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September 24, 2016
More psychological than horror. Beautifully shot film on location with excellent cinematography. Kudos for a depiction of marriage and adult relationships that is both sensual and erotic.
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September 22, 2016
Don't Look Now is an adaptation of Du Maurier's short story of the same name. Many elements were changed to emphasise the grief of characters, the colourful symbolism was greatly used build up suspense and the twist was fantastic. One of the best British cinema in the 70s.
September 21, 2016
Note-perfect direction, pacing, script and performances make this one of the eeriest, creepiest and unique horror films I have ever seen, and from Roeg's very strong run of films. Perhaps the finest 'reveal' of all time, in fact.

In short, a 'must-see' film, and if you enjoy beautifully-shot psychological horror, it's definitely worth a purchase in the finest quality print available, and re-watches...hopefully once every Halloween season, in fact.
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September 6, 2016
A markedly ominous and labyrinthine story about grief and acceptance, building up around symbols, presages and a constant sense of danger with fabulous editing and a melancholic score, and making us share the intense confusion and disorientation experienced by the characters.
½ August 19, 2016
My first Nicolas Roeg film I believe, but I have some others on my list. This is a film that's pretty hard to put into a genre, but with the dramatic beginning, with a drowning child things turn scarier and even thrilling.

The grieving parents has left England and stay in Venice after the incident. When the mother, portrayed by the beautiful Julie Christie get in touch with some creepy twins that say they can connect with their lost one. The father, portrayed by Donald Sutherland, does not believe in this mumbo jumbo so we get some conflict here as well.

The production is neat. Editing and clipping, images that overlap the screen. Some sounds and freaky stuff appear often. It's a original way of creating something scary.
It reminds me of something Polanski could have done or even the amazing "Possession" from Andrzej Zulawski at times. Emotional film, not as scary today as it was in the 70's I'm sure, but it's got some creepyness. A very graphic, well shot sex scene added hype, and for that matter the rest of the film is also well shot.

A psychological film that are bound to stay with you for a while.

