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June 29, 2018
my tears up when see this movie
January 13, 2018
These children remind us that 'Only what is important is important', everything else is just there.
June 20, 2017
This film is so magnetising that it's almost impossible not to put yourself in our young main characters' shoes (pun intended).
½ April 9, 2017
Ali has a problem. He has just lost the prized pair of shoes of his sister, Zahra. He tries to find them but to no avail. Now he and Zahra have to share shoes at school, a situation which causes all sorts of problems. Ali comes up with other plans to get Zahra a pair of shoes. Meanwhile, Zahra thinks she may have tracked down the new owner of her shoes.

Sweet movie from Iran. The spin-off events from the loss of the shoes and the adventures of the kids are quite entertaining. Also a great, warmth-filled reminder of life's simple pleasures and how things which may seem unimportant to one person in one culture and/or socio-economic sphere can be vitally important to someone with different circumstances.

Not particularly profound though. The movie doesn't really come up with much in the way of profundities or even a powerful conclusion (in fact, the conclusion is fairly weak). It's a simple, linear story with very few frills or great twists, told engagingly and with great warmth.

The movie was nominated for Best Foreign Film at the 1999 Oscars, losing out in the end to Life is Beautiful.
January 28, 2017
Captivating, and heart-wrenching.

This movie will take you to Ali & Zahra's lives, and leave you there for a while. Their dreams & fears, their very few smiles, and their recurring disappointments will flood you and sweep you off your feet.But most definitely will make you wish for their sincerity, forgiveness, and contentment.

Ali & Zahra will remind you of the most important things in life; the things that are really worth racing your heart out for, and will remind you that being a winner might mean nothing at all.

Brilliant piece of art!
½ January 20, 2017
A heartwarming, expertly directed and refreshingly humble film from Pakistan that boasts an ingenuous story that counts it as one of the most moving kids' films from across the world.
January 19, 2017
Very Cute and Extraordinary performance by the kids in this movie.
½ January 15, 2017
Throughly a tender and sweet movie about family, determination, and love.
Super Reviewer
½ November 24, 2016
It feels almost impossible not to love these two adorable young children who carry on their shoulders this beautiful tale of innocence, poverty and compassion - a film that pulls us with such power into the situation faced by its characters that we can't be left unmoved.
October 20, 2016
Children of Heaven is flawed in structure and pacing, but the film is so effective in its simple storytelling and very good characterization that it becomes such a moving tale that can really affect you emotionally. Watching the two children was so heartwarming and at times heartbreaking, the child actors gave very good performances, the film is mostly very well made and it succeeds as such an emotional family drama with a couple of truly powerful sequences.
February 10, 2016
Rating: 59%
The acting and direction is pretty decent in Children of Heaven, but the characters are from likable and the story isn't that impressive.
November 20, 2015
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August 25, 2015
Strange stakes and an unsatisfying ending didn't make for entertaining viewing.
½ June 26, 2015
The simplicity, the expressions and the innocence - Children of Heaven banks upon all three and proves to be a gentle reminder that to portray a deep sense of humane connections, one doesn't need to resort to complicated events. I believe I have never seen a movie with a simpler plot yet so touching and relatable. One can simply watch the movie and proclaim "yes, this can totally happen with me!" Iranian movies have always surprised me with their elegance and style of storytelling, I will surely look forward for more!
½ June 5, 2015
An ode to love, purity and good heart. This Iranian film is one of that strange pieces of jewelry that from time to time we can find. A movie for children, too different of the dumbest and violent films from super heroes and entities alike. In 1998 was nominated to best foreign language film but it had to face to "Life is beautiful" from Benigni. The scene with father and son ride a bicycle made me remind of Vittorio de Sica's "Bicycle Thieves"
October 6, 2014
i happened to see the Singaporean version first, years ago. and i found it amazing. but this, being the one the SG version adapted it to, awesome. the acting was stunning.
½ July 27, 2014
Enchanting film, makes you appreciate what you have & realize what we take for granted
July 26, 2014
Amazing movie that shows life in Iran after revolution. Shows the beauty of people there especially kids. The struggles of common man and child in Iran. There were some parts that were unanswered; possibly because they were gaps in script but not enough to take away from its beauty.
½ July 22, 2014
definitely a nostalgic film for me. i enjoyed watching it, and there were some aching moments of longing, though i think a lot of that pertained to my specific experience as a child growing up in iran. as a film, i think it executed the child's pov very well and did a wonderful job of depicting a world through non-conventional narrative structures. in the end though, the characters didn't change or grow, which to me, removed the audience from experiencing the film and ultimately denied audience satisfaction (which may have been intentional, but didn't align with my personal tastes). regardless, a very poignant, nostalgic, tragic film.
June 5, 2014
The way a director juxtaposes innoncence with poverty is simple and touching.
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