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February 17, 2018
As close to evil as you'll get. 1001 movies to see before you die.
February 15, 2018
Many critics have hailed "The Exorcist" as one of the scariest horror movies ever made. I would not go that far. I think the movie is very well made and acted. The late William Peter Blatty did a very good job adapting his popular novel to the big screen (Which he won an Academy Award for.). However I would not call this movie frightening per se. I was interested in the movie and was never bored, but I was never scared. I am not saying do not see "The Exorcist" if you have not already, I am just saying that you will be entertained, but I doubt you will be scared.
½ February 6, 2018
Title: The Exorcist
Story/Writing/Message/Plot: 4
Character/Acting: 4
Music/Sound: 4
Cinematography/Editing: 3
Age/Originality: 4
Total: 19/25
December 30, 2017
An excellent, scary, and shocking (at the time) movie. Great acting and script, but the stretches between the more eventful scenes can go on for too long. I almost lost interest a few times.
December 20, 2017
What is considered one of the scariest films of all time lacks quality scares. With the long runtime and slow pace bogging the film down, it is hard not to get a little bored. When Regan is finally fully possessed by the demon, instead of having some truly terrifying moments we get the demon screaming insults and profanity at the priests, which is actually quite funny. This movie must not have aged well.
December 16, 2017
Puntaje Original: 8.0

Un clásico absorbente, por momentos terroríficos y una historia magistralmente narrada; además de un magnífico trabajo de maquillaje.
½ December 6, 2017
Classic horror film, one of the best!
½ December 2, 2017
It was a dark and stormy night, so we watched this horror classic again (the version you've never seen from 2000 with extra footage restored by the writer, Blatty, and director, Friedkin). Of course, it has lost some of its ability to shock after repeated viewings but it still isn't too hard for me to return mentally to that moment when I stumbled into a dorm lounge at William & Mary where some students were watching this in the dark (its reputation had preceded it and I was totally freaked out). Although probably responsible (to some degree) for the shift from the subtle implication school of horror that left most to the imagination (i.e., Val Lewton productions) to the no-holds-barred explicit approach of showing it all with special effects, Friedkin and team do introduce the horrifying supernatural events with a reasonably slow build up. For example, you may have forgotten the prologue that takes place in northern Iraq showing Father Merrin (Max von Sydow) uncovering an ancient demonic artefact during an archaeological dig. Then, the switch to Georgetown in Washington DC introduces us to actress Chris MacNeil (Ellen Burstyn) and her daughter Regan (Linda Blair) who seem perfectly normal (although part of a "broken" family: the first suggestion of the devil's work or the potential cause of Regan's later breakdown). Only a short scene with a Ouija board that Regan uses to ask questions of "Captain Howdy" hints at the horror to come. A parallel plot thread introduces us to Father Damien Karras, a Jesuit priest and psychiatrist, who is trying to look after his elderly mother from a distance (she is in NYC and he is in DC) and simultaneously suffering a spiritual crisis - he feels that he is losing his faith. As Regan's behaviour gradually begins to change (after her bed starts shaking), she is treated to an increasing array of medical tests (some very invasive) before the doctors turn, first to psychiatry, and then to religion. Cue Father Karras and later Father Merrin (freshly returned from the Middle East). A related murder brings Detective Kinderman (Lee J. Cobb) onto the scene but all signs point to Regan and demonic possession (and those steps down to M Street). You know the rest. The funny thing about The Exorcist is that, despite its head-spinning and projectile vomiting and impossibly filthy language and obscene actions produced by a 12-year old girl (with the voice of chain-smoking Mercedes McCambridge), this is really a film that champions faith and conservative family values. Indeed, its arrival in 1973, when the earlier Summer of Love values had been tainted by Altamount, Manson, Vietnam, and the encroaching Nixon scandal, seemed to both echo the problems of the times and also try to claw back some order in the shape of a religious force for good that could exorcise the demons and the horror that they were perpetrating. So, there are deeper tectonic plates upon which the film's crasser surface elements are sliding which may help to explain its lasting power. If you choose to suspend your disbelief (and the book and film _were_ based on true events), then this could certainly freak you out big time.
November 26, 2017
Best scary movie of all time !
½ November 24, 2017
A tour de force of a horror movie! Father Karras dream sequence still gets me every time I see it! Everything is so powerful and a lot of care has been put into this one film and it really shows! The latest horror movies don't even come close to this timeless classic. Compared to this, they are too obvious. I also heard that there was paranormal activity on the set around the time this was in production!
½ November 21, 2017
I give this a 92/A-.
November 18, 2017
Eternal flash of the demon Pazuzu in your mind, disturbing, scary, classic.
Super Reviewer
November 14, 2017
When film was in its infancy some early entrepreneurs regularly showed (for a nickel!) a train approaching a still camera, for which early audiences would stand up and get out of the way. "The train almost hit us!!!" It's hard for us these days to fathom that kind of reaction. We have grown jaded, experienced, and have seen such representations many times. So it is that now when viewing this work, it's initial impact is lost to time and experience. Many films have since gone where this one did and we've seen it all before. But once upon a time this was not just the biggest dog on the block, it was the only dog on the block. Still powerful, it has become a sort of museum piece of a more innocent time.
November 3, 2017
A classic, I suppose. Although, perhaps because of how dated it is, it's difficult not to laugh at some scenes. Still a decent film, but definitely not scary at all.
November 1, 2017
A shocking and really scary escape into horror and faith that'll leave you stunned!
½ October 28, 2017
What a bore, how is this movie considered a classic, it sucked, it was boring and the entire movie was cringe.
October 22, 2017
Saw this when I was in my teens. Frightening horror movie. Only film I was ever scared in
½ October 22, 2017
More funny than scary, but how can you not like some of the lines said by possessed Regan?
October 21, 2017
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