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Dark, intelligent, and stylish to a fault, Gone Girl plays to director David Fincher's sick strengths while bringing the best out of stars Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike.



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GONE GIRL - directed by David Fincher and based upon the global bestseller by Gillian Flynn - unearths the secrets at the heart of a modern marriage. On the occasion of his fifth wedding anniversary, Nick Dunne (Ben Affleck) reports that his beautiful wife, Amy (Rosamund Pike), has gone missing. Under pressure from the police and a growing media frenzy, Nick's portrait of a blissful union begins to crumble. Soon his lies, deceits and strange behavior have everyone asking the same dark question: Did Nick Dunne kill his wife? (c) Fox

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Ben Affleck
as Nick Dunne
Rosamund Pike
as Amy Dunne
Tyler Perry
as Tanner Bolt
Neil Patrick Harris
as Desi Collings
David Clennon
as Rand Elliott
Carrie Coon
as Margo Dunne
Scoot McNairy
as Tommy O'Hara
Kim Dickens
as Detective Rhonda Boney
Lisa Banes
as Marybeth Elliott
Missi Pyle
as Ellen Abbott
Emily Ratajkowski
as Andie Fitzgerald
Casey Wilson
as Noelle Hawthorne
Sela Ward
as Sharon Schieber
Lee Norris
as Officer
Jamie McShane
as Donnelly
Lynn Adrianna
as Kelly Capitono
Darin Cooper
as Mustached Man
Kate Campbell
as Above-It-All Journalist
Brett Leigh
as Nervous Intern
Antonio St. James
as Security Guard
Lauren Glazier
as Fashionista
Julia Prud'homme
as Female Officer
Casey Ruggieri
as Earnest Girl
Cyd Strittmatter
as Maureen Dunne
Ashley Didion
as Friend 1
Lexis Nutt
as Friend 2
Blake Sheldon
as Tweaker Teen 1
Sean Guse
as Tweaker Teen 2
Fred Cross
as Airport Traveler
Scott Takeda
as Producer
Donna Rusch
as Lauren Nevens
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  • Mar 05, 2018
    Never read the book so I didn't know what to expect and I had very little interest in watching it but rave reviews came in so I gave it a shot and I loved it, There's so many twists and turns that the bloated run time went by quite fast, Ben Affleck puts in a great performance as did all the cast, The story was so creepy and psychotic it worked so well, It always leaves you guessing of what's going to happen next and we never really can guess on how it will all unfold, The ending will either piss people off or make people love the film more, As for me I'm on the ropes about it as I love a wierd unhappy ending but a part of me wanted to smash my TV up too, It's weird, Dark, Unsettling in places and just a great thriller.
    Super Reviewer
  • Feb 14, 2017
    I don't know much about the bestselling novel, which the movie was based off, so I don't know how much was retooled and edited all the way towards the big ending. Ben Affleck plays Nick Dunne, an unemployed magazine writer whose wife Amy Dunne (Rosamund Pike) has gone missing from their supposedly perfect marriage life. Nick becomes a tortured, confused husband after he comes home one day to find his home wrecked and his wife missing. As the local police (Kim Dickens, Patrick Fugit) are involved and investigates but seem skeptical about Nick's odd behavior and reaction. particularly his just too-calm aloofness and demeanor to his wife's disappearance. Surprisingly he doesn't seem to know much about his wife personally and social ably and they seem to suspect that he is hiding something. Even Nick's twin sister Margo (Carrie Coon from HBO's Leftovers) to whom he is close to and greatly trusts, begins to have her own doubts if Nick is telling the full truth as the investigation develops on. There's a suffocation presence from investigating law enforcement, and the media tabloids that create a web of mounding pressure and confusion around a missing wife and a presumably guilty looking husband. But there is a flip side to Nick's actions and story as piling clues and physical evidence involving Amy' disappearance is beginning to paint a completely different portrait of her husband, of a man that prone to showing signs of increasing anger, physical abuse, selfishness, and suspected infidelity, as a result the leering media spotlight gradually transforms Nick Dunne from victim to prime suspect. I admit that I had reserves about Affleck playing out this lead role, and the blank facial looks in the first half of the film starting me out wondering about that (maybe that was purpose of the blanks due to his role) - but as the movie evolved and developed, his character grew on me and eventually intrigued me, especially during in its dark humor spots and moments -.particularly his antics when he is awkwardly forced into a media interview with a controversial, exploiting TV talk show host. But I admit that it was Rosamund Pike (as Amy Dunne) who easily stole the show and spotlight with me in this film- In fact don't be surprised if she is thought of when the Oscar Academy buzz starts up based off this very part and role as she took on a look of conveying Amy's upper-class upbringing, her icy demeanor, that is perceived and interpreted as being disdain. Through Amy's clues (ala her hidden journals the character opens up to us, feeding