7.5 out of 10 gondolas.
August 8, 2016
Just read the critics' consensus, it says absolutely everything you need to know about the movie.
½ July 24, 2016
While I wasn't completely blown away by this movie, I can understand why it has such a huge following among the film buffs. The directing and cinematography was perfection. There wasn't a single throwaway shot. Look up "visual storytelling" in the dictionary, you might find this as an example. The acting was phenomenal and the twist was superb. While this movie had some visually startling things, the majority of the creepiness had to do with the mood. From the first 5 minutes, you get this feeing that something bad is going to happen. And after the initial tragedy, the feeling doesn't go away, and as the movie progresses, the mood grows more and more paranoid and confusing and you're waiting for something bad to happen.
I'm not in love with this movie, not through any fault of its own, but just because it was ultimately not my kind of movie.
3.5/5 stars
May 27, 2016
What a great movie. Its setting in Venice is a perfect for creating a sense of the claustrophobia of mourning. Everything is shabby and worn, but also beautiful - water is always threatening to overwhelm. All characters are placed under suspicion - no one is trustworthy, even those who seem to be trying to help. The ending - wow. I did not see it coming. Even the sex scene is rich, disturbing, and strange. There is nothing unusual about it except for the flute accompaniment - and this usual-ness, in its sweaty, animal entirety, is unsettling but life-affirming, leaving the viewer compromised and longing for resolution.
½ May 26, 2016
A haunting spirits chasing the couple from the spiritworld. Set in the rustic Venice, shadowing their perception of reality. Death is knocking on the door.
April 13, 2016
Mr. Sutherland and Ms. Christie convey the profound heartache their characters feel, even as the slow-burning tension becomes more and more frightening and the images become more and more nightmarish.
April 10, 2016
It has stood the test of time well, continuing to be scary and, for new viewers, unpredictable. However, Don't Look Now largely succeeds on its technical brilliance combining unique editing with unsettling camerawork, making for an unforgettable experience.
½ February 9, 2016
A bit of a slow start but all,worth it in the end.
January 22, 2016
Dated suspense/horror film. The idea is there, just has such a cliche 70s feel. Found myself cracking up from the get-go: the opening scene of him yelling "NOOOOOOO" while holding his dead daughter in the pond; while he was dangling from the scaffolding after almost falling to his death in the church; the quick shots of the old ladies cackling, thrown in between shots of Sutherland and his wife; the sex scene!? Oh my god, that sex scene! hahahaha!!! I DID NOT need to see Sutherland having his toes kissed. I will say that the ending and the "payoff" was cool. Just took too long to get there. And the film did have me thrown off for a while. Only after a second viewing did I realize that everything was related to his "seeing" abilities. But, like I already said, took too long to get there. This could have easily been a 90 minute feature. I guess when it first came out it was breathtaking, but then again everyone said the same about the Sixth Sense, another overrated suspense with a cheap "surprise" at the end.
December 14, 2015
After seeing so many glowing reviews on this movie, I had to watch it for myself. Being included in so many "Best Horror Movies of All Time" lists, I figured that it would have me sitting in my chair with my head buried in a pillow. What happened however was anything but. Instead of chills, creepy feelings and that feeling of utter dread that stays with you after a particularly scary movie, I found myself confused and bewildered, wondering more if the "Horror " in this movie was whether my head was going to explode from the random editing style and weird disjointed directing.
I cannot see this movie as anything other than art house as Roeg's directing has me convinced he believes he's the most clever guy in the room. I kept waiting for the scary moments to happen, but all I got were continuous random edits that made me wonder why the hell they were ever included in the movie to begin with. It's as if they wanted to fill time so they included whatever the hell the cinematographer's camera landed on after he spun the thing around. Picture this is you will, Imagine an attempt at building a sense of tension by having a conversation between Julie Christie and Donald Sutherland. In this conversation, Sutherland gets angered at Christie's belief that the two creepy old women (and they are creepy) can see his dead daughter. They talk, she tries to get him to understand, he gets angry, they talk, he gets angry again, then out of nowhere the camera close ups on a tea kettle! Why? WHY!?!?! These edits have no place in the movie and they do nothing to further the story, all they wind up doing is confusing the person watching the movie!
I had to force myself to finish watching, and I watched the whole thing because I believed it had to get scary at some point. Nope. A few minutes left in the movie I realized I had been a patsy to one of the greatest movie cons of all time.
Oh, and **SPOILER ALERT** having a little person be the murderer at the end was about as out there as it gets. At no point in the story does it ever allude to this uber creepy person being under suspicion! Nope, instead it was added as though at a meeting everyone realized they'd thrown together almost 100 minutes or random crap and needed an ending...Oh let's have a "midget" be the killer! Yeah! Beautiful! Print it.
I'm no cinephile but I like to think I know a decent movie, and this isn't one. Steer clear of this one unless you want to scratch your head for an hour after you've finished watching, all the while wondering what the hell!!!!!
November 16, 2015
Uma aula de narrativa, a partir de uma edição esmerada. Uma obra-prima do horror.
½ November 10, 2015
With an honest naturalistic depiction of grief from Donald Sutherland and Julie Christie, dream-like associative editing where past, present and future co-mingle and haunting imagery, Don't Look Now is an entrancing experience in gothic horror.
½ November 10, 2015
IN A NUTSHELL it's a story about a couple who are struggling to come to terms with the sudden loss of their daughter, and whilst away in Venice meet a couple of elderly women, one of whom claims to be psychic and can see their dead child. I like this movie as it's not just about blood and guts, it makes you think. It's more than just a horror film but a story of grieving for the loss of a loved one, and how it can affect people differently. The couple are played by Donald Sutherland and Julie Christie, and the backdrop is the stunning (and when the mood in the film changes very haunting) Italian city of Venice. The old ladies they meet are as creepy as can be and you really feel the deep sorrow hanging over our protagonists. With a shock twist ending that stays with you long after viewing this one is regarded as a horror classic, if you haven't already, get it watched.
November 3, 2015
It winds through a rather unpredictable plot, full of red herrings and strange coincidences, all the while being quite unnerving.
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