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After the wife and daughter of a ghost hunter are murdered by a serial killer, the man teams with his fellow ghost hunters in an effort to reach them in the afterlife to try and bring them peace, but the ghosts they end up contacting have unsettled secrets that put all of the team's lives in grave danger.


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  • Oct 26, 2016
    This movie was made by The Asylum. This is the same company that has produced such classics as the Transmorphers franchise, Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus, Mega Piranha and the Sharknado franchise (the films they are most famous for, if you can call it that). So, let's just say that The Asylum aren't exactly known for producing high-quality pictures. And that's fine, they specialize in making low-budget films that you can laugh at instead of laugh with. They know their bread and butter and they know what their audience wants from them. With all of that said, outside of the film's obvious flaws as it relates to its cinematography and, what I believe to be, a purposely awful performance from Stephen Manley, this movie isn't actually as bad as one might expect from an Asylum movie. I hope no one misunderstands me when I say that. This is still a bad movie, no one should ever think that I'm suggesting otherwise. But it's not as entertainingly awful as I probably would have wanted it to be which, really, makes this movie better. Stephen Manley really hams it up in the third act, which made me laugh tremendously, but that's about it. I will be completely honest here, there's actually some really solid scenes here what with the reporter seeing hallucinations and/or flashbacks to the serial killer's murders. There's some quick, surreal flashes before she gets thrown into a flashback and the quick flashes are actually one of the film's strongest points. I know that might not actually be much, but it is actually well done. I've got to be a fair man and give them credit where it's due. There's also some cool scenes with the ghosts, where they're not necessarily scary, not in the slightest, but they do a good job at making it seem like they are. And that's really half the battle. I can't honestly see anybody being legitimately scared watching this movie, it's literally impossible, at least to me. But, again, the ghosts themselves do look somewhat decent. Decent for the Asylum, especially if you consider some of the awful special effects in their movies. Really, though, the bad special effects are part of their charm, so I can't hold it against them too much. It was just something I used as a point of comparison. Even though special effects and make-up have nothing to do with the other. The movie makes no bones about the fact that it borrows from the classics. It's very shameless about it. The first two movies that immediately come to mind are Ghostbusters, in some of the devices and lingo they use, and Poltergeist. And those aren't the only two, those are just the most famous examples. I don't really know what else to say about this honestly. I've exhausted all of my vocabulary. This is a bad movie, for sure, but it's somewhat better than I could have ever anticipated. Not by much, but it is better. And there's some purposely awful moments that made me laugh, so there's that. I can't really recommend this though. It's not entertainingly awful to the point that you really need to see it.
    Jesse O Super Reviewer

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