Ferris Bueller's Day Off Reviews

April 26, 2011
May 14, 2009
Spend the day with Ferris
May 7, 2009
Extras include a half dozen enjoyable little featurettes, which include both content filmed back in the 1980s and retrospective material from much more recently.
May 6, 2009
The picture quality is a step up, but Paramount's production team clearly took the day off when it came time to bring Ferris Bueller to Blu-Ray.
May 4, 2009
Take a clue from Ferris: If you're going to cut, do it right. (25th Anniversary Blu-ray Edition)
February 27, 2007
October 21, 2006
Unlike legwarmers and co., Ferris Bueller's Day Off (1986) is one icon that actually holds up a couple of decades down the line.
September 21, 2006
September 21, 2006
February 8, 2006
Matthew Broderick is strikingly absent from this new edition of his defining movie.
February 2, 2006
Remains a near-peerless portrait of the emboldening nature of burgeoning adolescent self-confidence.
January 17, 2006
. . . still a great story of friendship and how to deal with life's ups and downs.
January 10, 2006
Hughes' secret is simple: he clearly thinks of teens as adults who just don't have much experience yet. Polish is another strength. Even when there's not much happening or the comedy is uncomfortably broad, a Hughes film has the sheen of near-perfection.
January 4, 2006
June 8, 2005
October 28, 2003
The definitive teen comedy, this is the one that sets the standard
February 5, 2003
July 23, 2002
One of THE most-loved classics of the teen genre, and a fantastic chance for a spot of reliving our youth...
April 17, 2001
February 13, 2001
January 1, 2000
January 1, 2000
June 11, 1986