Eyes Wide Shut Reviews

July 11, 2019
Eyes Wide Shut has gotten better with age. It was, in Nietzsche's word, untimely; its first audiences failed to understand it, while its real contemporaries had to bide their time.
March 26, 2019
Eyes Wide Shut reveals new truths with each viewing.
February 28, 2019
A film so willing to explore the limitations of masculinity, the limitations of heterosexuality, and the limitations of what fantasy looks like for a man who has none, is a decidedly interesting, and queer, work with which to end one's filmmaking career.
February 22, 2019
This is not the steamy sexual extravaganza we have been promised, but it is provocative. In its own tormented way, Eyes Wide Shut is a valentine to monogamy.
November 29, 2018
It was a knockout in the first round. Kubrick's fluid camerawork lulled them.
October 27, 2018
This is, one might argue, what the audience has paid to see and what they've always wanted to see: the then-most famous couple in the world, at home in both the literal and figurative sense, unguarded and au naturel.
August 17, 2018
In Eyes Wide Shut nothing works.
April 10, 2018
Kubrick's final film is unique in his oeuvre for concluding on a note of apparent affirmation.
March 2, 2017
A delicious, deadpan farce about the fragile masculine ego.
December 14, 2014
This is finally a film that is better at mood than substance, that has its strongest hold on you when it's making the least amount of sense.
December 14, 2014
It's empty of ideas, which is fine, but it's also empty of heat.
December 14, 2014
At least Fellini pulled out the stops from the first minute when he wanted to get surreal. Here, realism fades into surrealism, then into outright foolishness. Morbidly paced foolishness.
December 14, 2014
The technical and visual command of this movie is captivating -- but it is a minor Kubrick.
December 13, 2014
It's as rich and strange and riveting as any journey he's taken us on, yet it's also familiar in a disquieting way.
December 13, 2014
The film does have that advertised haunting quality, and at least one performance from Kidman, in a supporting, but vital role that's as good as any we're likely to see this year.
December 13, 2014
The price of Kubrick and Raphael's stubborn fidelity to the content if not the form of the novella is deadly.
December 13, 2014
Maybe we should suspend the reductive question, "Is it any good or not?" and acknowledge that it's a fascinating, tantalising film that will continue to be argued about.
December 13, 2014
Long and dull, despite the sumptuous production design and light-shimmering photography (and the orgy).
December 13, 2014
In the final analysis, the marquee names are all that really distinguish Eyes Wide Shut from, say, a really well-photographed installment in the Emmanuelle series.
December 13, 2014
The result doesn't begin to live up to such pomp; indeed, it is so deliberately paced and so strangely devoid of emotional stakes that maybe it proves that too much control isn't such a good thing.