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YouTube sensation Fred makes his feature film debut with this frantic comedy that finds the motor-mouthed suburbanite competing against his underhanded neighborhood rival Kevin (Jake Weary) for the affections of their pretty classmate Judy (Pixie Lott).

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  • Dec 16, 2015
    The one way to completely waste your time watching.
    EpicLadySponge t Super Reviewer
  • Aug 11, 2011
    I could not tolerate the so called youtube videos.But when I heard that there's a film based on them, I thought how could you make a movie based on a terrible 5 minute video? And the film is just like the videos, absolutely terrible. Since the film was given a 12A, it was inevitable to accept the fact that its target audience couldn't go see the film alone, which explains its failure at the box office. The film is based on Fred going after his girlfriend and is help by his supposed father, who doesn't exist. The jokes were appalling as they would be either not funny or could only make sense to children who actually watch Fred. Regardless about how Fred the movie would never be a success,it may please those who watch his videos. A low budget, which it never reached. Hardly humorous jokes. This film was a very big mistake, it was probably better to have stayed with the videos, which were bad enough already. Fred the movie is a warning to those making movies based on youtube videos.
    Samuel R Super Reviewer
  • Mar 20, 2011
    just watched the first half of the movie and then i got bored.. there were some really funny parts but to be honest it did get extremely annoying and pretty boring... I ended up stopping watching it because it just got boring.. and wasn't funny anymore... half an hr of it was bearable but 1hr 23 minutes of this would give me a ridiculous headache with the screaming voice and everything.... Could have been alot better and the acting sucked, and the storyline sucked
    Paul A Super Reviewer
  • Jan 02, 2011 wow..... I thought I had seen the worst of movies this year, heck i thought I had seen the worst of Fred on YouTube.... But this???? Words cannot describe this abomination of a movie. It makes Fred on YouTube look like a masterpiece! This movie should be destroyed at ALL costs. Don't watch it, don't steal it, don't watch for free, don't even look at the box that incases that awful movie!
    Joey T Super Reviewer

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