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January 10, 2016
The tag line for Half Past Dead is "The good. The bad. And the deadly." They should have stuck with simply, "The Bad."
April 12, 2014
Low quality even for Seagal's standards.
January 29, 2009
I can't think of anything more cringe-inducing than Seagal saying, in a strained would-be ghetto accent, 'We aight.'
October 18, 2008
What is it about Steven Seagal and three-word movie titles?
August 16, 2008
Seagal at his most minimal, saying and doing less in this film than in practically any film he's been in. Maybe it's for the best.
March 10, 2007
March 7, 2007
A sizeable amount of the budget for this lazy film must have been spent on ammunition.
January 6, 2007
The title of this dismal action flick refers to the Seagal character's having suffered a near-death experience, though he's returned from the other side with a remarkable lack of insight.
January 6, 2007
Half Past Dead may be the year's funniest unintentional comedy for its inane plot, repetitive, unimaginative stunts and dreadful dialogue.
June 24, 2006
Sometimes, when you've just wasted a tenner and a perfectly good evening watching another dumb, gratuitously gun-filled, hackneyed, nonsensical action picture, don't you wish you were as thick, lazy and easily pleased as Hollywood wants you to be?
September 20, 2004
... satisfies neither intellectually nor viscerally.
May 16, 2004
...makes something retarded like Con Air look like an absolute action classic. And that's saying something.
August 1, 2003
[Steven Seagal's] trademark limb-breaking is absent.
August 1, 2003
It's quite slick, but Seagal's fans won't necessarily get what they paid for.
July 8, 2003
Look upon his fleshy neck, his dodgy hair and his strangely puffy immobile face, ye pantywaist liberals, and tremble!
May 20, 2003
Half Past Dead translated from Latin means 'Die Hard in a prison,' or so the filmmakers must have believed.
May 20, 2003
It's absolutely worthless nonsense that's almost bad enough to make me wish cinema had never been invented.
May 8, 2003
Waaay too much like hard labour.
April 15, 2003
Once upon a time Seagal's fighting made him look pretty deadly. These days he's looking way past dead.
March 14, 2003
Here's yet another deafening, preposterous action movie created for extremely undemanding audiences that don't care about logic and coherence.
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