The City of Lost Children (La Cité des Enfants Perdus)


The City of Lost Children (La Cité des Enfants Perdus)

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Not all of its many intriguing ideas are developed, but The City of Lost Children is an engrossing, disturbing, profoundly memorable experience.



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In a futuristic city, a daemonic scientist named Krank kidnaps children to tap into their dreams.


Dominique Pinon
as The Diver/The Clones
Jean-Claude Dreyfus
as Marcello, the Flea Tamer
Mireille Mosse
as Miss Bismuth
Serge Merlin
as Cyclops' Leader
Odile Mallet
as Octopus 2
as The Peeler
Ticky Holgado
as The Ex-Acrobat
Marc Caro
as Brother Ange-Joseph
Alexis Pivot
as Tadpole
Leo Rubion
as Jeannot
Ham Chau Luong
as Tattoo Artist
Hong-Mai Thomas
as Tattoo Artist's Wife
Daniel Adric
as Cyclops
Cris Huerta
as Father Christmas
Lorella Cravotta
as Woman at her Window
Philippe Beautier
as Double Clone
Marc Amyot
as Double Clone
Cyril Aubin
as Double Clone
Bruno Journee
as Double Clone
Dominique Chevallier
as Tied-up Guard
Rene Pivot
as Glazier
Michel Smolianoff
as Awake Tramp
Djamila Bouda
as Stripper
Raphaele Bouchard
as Meitte (age 15)
Babeth Etienne
as Miette (age 37)
Rachel Boulenger
as Miette (age 43)
Nane Germon
as Miette (age 82)
Buster Verbraeken
as Krank (age 4)
Jeremie Freund
as Krank (age 12)
Joris Geneste
as Krank (age 36)
Michel Motu
as Krank (age 45)
Gaetan Bouyala
as Schoolchild
Mickael Bussinger
as Schoolchild
Jonathan Gatinois
as Schoolchild
Joshka Kaufmann
as Schoolchild
Morgan Mariac
as Schoolchild
Caroline Marsily
as Schoolchild
Geoffroy Morange
as Schoolchild
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  • Oct 02, 2015
    As one person on here quite astutely observed, "It's Blade Runner as made by circus artists." Comparing it to Blade Runner may sound like a bit much, but its look and set design's imagination are about on par with that film. What really makes the difference in this movie is the warping and confounding narrative, which is all over the place. Its weirdness so shunts the audience that in the end the film becomes a strange and befuddling [and at moments exasperating] oddity. It lives in the line between child fantasy and macabre dystopia. The human moments are what tie this movie together -- every scene with the little girl Miette [Judith Vittet] makes the film, in particular her relationship with One [Ron Perlman]. I almost feel bad giving such an imaginative movie such a low rating, because there are aspects of this that are truly imaginative and brilliant, but along with imagination a film must have cohesion and some amount of accessibility to rate higher. Overall, the film is imaginative, confounding, a bit disturbing, and strange, with a small dose of humanness thrown in every once in awhile.
    Kyle M Super Reviewer
  • Sep 28, 2015
    The City of Lost Children is a must-see for lovers of the surreal, especially steam punk. The film is rated R but has PG feel to it; it is like the fantasy adventure movies of the 80s with plenty humor and a bit of the grotesque mixed in (very reminiscent of Terry Gilliam films, though the vibe is different). The plot is not the greatest but sometimes I rate the film up because it has great style and outstanding visuals.
    Robert B Super Reviewer
  • Feb 22, 2015
    A steam-punk carnival of grotesque extravaganza. The City of Lost Children is a disturbing tale of a scientist's fascination with dreams which reflected the problem of aging. Ron Perlman was an interesting cast but nevertheless an excellent addition.
    Sylvester K Super Reviewer
  • Aug 05, 2014
    When a scientist kidnaps a brute's sister, he must join a group of urchins to retrieve her. Jean-Pierre Jeunet, one of our most imaginative and interesting filmmakers, throws all his cards on the table in this film. At each turn, Jeunet's world unfolds, and it's a dark vision in which a mad scientist can steal children's dreams, clones vie to be the Original, and a muscle-bound, monosyllabic tough finds his heart of gold. The film is an experience - a convoluted and occasionally hard-to-follow one, and I can imagine some people finding this film to be a collection of gimmicks, but I found it compelling and interesting. Overall, Jeunet is a unique filmmaker, and good or bad, his films are always interesting.
    Jim H Super Reviewer

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