Edge of Darkness Reviews

May 27, 2010
May 11, 2010
Once you shake off the sour aftertaste, you're mostly just glad to see Gibson back in action. Long may he get pummeled by the bad guys.
May 10, 2010
The image and sound presentation is muscular, but in the guilty annals of Mel Gibson's career as an actor, Edge of Darkness is nothing but puny.
May 6, 2010
May 5, 2010
...breaks no new ground. The value in the picture lies entirely with Gibson. (Blu-ray Combo Pack Edition)
May 1, 2010
Boasting a nuclear facility roach motel where you can't check out, a villain politician who just happens to be a Democrat, and a kindly hitman played by Ray Winstone, but who was originally Robert De Niro until he backed out over creative differences.
January 29, 2010
January 29, 2010
January 29, 2010
January 29, 2010