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A pleasant diversion for the young teens, but a waste of time for anyone older.



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Until now, Zak Gibbs' greatest challenge has been to find a way to buy a car. But when he discovers an odd wristwatch amidst his father's various inventions and slips it on--something very strange happens. The world around him seems to come to a stop, everything and everybody frozen in time. Zak quickly learns how to manipulate the device and he and his quick-witted and beautiful new friend, Francesca, start to have some real fun. But Zak and Francesca soon find out they are not alone in "Hypertime."

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French Stewart
as Dr. Dopler
Paula Garcés
as Francesca
Michael Biehn
as Agent Gates
Robin Thomas
as Dr. Gibbs
Julia Sweeney
as Mrs. Gibbs
Jason George
as Richard
Ken Jenkins
as Agent Moore
Esperanza Catubig
as ticket agent
Jennifer Manley
as security officer
Scott Thomson
as Tourist Dad
Deborah Rawlings
as tourist mom
Scott Thompson
as tourist dad
Jodie Milks
as bright freshman
Tony Abatemarco
as administrator
Oanh Nguyen
as graduate student
Brad 'Chip' Pope
as confused freshman
Andrew James Armstrong
as hot skates sports boy
Rachel Arieff
as Hot Skates Saleswomen
Joey Simmrin
as Rick Ditmar
Finneus Egan
as Ditmar's Friend
Pamela Dunlap
as Vice Principal
Gina Hecht
as Meter Maid
Eric Baugh
as Tagger
Dwight Armstrong
as Nore Ring Boy
D.J. Midas
as Flavius' opponent
Funkmaster Flex
as Large Mike
Earl Barlow
as Rave Dancer
Jer-Lyn Benjamin
as Rave Dancer
DJ Swamp
as Flavius/Ditmar hands
Lamonte "Tails" Goode
as Meeker breakdance double
Diana Carreno
as Rave Dancer
Aisha R. Delaria
as Rave Dancer
Ronnie Willis
as Meeker dance double
Kirven T. Arrington
as Meeker hand double
Frank Howard
as Rave Dancer
Rece Jones
as Rave Dancer
Danny Cistone
as Ditmar dance double
Alfie Lewis
as Rave Dancer
Clifford McGee
as Rave Dancer
Kimberly Morrow
as Rave Dancer
Alphonso Rawls
as Rave Dancer
Sherman Shoate
as Rave Dancer
Giacomo Vernice
as Rave Dancer
Clifford McGhee
as Rave Dancer
Billy Mayo
as Q.T. Agent
Tom Parks
as Detective
Alphonzo Rawls
as Rave Dancer
Jeff Ricketts
as Officer Meyers
Melanie Mayron
as Night Manager
Larry Carroll
as Newscaster
Caroline Fogarty
as Convention Worker
Joel Huggins
as Nerdy Convention Vendor
Jon Alan Lee
as Nerdy Convention Vendor
Colin McClean
as Q.T. Security Guard
Darius Boorn
as Q.T. Techie
Eric Brown
as Q.T. Techie
Young Dopler
as Q.T. Techie
Miko Hughes
as Q.T. Techie
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Audience Reviews for Clockstoppers

  • Jan 25, 2013
    Jonathan Frakes is no stranger to science fiction, so it would seem he would be a fitting director for <i>Clockstoppers</i>.<p>The story concept revolving around hyper-time is a solid start, but as a whole this film is too kid friendly and routine with its story. The first 3rd of this 90 minute picture plays around and has fun with the sped up time. This is fine to a point, but it does feel like a waste of time.</p><p>The effects are adequate enough, especially with the nature of this film; however, the possibility to do more is definitely there. Unfortunately, for a film that does focus on moving fast, the effects aren't the most memorable thing about it.</p><p>Jesse Bradford gets by as the lead male teen. Paula Garces is a pleasant surprise, as she is more than just the pretty girl along for the ride. French Stewart's unique personality, which could easily stand out in other films, tends to blend in with this one.</p><p>Once the clock stops, <i>Clockstoppers</i> really doesn't offer much other than a one time 90 minute sit through.</p>
    JY S Super Reviewer
  • Oct 03, 2011
    An initially intriguing idea wasted with mediocre performances and a shoddy script. Full review later.
    Thomas B Super Reviewer
  • Jun 02, 2011
    I like the idea behind the film, however it was really dumbed down for American teens. I'd like to see an intelligent version aimed more at older adults.
    Sophie B Super Reviewer
  • Feb 12, 2011
    It's definitely fun for it's generation, but anyone over ten will find it repulsive.
    Matt G Super Reviewer

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