit like a combination of a Sam Peckinpah film, a very stylish commercial for cologne and a cheesy mess--complete with very unrealistic backgrounds, horses and the Jaguar King--all things you really have to see for yourself! It also is the only film I know of where there is an apology in the middle of the movie--by the second assistant director! Overall, it's very dry, very bizarre and a bit funny. It's certainly not the sort of joke most will enjoy--it takes a special person to appreciate this ultra-strange film.
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July 25, 2012
A wildly funny and enjoyable slapstick action-comedy packed with homage and a wonderful cast of actors. Will Ferrell`s spanish is terrific and so is he with this wonderfully loveable and fun performance. Diego Luna and Gael Garcia Bernal are excellent. Genesis Rodriguez is marverlous. A fantastic mix of Mexican melodrama, western action and Quentin Tarantino wackyness.
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July 20, 2012
Corniness is written all over it.
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July 17, 2012
Though it may be poorly written and not chock full of jokes, its still a true novelty to see Will Ferrel in a film where he has to speak Spanish. But just because it doesn't have a lot of jokes doesn't mean I didn't laugh hysterically at this Mexican revenge film spoof. From the crappy editing to the poor set designs, the resemblance of this film to old Mexican films, is almost pitch perfect. It has the same cliched revenge story and dialogue, but its all for the satire. Playing it straight makes this film funnier than it should be. Some people just wished it could of been more like a Spanish version of Anchorman. I love how Will Ferrel is funny even when speaking a different language. I hope he takes more roles like this in the future. Letter Grade: B
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April 8, 2012
Funniest movie you'll ever read.

Not bad but not great either. Will Ferrell speaking Spanish is somewhat funny but I thought it was gonna be even funnier. The supporting cast wasn't that funny and that made the film less funny and a little boring. While watchable, I would not recommend spending the money on the film at the theaters, I would recommend waiting to rent or download. Not a buy for me, nor a second viewing.

Armando Alvarez (Will Ferrell) has lived and worked on his father's ranch in Mexico his entire life. As the ranch encounters financial difficulties, Armando's younger brother Raul (Diego Luna), shows up with his new fiancÚ, Sonia (Genesis Rodriguez). It seems that Raul's success as an international businessman means the ranch's troubles are over as he pledges to settle all debts his father has incurred. But when Armando falls for Sonia, and Raul's business dealings turn out to be less than legit, all hell breaks loose as they find themselves in a war with Mexico's most feared drug lord, the mighty Onza (Gael Garcia Bernal).
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½ March 29, 2012
Very funny from parodying the notorious conventions of the telenovela and has a different, yet still solid performance by Will Ferrell. If you can take it in for its absurdly cheap and ridiculous tone, you'll have a lot of fun.
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March 21, 2012
Stupid waste of time. Will Ferrel isn't even funny in English so why would people think he's funny in Spanish?
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March 18, 2012
I had no idea what to expect from this film and I am glad I walked into it that way. It is bizarre, audacious, & absolutely hysterical. Don't read anything about it. Just close your laptop, head to the cinemas, and enjoy a truly original comedy.
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½ August 3, 2013
In "Casa de mi Padre," Armando(Will Ferrell), along with his friends Esteban(Efren Ramirez) and Manuel(Adrian Martinez), witness the notorious drug lord The Onza(Gael Garcia Bernal) execute somebody. But all Armando's father(Pedro Armendariz Jr.) wants to talk about is the return of his other son Raul(Diego Luna) who has just gotten engaged to Miss Sonia Lopez(Genesis Rodriguez). She turns out to be nice enough to listen to Armando talk about his concerns.

Incredibly while "Casa de mi Padre" is supposedly meant to be a parody of Mexican melodramas, it succeeds on its own silly terms, even though I have never seen any of them.(See, I don't watch every movie. Only about 1/3.) And while it does take the easy route by taking pot shots at low production values, the scene where it tries to explain what went wrong in trying to film an animal fight scene is hilarious. And then there is the innately funny Will Ferrell, not only speaking Spanish(better than Nick Offerman, at any rate), but also singing. Ferrell manages the delicate balancing act of playing it straight while also being in on the joke, along with Gael Garcia Bernal who hams it up nicely. And just to show that this is not all fun and games, the movie is also critical of the war on drugs.
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½ February 1, 2013
Casa de mi Padre is an outrageously hilarious comedy that brilliantly satirizes Mexican exploitation cinema. The story follows a cowboy who's forced to choice between family and honor when he discovers that his brother is a drug smuggler. Will Ferrell leads the cast and delivers a great performance that carries the film. The writing is also especially good, with a lot of clever uses of meta humor. Daring and edgy, Casa de mi Padre is a ridiculously entertaining film full of laughs.
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½ May 26, 2012
I have no idea who the audience is for this movie. Rarely do I walk out of something so confused, so perplexed, so oddly mesmerized by what just transpired. I'm not going to tell you this brings back the odd genius of something like Anchorman that is out there, but truly hilarious. But at the same time, Padre is not exactly a misfire either (it's hard to say something missed the mark when you have no idea what the hell they were aiming at). There are a few genuinely hilarious bits, and the rest is certainly intriguing enough not to turn away from. This is a very weird movie.
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November 17, 2012
A mixed bag of Will Ferrell comedy en espa˝ol, Casa de mi Padre is far less consistently funny and past Ferrell classics like Anchorman and Talladega Nights, but there are a select few scenes that do achieve absolute hilarity.
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