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November 11, 2018
Extended version is better than theatrical
November 8, 2018
although the movie wasn't quite what I had hoped for I can't deny that the casting of bullseye and kingpin were dead on. Fisk truly feels terrifying and when we get to see him cut loose in his battle against Matt you don't get dissapointed. Bullseye cast by a rather short man and you start out wondering what is this man supposed to be and then he does the peanut trick to the old lady and you know that hes not to be messed with. He prides himself on never missing and you get to see him perform super human feats like killing a guard by throwing straightened paper clips through his throat. you can almost feel it yourself when Daredevil actually makes him miss. It's the feeling you get when you know you can do it, but it still didn't work although you know it should have. It's infuriating. the villains are what makes this movie for me. Kingpin feels terrifying and bullseye is just a blast to watch going around without a care, always having full control over all kinds of projectiles. I care a lot more for this movie (director's cut) then I care for the current series going on netflix.
½ November 7, 2018
This film was unwatchable.
½ November 2, 2018
A small nightmare of the filming of Marvel's comics. You can see as part of a curiosity.
½ October 20, 2018
October 15, 2018
This movie feels like it wants to tell every story but wants the viewer to figure it out even though it doesn't explain anything.
this movie is a mess of ideas but still is kind of fun to watch
October 6, 2018
i dont understand the hate. i loved it.
October 5, 2018
not completely bad but not good either so nah
½ September 30, 2018

Messy and downright unsatisfying, Daredevil is certainly a product of studio interference.
August 29, 2018
Daredevil takes its darker tone way too seriously and ends up being more bizarre and lazy than smart and gritty.
July 23, 2018
Self-indulgent and trying too hard, Daredevil is neither as grand nor as cool as it thinks it is and the reality is that it's often simply naff. Affleck and Garner are a bright spot, they have enough chemistry together and pathos in their individually to hold the film through its low points, but the script lets them down with cheesy dialogue, often cringe-worthy romance and silly villains. The tone is inconsistent, it's unclear if it wants to be taken as a straight film or cartoonish fantasy and because of this the serious parts are undermined, and the latter elements lack the self-awareness to be enjoyable (with the exception of Colin Farrell who is clearly having a blast). And yet because it's trying so hard it sometimes feels earnest, such that it's hard to begrudge it it's shortfalls. After all it is never offensively bad, and it occasionally works at whichever tone it's going for at that moment. But sporadic enjoyment is hardly a ringing endorsement and while the potential was there for something greater it's ultimately squandered.
½ July 23, 2018
a tremendous shame to the super hero of daredevil and a real insult to the comic
½ July 14, 2018
This filmed has dated badly. Murder?s okay when you?re supposed to be the hero, I guess? And harassment always gets the girl! Michael Clarke Duncan is the only redeeming feature. If you?ve never seen this - stick to the Netflix series!
½ June 5, 2018
The TV series is much better than this movie.Daredevil is one of the worst superhero movies of all time
½ May 29, 2018
One of my favorite movies of all time. I still bump the soundtrack every now and then and love the dark tone that for some reason everyone hates.
February 16, 2018
Liked what they did with DD. Never understood the critics problems. The story was original, the casting and acting were superb, and damn, it was just fun all the way through to the, "I'm not the bad guy."
February 12, 2018
Awful. I hated Bullseye. Annoying and terrible acting by Colin Farrell. The only thing I enjoyed was the chemistry between Ben and Jen.
February 4, 2018
This is a dull movie. It seems like nothing happens until the last half hour of the movie. Acting is weak all around, except for Farell's Bullseye, and It's boring and not fun to watch.
½ January 26, 2018
Apart from Superman 2 and The Crow this is my favourite superhero film. It's like Batman but darker. I think Ben Affleck is brilliant as a superhero and the rest of the cast are pretty fantastic too. The action is great and yes there's lots of violence but it's all done to enhance the film.
January 23, 2018
This movie showed me de wae, the creators must have ebola... *Click* * Click*
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