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Freaky Friday

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Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan charm in Mark Waters' nicely pitched -- and Disney's second -- remake of the 1976 hit.



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Dr. Tess Coleman and her fifteen-year-old daughter, Anna, are not getting along. They don't see eye-to-eye on clothes, hair, music and certainly not in each other's taste in men. One Thursday evening, their disagreements reach a fever pitch--Anna is incensed that her mother doesn't support her musical aspirations and Tess, a widow about to remarry, can't see why Anna won't give her fiance a break. Everything soon changes when two identical Chinese fortune cookies cause a little mystic mayhem. On the next morning, their Friday gets freaky when Tess and Anna find themselves inside the other's body. As they literally walk a mile in each other's shoes, they gain a little newfound respect for each other's point of view. But with Tess' wedding coming on Saturday, the two have to find a way to switch back (and fast).

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Jamie Lee Curtis
as Tess Coleman
Lindsay Lohan
as Anna Coleman
Harold Gould
as Grandpa
Janet Choi
as Dr. Mary Ann Smyth
Ryan Malgarini
as Harry Coleman
Lucille Soong
as Pei-Pei's Mom
Dina Waters
as Dottie Robertson
Julie Gonzalo
as Stacey Hinkhouse
Christina Marie Walter
as Same Shirt Girl
Lu Elrod
as Detention Monitor
Heather Hach
as Gym Teacher
Lorna Scott
as Butcher Woman
Hayden Tank
as Harry's Friend No. 1
Cayden Boyd
as Harry's Friend No. 2
Chris Heuisler
as Mr.Waters
Jeffrey Marcus
as Depressed Patient
Jacqueline Heinze
as Crying Patient
Mary Ellen Trainor
as Diary Reading Patient
Erica Grimpel
as Harry's Teacher
William Caploe
as Talk Show PA
Daniel Raymont
as Makeup Artist
Veronica Brooks
as Champagne Waitress
Lee Burns
as Bouncer
Amir Derakh
as Hosue of Blues Emcee
Zoe Waters
as Wedding Baby
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  • Jun 30, 2019
    Freak Friday is frivolous film with nothing much to offer except fun performances and music. And, that's enough on most Saturday afternoon with the family.
    Aldo G Super Reviewer
  • Dec 20, 2012
    Freaky childhood movie, and its one of the funniest comedy live-action movies ever made from Walt Disney Pictures. Jaime Lee Curtis has such great comedic timing and a heart of a mother in this movie, she gives such a strong performance. Lindsay Lohan's breakthrough role also shines and makes us laugh with her. These two actresses have insane chemistry and charm and its too irresistible to look away. Smart script, a lot of hilarious moments, a great and intentional silly premise, Lohan and Curtis shine in their charming performances, and its a comedy movie where I still laugh my butt off only having 14 years...Freaky Friday still remains one of the best remakes, even better than the original.
    Angel G Super Reviewer
  • Nov 03, 2012
    Haven't seen the original, but i'm more than certain this stacks up really well or is probably much better. It's funny and clever and all around fun.
    Eric A Super Reviewer
  • Feb 18, 2012
    Whilst bordering on corny on multiple occasions, Freaky Friday manages to charm thanks in part to Jamie Lee-Curtis' pitch-perfect performance and a consistently amusing script.
    Isaac H Super Reviewer

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