out overflowing defining details and auto-biographical testimonies, making us fear for her, and Rosamund Pike sells it. We see her as both a victim and suspect, both controlling and protective. But no matter what she is always composed and prepared. I was impressed with how she reveals and displays her tale and antics over time, how she makes us rethink the past and the characters and their sincerity. Gone Girl is a patient and steady film, but I did that it was too long (About two and a half hours) and overall I kinda felt it's longveitity.in the latter half. It's a terrific whodunit suspenseful thriller with several booby-trapped surprises that only make you dig in more. It seems like every few minutes we're learning more and more about Nick and what he's been hiding from others - the film is thought provoking and it influences you to try to figure out who is the suspect, who is the victim, who deserves justice, who deserves revenge, It shows both questionable and involving parties using media manipulation to exploit their targets in a game of justice, deceit and revenge - and the film keeps the audience I'm part of guessing between who to root for - and who to believe -and why they should be believed.. From top to bottom, I thought the acting and the supporting cast overall was terrific and well done in the film. Even surprisingly Tyler Perry in his appearance in a significant role as Nick's high media profile, slick-smooth defense attorney. However there are just a few issues I had with Gone Girl, Besides being a bit too long, I simply did not like or care for the casting of Neil Patrick Harris in it at all as I simply could not take him serious in his character role as Amy's mystery past lover. Maybe he is too typecast as a highly spot-lighted lead figure of " How I Met Your Mother " - and maybe Harris himself simply couldn't make me convinced by his acting that he is more than just TV's I thought attempting to look past Harris' presence was hampering my imagination, mode and mood of the movie ,and I admit that I was so ready for him to go away so I could get re-focused on the movie again, I wished they had went a different direction - I was bothered the minute I saw him and I was nowhere near convinced with his acting role as a smothering, love-sick ex-boyfriend. But it had more issues (than just Neil Patrick Harris) I also thought there would be another episode in the making when Amy's plans are thwarted and she is mugged and robbed - I had expected another act of revenge on her part and I would get to see her cleverness and cunning in getting back at her tormenters- but at last, it didn't happen. As good as the plot and story write is, as good as the camera work is,... as superb as the overall acting is, ..as good as the dark, smirking sense of humor moments were, I had issues with the disappointing ending; Especially as much as it was build up and rolling with momentum and happenings where my anticipation was racing towards the wow- expecting climatic ending that I thought I was in for- But without spoiling it for you , it really didn't happen. More so, I was left with a ..." oh, what da hell? " impression as the ending credits began to roll. It didn't settled anything, and left me like it had surrendered and gave it up when it was apparently targeting the viewers' curiosity and anticipation to the very end. I liked the mood, dark atmosphere, and cinematography - Once it hits to Amy's diary tale - that's when I thought the movie really ante up and became extraordinarily compelling, ....that's when you should tie yourself down to your chair,... focus your eyeballs tightly to the screen ....and line up your ears to the theater speakers as closely and attentively as possible because she goes through all her dirty evidence work and antics with an amazing speed and pin-point display but it is so clever and complicated that you may be afraid that you may missed out on an very important clue. And it is critical because it is the basic motive for the entire film. The great twist and turn of it is it sets up the mystery of who to believe, who to root for, who to villainize and point the finger at, who is the victim, who is the suspect, and who is telling the believable truth. As it develops, it has some of the who-dunnit element and sexy seductiveness that we remember seeing from Basic Instincts. Overall and as a whole , I thought it was a very good suspenseful thriller - and on a scale of 1 to 10, I would give it 7.5 ....and 3 Tomatoes
    earl c Super Reviewer
  • Jan 26, 2017
    Incredibly sharp, tense and beautiful - Gone Girl is David Fincher's underrated masterpiece.
    Sean T Super Reviewer
  • Feb 06, 2016
    David Fincher once again brings us another dose of his directing strength with Gone Girl. Beautiful cinematography, smart, well acted and near the end that made me drop my jaw. I have but one complaint, I feel that Neil Patrick Harris was miscasted in this film. I have nothing against him, he's a really talented actor but I felt he didn't fit the role of his character, that's it. If you haven't seen Gone Girl check it out, it will really get you thinking.
    Mr N Super Reviewer

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